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  1. Too late - but just found a perfect waiting for a train scene on Exmoor Associates Facebook page
  2. Had "Signal box" alongside my layout at the DHMRS show yesterday. Generated a lot of interest Pete
  3. Think I'll sit this one out as I really need to get on with my main layout. Did have some thoughts along a theme …………. A man wearing a dog collar sits at his desk On the shelf behind him is a small model of a blue 0-6-0 In front of him is a blank sheet of paper - except for a title "The Three Railway Engines" or A man sits at his desk A model of a locomotive sits on the shelf behind him - named "Firefly" On the desk is a map with a dotted line running from London to Bristol or A man sits at his desk On the shelf behind him is a small railway and a radio-controlled boat On the desk is a blank sheet of paper - except for a heading "BRM article June 2019" Pete
  4. Hi Phil, I seem to have dropped off the list? Pete
  5. The express dairy was a genuine livery ... for a standard gauge wagon. Pure fantasy for narrow gauge. Very few private owner wagons for narrow gauge. I am only aware of MOY and JLL Peate, but there may be some more. Pete
  6. A brilliantly simple idea - and great fun to do. But having joined in the challenge again I wonder if it has run its course? Twenty one threads this time - can we expect more or less for the next three challenges? Are there many watching ready to take the plunge for the next theme? Little coverage this time in BRM - has the team moved on to other thoughts? I will watch for the next theme - but not sure I'll be building this time Pete
  7. Homework handed in !! Pete
  8. Well - I reckon its about finished Light in signal box from a simple push button Did have a flickering fire effect - but managed to burnout the LED (D'oh) Pete
  9. Being dim when you say this is a members day is it open to all? or members of what??? Pete
  10. Thanks Kevin Roof is now on - and signalman in position in front of the fire Pete
  11. Interior progressing - as usual I put in details that no-one will ever see! So here's a chance to see what's in there before the roof goes on The flickering fire will keep the signalman and the station cat warm Pete
  12. The nice thing about doing a cakebox layout is that you can try different techniques without a big investment of time or money. Saw an item in Tiger - called structure paste I assume this is meant for adding texture to oil paintings - various grades of "smoothness" available - and can be mixed with acrylic colour Used for ground cover - will post more photos soon
  13. Bit more progress and arrival of signalman
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