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  1. Hello everyone please excuse my English I has spent my time to searched online of YouTube of Oldham king street been running to small terminus and reverse by mixed freight parcel withdrawn class 76 passenger coach DMU Hmmm I want copy or digital of modern railway modelling winter 2005 but can’t find eBay and online
  2. Hello please excuse my English In 1980 to 1994 BR Civil Engineer removed rails and tracks by lifted and carried to back to location and cut into small rails by carried OCA wagon to scrap metal yard ?
  3. Hello everyone please excuse my English old style modern single DMU of class 121 & 122 have no toilet ? New style moden single DMU of class 153 (former class 155) have toilet ? Am I right ?
  4. Hello everyone please excuse my English I has spent my time with research for southern class 73 intercity livery online of photos in 1987 to 1992 by I was school then college in northern so I knew class 73 intercity was duties of engineer work and nuclear flask wagons and rare freight from Dover ferry BUT class 73 intercity has haul scrap metals wagon and Railfreight ? class 73 intercity has running to up north in 1987 to 1992 new class 73 network rail and new Diesel engine of class 73/9 Scotland by northern 2015 to now thank you
  5. Hello everyone please excuse my English i am think about how work by old ballst by grey, black, brown ballast mix up making look old ballast ? For carry ZKV and limpet wagon please help me thank you
  6. Ingot casting or mould deliver from steelworks to steelworks by from south to Scotland by Railfreight closed van of VAA or VDA ?
  7. Hello A lot of plants used oil fuel for the re-melting process; this would arrive by rail tank ? Oil fuel made re melting process metal
  8. Hello have you seen photo of Tiger POA ? Thank you MEA coal sector has carry scrap?
  9. Hello thank you for give your message and I am happy so Inverness scrap metal yard and delivery on wagon to south ?
  10. Hello everyone please excuse my English I has searched for pictures online by wagon carry scrap metal ferrous iron by 1980 to 1994 but can’t find so British steel use scrap metal of ferrous iron baled rusty pipes rusty & bent girders please find pictures thank you
  11. Hello please only back history of 1987 to 1990
  12. Hello everyone please excuse my English Black Country of West Midlands of scrap metal site beside railway has no loop means any locomotive push scrap wagon and brake van with guard man hold radio to cab driver by keep eye on track and level crossing and points anywhere of uk , Scotland, Wales has no loop thank you
  13. Hello West highland class 37/4 class 37406 Railfreight Distribution class 37423 trainload metal (short live) change Railfreight distribution class 37428 trainload petroleum based Inverness you can look online about class 37/4 have plenty information and photo
  14. Hello everyone please excuse my English I want know estimate price for KAYS catalogue Golden TT Gauge Train Set produced by Triang gold metal plated clan line locomotive and tender and three gold metal plated coaches unboxed
  15. Hello everyone please excuse my English I has searched online about PRA wagon has running from Cornwall to Fort William BUT PRA wagon has carry other powder and granular from whereabouts to whereabouts by carry other powder or granular I has searched for other powder and granular carry on PRA wagon and can’t find ? Thank you
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