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  1. Hello I know Northern and Scotland i need name of model rail rail shop for preorder Bachmann class 37275 Metals thank you
  2. Hello eastwest i didnt know about that yellow pipeline to rotherham from Sheffield sorry
  3. Hello thanks Simon i believe that from Sheffield BOC tank lorry delivered to Rotherham steel work by no need train
  4. Hello please excuse my English so so I know new BOC tank wagon from Heljan but real life of BOC tank wagon went to Rotherham Aldwarke of British steel in 1970 between 1990s ? thank you
  5. Hello please excuse my English from mossend to fort william when arrived fort William junction and stop then await for points for reverse to loop near fort William depot ? so any freight train was not stopped at fort William station terminus ?
  6. Hello everyone please excuse my English so I has searched and seen online about Scottish freight train for Fort William and Oban and Inverness and Aberdeen by Mixed freight Mixed freight - Railfreight OBA, OCA, VAA,VDA,VEA and oil tanker TTA Delivery for oil, steel, etc to Scotland from south England
  7. Hello everyone excuse my English so BR wooden platform in UK in 1980 to 1991 by whereabouts of name station of wooden platform thank you
  8. Hello everyone thank you for fully information of my comment I may build disused wooden terminus for Railfreight train in 1990 by like that Oldham king street terminus by use class 08 i has seen plymouth disused station for use freight
  9. Hello everyone please excuse my English text I has lot of spent on online for disused station terminus for only running Railfreight train NOT passengers train and can’t find any details or photos please let you help me get that by what I am looking for disused terminus for use Railfreight train thank you
  10. Hello everyone please excuse my English Bachmann Scenecraft 2019 - 440110 Depot storage tanks use which fuel or oil or what kind ? thank you
  11. I like your layout so some missed photos not shown up
  12. Hello everyone me again and show photo of model
  13. Hello everyone I has received class 37142 general grey livery have only one side of large BR symbol and other side none ? that correct livery ? Thank you
  14. I like your pig lane BR western Region
  15. Hello how are are you and I am fine so excuse my English i am more aware to get to get Transpennine timetable in 1988 between 1991 thank you
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