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    GWR up to Modernisation Plan but especially 1934 thro' 1955 liveries. Also interested in Gresley, Stanier and Bulleid 4-6-0s and pacifics and BR Standards. Plain green diesels preferred to cigar label steam loco's.
  1. Sale items still in stock are listed under Bargains tab and manufacturers list as always. I find the word Bargain is a little wide in meaning. There are some coaches described as Bargain for £22 that were a £12 bargain a few years ago. In the book selling trade it is usual that the lowest advertised price is used to calculate the remainder price for sales of new books. Usually ten percent of last published price. Once a book is marked down it cannot go back up. The remainder price is also used to calculate royalties. Maybe a similar scheme should apply to model railways. Would upset ebay sellers asking above RRP.
  2. I bought one of these to see if the chassis is a good runner. Out of the box it pulled sixteen 12T goods vans plus four GWR goods brake vans on second radius oval. Very smooth at all speeds. Suitably impressed, two more just arrived. Three loco's for the price of one from main range is hard to beat. One will stay original but other two are for projects and spares. I also bought some more brown and cream MK1 coaches with 1959 roundel to make a standard-5 set but cannot find a photograph or carriage notes as such. Composites rare on WR also.
  3. I bought two convector heaters that had three warranty. One was duff as bought and was replaced immediately. The scond one went wrong after about 63 days. I took it back and was told the return to store limit was 60 days. I managed by arithmetic logic to convince staff member that 63 days from whenever was 60 working days and got another heater. One of them packed up after more than 60 days so had to go along three year warranty route. Easy except that I had to return it at my expense to Australia. So I bought a switch for a fiver and repaired it myself.
  4. Another torpedo ventilator drawing in NRM archives (external link)... http://www.nrm.org.uk/ResearchAndArchive/drawing?group=Derby%20Carriage%20%26%20Wagon&objid=7955
  5. Link to drawing of torpedo ventilator at NRM (proably other variations)... http://www.nrm.org.uk/ResearchAndArchive/drawing?group=Derby%20Carriage%20%26%20Wagon&objid=4088
  6. More details at this external link... http://svrtrust.org.uk/our-vehicles/lms/12992-2.html
  7. Some more information here... http://www.cs.vintagecarriagestrust.org/se/CarriageInfo.asp?Ref=660
  8. Just for fun I sent an email the address in their message and it came back from two Hawkins email addresses rejected by server as 'unknown'.
  9. I received this email from Hawkins today but bag is empty. Hawkin's Bazaar GIFTS GADGETS TOYS MODEL SHOP You still have time to order! Hi , There is still time to complete your order at Hawkin’s Bazaar. Don’t worry if you are not 100% sure the items below are right for you as we are currently offering a 5% discount on total values! Your code: Edited here If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at [email protected] Don’t forget we offer free delivery on all orders over £40* Thank you for visiting. PROCEED TO CHECKOUT SHOPPING BAG Product Name Qty Subtotal Product Hornby R4684 BR Collett Coach Corridor 3rd Crimson And Cream 2 £39.98 Product Stunt Poly Glider 1 £0.40 I'm Product FREE - Stunt Poly Glider 1 £0.00 Grand Total: £40.38 CONTINUE SHOPPING PROCEED TO CHECKOUT Delivery Terms & Conditions Returns © 2016 Tobar Group Trading Limited. all Rights Reserved. *Free Tracked Standard UK Delivery on all orders over £40. Free delivery promotions only apply to standard UK delivery services where order totals equal or exceed £40 (excluding delivery charge). You have received this courtesy email from us today regarding your user experience on the site, but you have not been entered into any marketing databases. Our system can take up to 30 minutes to update, and we may not have registered your purchase within our email system if a different email was used to complete the transaction. If you no longer wish to receive operational emails from us please click here
  10. Faendre Hall 5954 was in August 1948 the first ex-GWR loco to be painted in lined black with lion on wheel emblem. I will post a picture when I can work out how to do it from ipad.
  11. Parcel arrived on 30th December containing one free glider and another at 40 pence plus a big wad of air pack. No Colletts but refund made back to credit card. Not impressed.
  12. An interesting picture for me at an opportune time. I have recently bought rakes of Hornby Stanier and Maunsell coaches to join the Hawksworth set. The cream on all these coaches seem to take custard to literally and I was disappointed prefering the cream on Dapol Stanier and Hornby Collett carriages. In this picture the cream bands vary from white to Bird's. Makes me happier now. Black roof amongst various shades of grey too. Thanks for posting the picture.
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