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  1. I have a Playmobil set that I've been thinking of upgrading into a proper garden railway. I'm not keen on the playmobil track. Has anyone here used the plastic track sold by ECR (eg on eBay) and how does that fare? Any new additions to the line will most likely be battery powered so I don't need metal track to conduct electricity - although obviously having that option might be useful in which case what's the most cost effective way to purchase metal track?
  2. have you thought about using the trains to deliver drinks to people? I'd love that - order at the bar and have it brought to my "lineside table" on a little train.
  3. Could you have just one track going into a tunnel (or a couple of tunnels) and one not? Or one only going into the tunnel at half the length? Would make it look more interesting.
  4. Del, I'm happy for you to take it.
  5. When is your shed arriving? Have you started building this yet?
  6. This is my fourth post about the Lego passenger train sets (set number 60197) that I received for Christmas. Post one was about building the train set. Post 2 was about adding lights. Post 3 was about building a dummy engine car. And this post continues the theme from post 3, modding the train set to make it suit my purpose. I often say that if you can't make any changes to a Lego set you've built to improve it, then you may as well give up on Lego as a hobby. I see a lot of photos and videos of creative track lay outs, and then Lego trains straight out of the box trundling around. It's a
  7. I've said before how I was very lucky and got given two of the Lego 60197 train sets for Christmas. This wasn't a mistake! I wanted two because I knew they would form one very nice train. I belong to some Lego trains Facebook groups. I've seen a lot of posts in the groups about putting two 60197 passenger trains together. Quite a few people have mentioned the difficulty of running both motors in sync and having to polarise one to run backwards instead of forwards, and so on. Having test run the 3-car train and seeing how fast it whips along, I really didn't see the point of putting a secon
  8. Took 3 goes to remember how to put a YouTube video in an RM Web blog post. Got there in the end.

  9. In my previous post I talked about how my wife and brother took advantage of Black Friday deals to each buy me a train set. So, I knew these were coming (that was a long 5 week wait until Christmas Day!) and so I went into the Lego store and bought a set of train lights that are compatible with the new Powered Up motive system. These are a bit expensive for what you get, but are fun to fit and really enhance the train. Here's what you get for your money: The cab interior is built to accommodate the after-market addition. The grey bars sticking out either side of the seat are
  10. Happy 2019! I had a great Christmas. You know what's better than getting a Lego train for Christmas? Getting two! Thanks to my wife and my brother getting some Black Friday deals, I was a very lucky boy. The set comes in multiple bags, as per usual. You also get a loop of track with only 4 straight pieces. It's practically a circle. l What's new about this is the Powered Up system, which operates on bluetooth instead of infra-red. The main functionality is contained in the battery box, which has a built in bluetooth receiver rather than using a separate IR receiver. E
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