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  1. I've just heard from Rails that the remaining BR green Bulleid brake has arrived in stock from Hornby.
  2. It seems one of the BR brakes, R4888, isn't being released to retailers with the other 3 versions. Hornby has some, as they show them in stock and available to order direct from Hornby, however Rails and Kernow are only receiving the other 3 versions in this release.
  3. Yes, I spoke to a very terse person at Dapol who insisted it wasn't a production fault but a change to the specification. I pointed out politely that the spec from the model instructions enclosed stated that decals were included, the response was that it was an error in the instructions. It's a shame, as I came away with the impression that Dapol are refusing to acknowledge a production error, as logic indicates that if they weren't going to include a decal sheet with a number of destination options and reporting codes, they would have printed one option on to the model, not supplied a model with two lit up perspex windows at each end. The person I spoke to even suggested it was easy for the buyer to print the destinations on their PC printer.
  4. I've used packers made from 30 thou plasticard, which is .75mm approx in new money. These have bought the roof heights to that of the Hornby corridor Staniers, which is how I want to use them. The buffer height is slightly lower than the Staniers still, but much improved. What I did find were some over tightened bogie securing mounting screws. One had stripped the thread of the pivot and another had caused a pivot to break apart, which required some careful repair work.
  5. Hi, did you have to buy these from DCC Supplies?. I ask as I've just received the BR green syp version 55006 class 122 of the new batch and despite the instructions stating decals were included, they were missing. I've spoken to the retailer and then to Dapol, who both advised that the spec for this latest release batch was changed from the earlier run, and decals were not supplied, although the instructions weren't amended to reflect this and the model is not pre fitted with destination names or reporting codes.
  6. When I contacted John Hazleton of Silver Fox, last year, to enquire if he would make the 74 available again, he told me that his 74 casting is based on the DC Kits model, with their permission. I think the difference is that the DC Kits version was designed to use a kit built chassis, whereas the Silver Fox version is designed for a rtr chassis, originally the Hornby (ex Lima) 87, but now they recommend the Hornby Railroad Class 90 chassis. The chassis has to be shortened to fit. I've just finished the Silver Fox model, adapting the inner part of the body moulding so I could use a Hornby 71 chassis. What I found was a body moulding that was very well produced, with no cavities or depressions and with very little flash.
  7. The new maroon Portholes have a modification to the bogies compared to the original crimson and cream version. The bogies now have a crosspiece moulding at the coupling end, which avoids that end of the bogie sideframes being pushed apart causing excess play in the wheel axle at that end
  8. I posted some photos on the other DJM Class 74 thread, which is now locked, of my recently completed model, which uses the Silver Fox body and parts, but adapted to a Hornby Class 71 chassis. I carved off the cab moulded details and fitted replacement horizontal handrails, cables, cable pockets and air horns. It runs very well with the Class 71 double bogie drive and weight.
  9. Received my replacement IC version this morning, original had one loose bogie. This one is fine. It does have one loose buffing plate between the bogies at one end, an easy fix.
  10. Hi Received my 90 today, BR Inter city Financial Times and have the same problem with one bogie. My problem is with the bogie at the pantograph end. Have arranged to return mine to retailer. Point of interest, the fault seems to be with the mounting of the bogie gear tower, however the drive shaft is still located and drives both sets of wheels of the affected bogie, so a test run won't necessarily identify if you have an affected model, unless you check the bogies for sideways and forward backward movement that shouldn't be there if the bogie was properly in a central pivot point.
  11. Had to show the completed model in another post, due to mb limits
  12. Hi Sorry for the delay, but it took me 10 days to complete the 74. Thanks to Miles73128 and his model photos for spurring me on. Here's a couple of photos of E6103. The first show the chassis adaptions to the Hornby 71 chassis and the adaptions to the Silver Fox 74 body casting, so it fits the Hornby chassis. The longest job was making the 8 cable pockets for the cab fronts, each with a hidden plastic rod so it could be secured into place through the cab front.
  13. The Silver Fox 74 was designed for the Hornby ex Lima Class 87, with the single bogie drive. They now must use the Class 90 chassis as it has the same bogie drive and is readily available as a Railroad version. I'm mid way through building a Silver Fox 74 on a Hornby 71 chassis. The 74 body does need some adaptions to make it fit the 71 chassis. All of the internal body side strengthening ribs and thick panels need to be carved down to make the sides flat. On the 74 internal roof, you need to carve out pockets so that high points on the 71 chassis can be absorbed allowing the body to sit down on the chassis. I used black paint as a marker on the chassis high points, so I could identify where to carve. The between bogie equipment needs to be adapted so that the 74 mouldings can be glued in place. The bogie sideframes on the 74 are about 1mm shorter on the mid axlebox to axlebox distance, meaning they will be out of centre by about 0.5 mm per axle. I can live with this, as the level of bogie equipment hides most of this. My work on the model has been held up since last Nov as I couldn't decide whether to add extra detail. I decided this month to bite the bullet and have carved off the moulded handrails and cables from the cab fronts and air horns from the roofs, replacing with handrail brass wire, plastic rod for the cables and Markits air horns. Have just painted the body in BR modern image roof grey for the roof panels and undercoat for the rest of the body, will mask off and paint the yellow warning fronts tomorrow. Hopefully am on the final lap.
  14. Yes indeed. Yesterday's newsletter advised that they had arrived at Cambourne. It said that processing of orders would start on Monday.
  15. BR early H class, R3631, is showing in the 'expected soon' list from Hornby, which they explain as in shipment to UK.
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