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  1. I've reinstated the warning flashes to Clan Stewart, thanks to Ray's (Silver Sidelines) photo evidence, so it still has repainted running plate in black and black lined cylinders. I've decided to retain the late crest, even though Ray's evidence indicates it retained the early crest into 1961.
  2. Thanks Ray, that's very late for a lined green loco to still have an early emblem. Will have to think about a name change.
  3. Have slightly backdated my Clan Stewart, away from the green cylinder cover/running plate uncertainty. I'd repainted the running plate in black, as previously posted. Yesterday I received replacement cylinders in BR lined black, courtesy of AC Model spares. These were a Clan spare, so have fitted these and removed the overhead electric flashes.
  4. Here is the photo Hornby sent me. Clearly taken in shed of a Class 6 or 7, unfortunately no location given. Logic would indicate that as a non standard livery, it's likely to have only been used forb the two Clans that had lined green painted cylinder covers, during the 1962 overhaul. I can't see that the green running board could be correct for the pre 1956 early crest Clan. For me, I'm sticking with black running boards for Stewart, as my plan is to backdate it to pre 1962. I have lined black cylinder spare coming from AC Models.
  5. Well oh sceptic, I've just had a response and after speaking to the development team, they consider that green for the top of the running plate is correct. They have copied a photo used in the development, which is a view from above one side running board looking back to the cab and although very dusty, is clearly green. Now the loco is unidentifiable from the photo, so no evidence it is Stewart or MacDonald, but clearly a standard and I assume they can link it to the Class 6. I'll try and download and copy the photo tomorrow.
  6. Received my Clan Stewart today and overall I'm happy with the green used and the lining which is definitely orange, possibly a shade lighter than fully accurate. I have successfully repainted the running plates, using a new natural hair brush, small size. I was able to get it under and inside the reversing rod to apply paint up to the firebox. I mixed a paint match to the black sheen of the other parts of the loco using 50:50 mix of Revell Matt black 6 and Humbrol satin black 85. My heart was in my mouth for several minutes, but it has come out a consistent sheen and finish. Phew. I've sent an e-mail to Hornby customer services to advise them of the error and wait to see what response comes.
  7. I spoke to Rails yesterday about the pre order final payment not showing against the on line order and apparently it's due to the transfer of pre orders from the old to new on.line systems. The old orders cannot be changed for us to see, but Rails internal system does record the payment. They advised, without asking, that they are not changing the product status from pre order yet, to avoid new orders getting priority over pre orders.
  8. There is a photo of Clan Stewart at Carlisle Kingmoor in late 1962, in pristine condition having recently had a major overhaul at Cowlairs, with green lined cylinders, which it is said, were applied at that time. If Hornby have done their research to get that accurate, as it seems to be unique, it's likely the running boards are correct.
  9. The newsletter I received from KR yesterday evening confirmed the price as £60 plus shipping for three wagon pack.
  10. I've received their latest newsletter, which covers the two GETS announcements and for the Palbricks it's definately early 2022 as they state it in words as 'expected early next year'.
  11. Great to see this wagon to be finally produced in 'oo' gauge rtr and the 3 pack price is very reasonable. Also great that KR have had confidence to go to tooling before announcing.
  12. I had an e-mail from Kernow Models yesterday, advising that the model is due soon and asking me to decide about the new price. I phoned them this morning to confirm I wished to go ahead, and was advised they are expecting the stock next Tuesday.
  13. The Hornby website is now showing Clan MacDonald and Clan Stewart as both in stock in the UK.
  14. It's worth reading the Accurascale September update on the Class 55 Deltic production, on their website. They had previously advised that production was underway in late May this year, with estimated delivery in late quarter 3, so end of September. They have been very candid is showing piles of injection moulded parts, which are now being assembled. The issues that have caused delays in China are stated as 1) Covid safety procedures 2) Shortage of staff. After CNY, the normal staff shortage has continued as people remained in their home areas. 3) Shortage of chips that have had to be sourced. So in that case, they are now quoting quarter 1 2022 arrival. While the Deltic production is more complex than the fell with many more liveries and body detail variations, I think we need to be prepared to accept much longer production periods than previously, for some time yet.
  15. Have just received a KR Models update e-mail. For the 2nd production GT3, the manufacture and assembly are now complete and the models will be in packaging this week.
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