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  1. Didn't you notice the beam and shoe attached to his leg that sparked when he walked into the interview room over the door gap. You can get him to Watford junction, but no traction north, so you will need to convince him he's on a mystery tour of third rails.
  2. Thanks, I did think that the PTA livery might be earlier, but decided not to wait and see if Accurascale do a later livery run, but I'm not concerned as I operate a general period of 1994 to 2003 approx. Not worried about complete authenticity.
  3. Accidental timing but it now seems that the Dapol O&K Yeoman bogie hoppers are also arriving in the next few weeks, so the opportunity to run PTAs and the O&K types in the same rake,lucky I have already paid for the PTAs.
  4. Just a thought, of the UK clearing banks, HSBC has an associated banking business in Canada - HSBC Canada, with 133 branches, mainly in British Columbia. Probably too simple a thought, but would it be possible to open a UK HSBC business account via a HSBC Canada branch.
  5. Very good display of model samples and information from Ben on the production and delivery timelines. As I understood it the 86/0 and GWR Railcar are currently in production for 'oo' with the 25/3 about to start, with all slated for delivery before year end. Expensive times.
  6. It's not that unusual for faults to be discovered in models after manufacturing has started. There have been two that were reported here in the last month, Dapol's mogul has been held back after production, due to an error which requires correction, delaying by 5-6 weeks, so quite comparable with what might have happened here. Accurascale has also shown graphic photos of one of their newly produced bogie hopper wagons, in ARC livery, with bowed sides, which now needs the bodies replacing, delay by up to 2 months. Hornby has had several models in recent years, which reached the UK and distribut
  7. Although in a different scale 'O', Heljan have announced both class 149 and 150 dts vehicles to go with their planned Class 121 and 122 models, so might be an indication of how well an 'oo' model might sell, based on a) whether they reach market and b) their sales levels, as it will be expected sales that will drive the introduction of any model.
  8. Sorry to go off topic a bit, but with the assumption that Hornby will release these later in BR liveries, I'm hoping that while working on the 50ft and 63ft types, that they are also in the background, developing the missing 60ft chassis for the Period 3 Stanier composite- the missing link.
  9. According to Railcar website, only 2 of the Class 121 dts were converted to gangways fitted in 1988, so quite late. This was after the vehicles were renumbered into the series 54280 - 54289 in 1983. The two gangways fitted coaches were 54287 converted in July 1988 and 54289 in November 1988.
  10. I have built both a 121 dts and 122 dts trailers using Lima class 117 parts and they look fine. Unlike the Lima 156, the 117 is very well detailed if a little generic, having marker lights and gangways for BR green. The marker lights are fine for a dts trailer and the gangway can be removed and the depression filled with plasticard. Some had gangways fitted later, presumably to run in mixed sets with a different dmu class power car. The major work is replacing the brake/luggage area, as Lima only produced the dmbs car. I used the replacement part sides made by Silver Fox Models which are
  11. If it helps, I spoke to Clive on the phone about 6 weeks ago, when one of my orders of spares was cancelled and refunded despite the website showing stock. Clive advised that he was going through his spares stock while moving it around in their premises, so it may be that they are still sorting out the spares stock. I subsequently ordered a replacement part and that went through ok. Might be worth trying to phone during the week during shop hours.
  12. For me , I will probably hold back on these. - I've already got a number of Hornby's 3 packs of both HAA and CDA wagons, enough to satisfy my usage and I'd have to think seriously before replacing. Hornby have successfully sold the triple packs over a long period of time, so for those who have already stocked up, it will be difficult to justify replacing. I'll wait to see a produced model so I can see how they will fit with my other versions.
  13. If it helps in my pack A were 910280 910016 910119 These match with the box labels
  14. Received my BLA Pack A today, and as you have found, the running numbers differ from the Rails advert, that's not a problem, however what is, seems to be the change to the spec whereby originally, the company logos in the packs would be varied, and as you say the artwork showed this variety, indicating only one Railfreight branded wagon per pack. You have no Railfreight logo wagons in Pack C whereas Pack A has each wagon showing Railfreight albeit with different sizes of logo. My preference would have been Pack C if the contents had been correctly detailed on the website, to show the revised v
  15. If anyone is still waiting for their Rails BLA pack A, I was advised by Rails yesterday, that the BLA pack A sets only arrived with them yesterday and were going straight into stock for order processing.
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