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  1. Hello thanks for your comment but my layout is 00 gauge of 4mm scale
  2. Hello everyone I has loads of diesel locomotives need DCC decoder without sounds but how much cost for one DCC decoder because I like any class by lights on and micro diesel servicing and light maintenance depot need nighttime by need any class of locomotive lights on i know lots of money for buy DCC system and decoders thank you
  3. Hello I has seen pictures of hitchin and will draw of track plan following correct of hitchin diesel depot That correct of track plan of hitchin diesel depot ? please reply to me back thank you
  4. Hello I has seen pictures of hitchin and will draw of track plan following correct of hitchin diesel depot
  5. Yes because I need track plans of frodingham diesel depot
  6. Ok thanks but which one of southern Eastern region or northern eastern region of on shed book about frodingham depot because I will buy on shed book thanks
  7. Hello everyone in 1960 to 1990 late Frodingham diesel depot (Scunthorpe) near British steel site by any diesel locomotives hauled empty or full of scrap metal for Scunthorpe or steel for export or customers orders in UK while for more fuel or service by next duties Thank you
  8. Yes I has seen and can’t find tracks plan of hitchin diesel depot because I need track plan
  9. Hello everyone please can I have copy of hitchin diesel depot in north London of track plans or some photos thank you
  10. Yes I need more information and photos from lochaber 0 gauge of diesel depot
  11. Hello I know because I has visited and stay at Fort William town and see fully view of diesel depot from hill by where I stand and saw diesel depot so I am talking about lochaber diesel depot have information and track plan on website or book or magazine ? because online has not enough to me by short information and three photos and short video on YouTube
  12. Hello low waste nuclear mean rubbish and protection clothing and equipment ? Thank you
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