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  1. Hello everyone i has spent my time by searched online online to find photos of wagons and can’t find Railfreight OCA POA ‘TIGER’ mineral MEA BUT I has found online to find photos of wagons POA/SSA SJA (Ex-MEA)
  2. Hello everyone please help me by get false magnet for Coles crane by I am searched for find 00 gauge magnet for scrap metal yard thank you
  3. Hello everyone I know In 1920 to 1960 has double slip track has changed modern point later 1970 In 1990 by still double slip ? or modern points better than double slip thank you because I want double slip or small points for my island platform like that Oldham king street 7mm
  4. Hello RAR brake van Railfreight livery staff riding platform ? (Ex-brake van)
  5. Hello everyone anyone got modern railway modelling winter 2005 ? Please photo of full details of information by what I want but I has seen photos and videos online BUT I am more aware to need details and information about Oldham terminus layout only thank you i did spent my time to searched for find buy modern railway modelling winter 2005 but can’t find Oldham king street and Percy street and haymarket Newcastle are nearly same track plans ?
  6. Hello everyone I has read online about single DMU class 121/122 to class 131 for only parcel service mean windows cover by white and remove seats based short time in Scotland ? Class 131 move class 121/122 removed white off from windows and put seats inside for ready passenger service thank you am I right ?
  7. I don’t understand your comment sorry I am not talking about gronks
  8. Hello everyone end of route boat train from London Victoria to Dover or Folkestone later post office use class 419 for delivery post and parcels for London ? I know post office been repainted new red livery later been robbed and repainted new Network southeast livery and carry on by delivery of posts and parcels which route for class 419 for delivery Royal Mail thank you
  9. Hello thank you for respond so any kind of scrap metal carry from PTA wagon of orange and grey ?
  10. Hello to Accurascale i was still awaiting for you give answer about British steel PTA carry scrap ferrous metal and scrap metal ? because I will buy PTA wagon for carry scrap metal thank you
  11. Hello everyone Ex - BR British steel wagon from BSC Ravenscraig used carry scrap metal ? Ex - BR British steel wagon was used ore iron from hunterstaton near Glasgow to ravenscraig in 1980 to 1992 thank you
  12. Thank you to wickham green too what I am look for BR shunter with brake van for empty scrap metal wagon and full scrap metal wagon on single branch line has no loop in west midland by I has seen photo
  13. Hello everyone please excuse my English scrap metal yard own two or one shunter ? BR shunter run with brake van for access crossing road on branch line
  14. Hello everyone long time by no answer about class 26 ?!??? I has spent long time with research for class 26 Railfreight and trainload coal and Dutch I think class 26 been worked duties of breakdown crane, ballast, coal, freight, passenger train and failed DMU
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