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  1. Just some useful info for anyone else who may read this in the future, be aware that the battery boxes are different designs on each side.
  2. I'll check my spares box on tuesday and let you know.
  3. PM me, i might be able to help.
  4. looking forward to seeing them with decals, nameplates and transfers on.
  5. Really like 50031 mate, buffer steps look good too
  6. Hi Ben, Drop me a PM as i have some 3D Printed ones.
  7. I have 2 spare originals minus the square frames which i can spare if we can agree on a price, unfortunately i am unable to get them 3D printed at this stage.
  8. Afternoon All I am able to get a hold of the following spares if anyone is interest, I know they are quiet rare so thought i'd put up a post. Replacement Class 50 - Cab PCB Board Plate - (Sets of 2) - The originals would crumble as they had muzak rot, These 3D plastic prints will need slight modification and painting in black. Replacement Class 50 - Buffer Steps Ladders - (Sets of 4) Replacement Class 50 - Sump Tank Drains - (Sets of 2) 3D Printed - Ready to fit. - £9.99 per set - free postage Message me for more info.
  9. Thank you, We ended up sending away to Bachmann and the advised it was a fried PCB inside the coach which was causing the issue. All fixed now and back working on the layout.
  10. Someone has already listed one like this for sale on the fb pages, is it the same one?
  11. I might be able to help. I have some black ones
  12. I have 4 but they are not sprung as they were previously glued to stop spring popping out, any good?
  13. Good Evening All I have a spare class 50 chassis and a pcb board but it’s not wired. i believe this has come from one of the most recent releases of class 50’s Could anyone potentially check models D400, 50026, 50033 , 50046 or 50024 to see if the same pcb resides inside the loco and take a picture? Alternatively does anyone know how to correctly wire it? Many thanks in advance
  14. Little bit late to the party, are these still required?
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