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  1. Many thanks, I am clueless when it comes to signals!
  2. Afternoon all, Can anyone tell me the difference between ASP1A and the ASP1-NS modules from blocksignalling? I have asked the seller but they have just referred me to the web page and I can’t find anything which compares the two and why you should go with 1 over the other. i also have three 2 aspect NR signals with feathers which id like to bring to life but i can't for the life of me find on there web page which module i need to use. Any help would be much appreciated and thank you in advance.
  3. dugdug03

    Rock Molds

    Hi Missy i have one box of C1136 Woodland Scenics Shelf Ready Rocks if that's any good? never been taken out of protective film.
  4. Here's hoping i'll let you know if i have no luck. Thanks for the offer.
  5. Unfortunately they have come back to me this morning and as you said the answer was no Seems silly to send back a loco because the snow ploughs are missing but might have to... I'll keep digging.
  6. Ahh looks like I’ve missed out! Have these now gone? Particularly after the class 31 box and Bachmann China clay box
  7. Hi All Looks like my EWS Class 60 is missing one of the guards/grill/plates that go over the top of the horns... does anyone have more spare?
  8. Did they have the ploughs available?
  9. Please can I jump on this thread. I am desperately on the hunt for a Bachmann Class 150/2 snow plough. Does anyone have one spare they would part with?
  10. Just some useful info for anyone else who may read this in the future, be aware that the battery boxes are different designs on each side.
  11. I'll check my spares box on tuesday and let you know.
  12. PM me, i might be able to help.
  13. looking forward to seeing them with decals, nameplates and transfers on.
  14. Really like 50031 mate, buffer steps look good too
  15. Hi Ben, Drop me a PM as i have some 3D Printed ones.
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