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  1. If it helps, I've attached 2 photos of my BR crimson No 17. The first is of the front, with the hole for the lamp and bracket in the middle, just below the waistline, the second is the accessory bag which has two lamps with plug in fittings.
  2. My BR Crimson Parcels railcar arrived today. Runs very smoothly, however I've found that one bogie is missing the driveshaft moulding, so only one bogie has this fitted, not correct for a two engine railcar. I'm wondering if the factory fitted a bogie that was set up for the GWR version with fairings. I believe in these versions the drive shafts come as additional components if the fairings are removed. I could have returned, but seems so much trouble, so bit the bullet and have ordered a driveshaft spare from DCC Supplies, the Dapol spares supplier. MG7305 mentions that lamp brackets were missing on his, mine has come with oil lamps in a spares bag, which are plug in fittings at the centre of the cab front.
  3. I'm sure that Accurascale will now announce a new run with the earlier 'Castle Cement' livery, but I've just ordered a set of transfers from Fox for the earlier Castle livery. These were produced for the Wizzard ex 51L models PCA, and have enough logos and names for 3 wagons. https://fox-transfers.co.uk/transfers/castle-cement-pca-tanker-graphics
  4. I understand your point, however the Hornby catalogue listings show something else. They have clearly seperated the Oxford products that are going to remain as Oxford Structures from the other ex Oxford buildings. I don't think they would have catalogued them as 'Skaledale' with Hornby 'R' product numbers unless they were going to be boxed as Hornby.
  5. Looks like the announcement is geared to the London Toy Fair (21 - 23 January) which is the normal method for Oxford.
  6. The AEC railcar, produced by Dapol, only ever had the drive to a single bogie. This appeared in the first releases, which followed on immediately after the first releases of the BR Class 121 and 122 railcar in 'oo' gauge. It is the 121/122 that have the twin bogie drive and I have one running with one drive shaft and a couple of intermediate gears removed and it has a better range of speed. This railcar model was probably designed as a single bogie drive, as it depicts a prototype that wasn't equipped to pull vans/carriages. I have the first release in BR crimson/cream and am waiting for the crimson parcels version, which has just been released.
  7. After I read the OPs question, I checked the Skaledale range in the new Hornby 2020 catalogue. What I found was that all the 'new items on pages 217,218 and 220 are in fact all of the remaining unreleased Oxford Structures models, but with Hornby R numbers, this includes the three proposed platform sections railway structures and shops. The four already released Oxford buildings are also in the Hornby catalogue but retain their Oxford branding. What this indicates is that Hornby has taken over the Oxford Structures range. Those not yet released are now to be packed in Hornby branding and the stock of the released items will remain in Oxford branding. The tie up between Hornby and Oxford is that the Oxford owner, Lyndon Davies, relinquished 49% shareholding to Hornby when he became Hornby CEO, he remains the Oxford majority shareholder and his daughter manages the business. He stll represents Oxford when launching products. Hornby have an option to buy the remaining Oxford shares after 'x' years I believe. If I'm correct I doubt that the unreleased Oxford Structures items will appear now as Oxford branded items.
  8. OK you bad boys, so you had some 'Air Miles Andy' sets in stock, so now I've gone and ordered them, having got the Rails PFA CPL version today. One British Fuel set to go with the CPLs on a post 2000 Enterprise flow and 3 sets of Gypsums. She will kill me when they turn up, still it's her fault for buying me a Hattons EWS 66 for Christmas, yes that's what I'll argue!!!
  9. Fran I noticed today, that your website is showing stock of most of the PFAs, do you have some stock from the air freight consignment available for immediate despatch? Correction, cancel this query, just checked back on this thread again and you did advise this on Wednesday -- doh!!!
  10. Rails have been having significant delays in handling pre orders and new orders, since November. It was reported on this forum that members had had to contact Rails about long delays in processing their SECR van orders, and they reported that Rails advised they had problems due to the volume of product and staff sickness. Unfortunately this has continued into December and on into January, probably compounded by the large amount of new stock coming in from Bachmann and Hornby. I had several pre orders that remained unprocessed for more than a working week after arrival, and I contacted Rails by phone to find out whether my account was working. It turned out that the problem was they were having difficulty handling the volume of new deliveries, so were not starting the pre order fulfilment for several days. Unfortunately they have not posted this info to their Facebook site or their website, so you only find out by phoning them. So in your case I suspect they have not got around to processing order cancellations. I also used their contact Rails e-mail system and didn't get a response, so you may find that route doesn't give a result. Unfortunately not the way I would expect a retailer who aspires to customer votes for retail awards to behave. The delay in processing orders is not the problem, it's the failure to advise customers that you're having difficulties over an extended period of time.
  11. I couldn't afford to commit to the 'air miles' pre order, as I had other models coming before Christmas, incl Hattons 66 and Bachmann 37 Loadhaul, so decided to wait to the slow boat from China stock. However I noticed last week that Rails were advertising that their special set of CPL liveried PFAs were in stock and available to order. Reading the history of the CPL liveried versions showed they were ideal for my period, as CPL took over British Fuels in the late 90s so these can run into the early 2000s, so ideal for privatisation traction. Also good news was that CPL only repainted some of the containers into their green livery, retaining the rest in British Fuels red, so mixed livery operation is to prototype. According to Rails, CPL also used the wagons and containers on other flows from Yorkshire to Scotland. If anyone is interested, have attached a photo. The CPL nameboard on the container side is a separate fitting and is sublime. I will be ordering some British Fuel sets, but my main interest was the Gypsum container sets.
  12. The second versions of the passenger railcar and the two new parcels versions are showing as in stock at Hattons today (10 Jan)
  13. Dapol tend to advertise their 'expected soon models in full page adverts in some of the model press. For example the latest advert in the February Hornby magazine lists the following as due soon - In oo gauge 5 new versions of the aec gwr passenger railcar and the first releases of the parcels railcar; 4 versions of the Class 29 diesel; 4 versions of the silver bullet wagon and 8 versions of a water tower. In n gauge - 5 versions of the Class 26 diesel and 7 versions of the Collett coach. In o gauge 2 signal. Many of these are shown with photos of the decorated samples. I always use these adverts to identify models that I'm interested in.
  14. rembrow

    Hornby APT 2020

    I've just sent a query to Hornby, via their on line e-mail form, asking for clarification of the vehicles included in the 5 car and 7 car train packs. I've also asked that if the 7 car pack has 2 N-DM vehicles, would they clarify if one or both are motorised. If I get a response I'll post it here.
  15. rembrow

    Hornby APT 2020

    Sorry, I think you've misunderstood me. I agree that the additional coaches in the 7 car set must be an APT-U and a second N-DM. But as the price difference between the sets is only £81, that indicates the two additional vehicles must be unmotorized models, so I'm suggesting that the second N-DM in the 7 car set looks like it will be unmotorized, a freewheeling model. Hopefully we'll find out soon, but as I've now ordered the 7 car and 4 two car articulated sets I'm concerned as to whether one motorised N-DM will be enough to pull/push a 14 car rake.
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