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    GWR up to Modernisation Plan but especially 1934 thro' 1955 liveries. Also interested in Gresley, Stanier and Bulleid 4-6-0s and pacifics and BR Standards. Plain green diesels preferred to cigar label steam loco's.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I now have a pair of Wellingtons. The previous R3105 cost 30 quid more and was best price I could get at the time. The tender is the important part because I want to run It behind a Hall in circa 1953 GW weathered condition with BR smokebox plate. Next decision is which Hall loco to use, a Bachmann which has good body detail but is said to be a bit feeble towing a train or Hornby Railroad with reasonable chassis and motor but not so good body. Or an amalgam of the two.
  2. Two showing. Bought one. Only one left at 1010 today. Thank you for the hint.
  3. Search on Comet web pages. Taken over by Wizard company or some name. I have the Comet pdf and will post it when use my pc. Soon. this Is from ipad
  4. Amazon uk has Hornby Collett coach R4876A for less than 20 quid. There were 13 available but now down to 11. Prices fluctuate. I paid slightly more for mine. The R4876 I bought for £24 is now about £43.
  5. Just asked my wife about Bristol connection and she says that Nottingham was Imperial Tobacco but does remember what or why.
  6. Question for original poster. How did you progress this modification? The reason I ask is that I recently bought a Bachmann 39-240 expecting it to have fixed seat interior but it has the simulated loose table and chair interior. Basically an RFO without the Restaurant Car branding. It has a smooth roof without oversize weld seams. i shall keep it and source a fixed seat moulding from somewhere to cut and shut to suit its running number M3001. The diagram 72 version with centre door and narrow windows is interesting so I may get another 39-240 to make one of the M3003-M3019 series using parts from a non-gangway coach. There is a Bachmann sale on so some 39-240 FO may be cheaper than usual. I paid £30.95 including P&P. Has anyone seen any going cheaper?
  7. Full size data. https://spicerparts.com/calculators/driveline-operating-angle-calculator
  8. Sale items still in stock are listed under Bargains tab and manufacturers list as always. I find the word Bargain is a little wide in meaning. There are some coaches described as Bargain for £22 that were a £12 bargain a few years ago. In the book selling trade it is usual that the lowest advertised price is used to calculate the remainder price for sales of new books. Usually ten percent of last published price. Once a book is marked down it cannot go back up. The remainder price is also used to calculate royalties. Maybe a similar scheme should apply to model railways. Would upset ebay sellers asking above RRP.
  9. I bought one of these to see if the chassis is a good runner. Out of the box it pulled sixteen 12T goods vans plus four GWR goods brake vans on second radius oval. Very smooth at all speeds. Suitably impressed, two more just arrived. Three loco's for the price of one from main range is hard to beat. One will stay original but other two are for projects and spares. I also bought some more brown and cream MK1 coaches with 1959 roundel to make a standard-5 set but cannot find a photograph or carriage notes as such. Composites rare on WR also.
  10. I bought two convector heaters that had three warranty. One was duff as bought and was replaced immediately. The scond one went wrong after about 63 days. I took it back and was told the return to store limit was 60 days. I managed by arithmetic logic to convince staff member that 63 days from whenever was 60 working days and got another heater. One of them packed up after more than 60 days so had to go along three year warranty route. Easy except that I had to return it at my expense to Australia. So I bought a switch for a fiver and repaired it myself.
  11. Another torpedo ventilator drawing in NRM archives (external link)... http://www.nrm.org.uk/ResearchAndArchive/drawing?group=Derby%20Carriage%20%26%20Wagon&objid=7955
  12. Link to drawing of torpedo ventilator at NRM (proably other variations)... http://www.nrm.org.uk/ResearchAndArchive/drawing?group=Derby%20Carriage%20%26%20Wagon&objid=4088
  13. More details at this external link... http://svrtrust.org.uk/our-vehicles/lms/12992-2.html
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