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  1. Can I re-enter my cake box from the first challenge Pete
  2. Mine has arrived. Very nice. Would love to see a photo of it next to the triang dock shunter and the W4 next to Polly or Nellie to show how far things have come in my model railway lifetime!! Pete
  3. Too late - but just found a perfect waiting for a train scene on Exmoor Associates Facebook page
  4. Had "Signal box" alongside my layout at the DHMRS show yesterday. Generated a lot of interest Pete
  5. Think I'll sit this one out as I really need to get on with my main layout. Did have some thoughts along a theme …………. A man wearing a dog collar sits at his desk On the shelf behind him is a small model of a blue 0-6-0 In front of him is a blank sheet of paper - except for a title "The Three Railway Engines" or A man sits at his desk A model of a locomotive sits on the shelf behind him - named "Firefly" On the desk is a map with a dotted line running from London to Bristol or A man sits at his desk
  6. Hi Phil, I seem to have dropped off the list? Pete
  7. The express dairy was a genuine livery ... for a standard gauge wagon. Pure fantasy for narrow gauge. Very few private owner wagons for narrow gauge. I am only aware of MOY and JLL Peate, but there may be some more. Pete
  8. A brilliantly simple idea - and great fun to do. But having joined in the challenge again I wonder if it has run its course? Twenty one threads this time - can we expect more or less for the next three challenges? Are there many watching ready to take the plunge for the next theme? Little coverage this time in BRM - has the team moved on to other thoughts? I will watch for the next theme - but not sure I'll be building this time Pete
  9. Well - I reckon its about finished Light in signal box from a simple push button Did have a flickering fire effect - but managed to burnout the LED (D'oh) Pete
  10. Being dim when you say this is a members day is it open to all? or members of what??? Pete
  11. Thanks Kevin Roof is now on - and signalman in position in front of the fire Pete
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