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  1. This morning, Rails have posted that Hornby have advised them that the GWR version will be released in the next couple of weeks
  2. One style of funding that DJM used, wasn't really covered in your posts Mike, that was the first two used for the Class 71 and 74. These required full payment up front, not stage payments, however these two projects were backed by Kernow Models, who handled the marketing and funds. In effect they acted as production auditor releasing payments to a DJM as work progressed. These were the only two that I funded, due to the assurance of having Kernow as fund managers. That paid off when the Class 74 delay after delay occurred with clear fabrication from DJ about cad progress. Kernow decided that the project was not proceeding and seemed to be unhappy about the reasons given, as they decided to refund in total. I received my funding back from Kernow, which I was very grateful for, and I believe they suffered loss as a consequence. Some funders may have gained a similar confidence when the initial information about the APT stated it was backed by Durham Trains, and I suspect many believed it would have the similar safety net that Kernow had provided, however then the confusion set in and I recall one communication from DJ about the APT that started with a header stating it was a Durham Trains project and at the end of the flyer was a statement that it was a DJ Models project. That to me was a clear indication that you would be putting your money into something without effective project management or control. I never understood why Kernow commissioned DJM to progress commissions that had previously been with Dapol. Kernow had taken projects back from Dapol when they found there had been little or no progress, and after a short period they appointed DJM to take forward, however at the time these projects were with Dapol, Dave Jones was the product development manager, and must have been responsible for progressing commissions. Certainly that gave me some assurance about his credibility, with Kernow in effect judging that he had not been responsible for the lack of progress while at Dapol and giving him the work.
  3. Just to add a bit of confusion, Hornby is now showing the BR black version as 'in stock' on it's website, but not the GWR Great Western version. The BR black version is available for immediate sale and despatch, so presumably pre orders with Hornby will have been processed.
  4. Rails has posted today, details of new Hornby items expected from 15th to 28th June, which includes the GWR livery Prairie R3721 in Great Western logo. Quite a surprise as was expecting the BR black early logo to be first.
  5. Interest registered in GNER gold, to allow late 90s running. Have often mulled over getting a Silver Fox version. Hope this goes ahead.
  6. Thanks, good idea. I'll do that when I take the body off. It's very tight around the rear motor bracket as the wiring from the tender is squeezed in between the rear of tbe motor and the firebox glow circuit board.
  7. No bracket. The chassis motor support moulding, at the rear, has a horseshoe shape cut out that matches a moulding at the rear of the motor. This has a notch at the base, so that the lower electrical connector can fit without pressure on the wiring. It gives a fairly tight slide in fit, but can presumably allow the motor to slide up, particularly during transit. There was nothing that was obviously missing or broken with the motor mount.
  8. I also had an initial fault on my new Princess Arthur. On running in yesterday, it was very noisy in forward, but not in reverse. The grating noise was pulsing indicating something was catching and wasn't noticeable at slow speed. I took the body off and discovered that the motor was elevated at the rear, which caused the drive shaft to rub against the metal chassis. The motor was easily pushed down into position, but seems to be an interference fit, as there is nothing to secure it in place. It is holding in position but I may make a fixing to ensure it stays in its location.
  9. All of the Hornby offers are matched and in many cases bettered, by a lovely model shop deep into Norfolk, Bure Valley Models, the retail arm of the narrow gauge Bure Valley Railway in Aylsham Station, Aylsham, Norfolk. The two Kings that were in the Rails offer are £10 less at Bure Valley. They are also great at processing orders, all of mine were processed same day with delivery next working day for £5 p&p. Now I don't want everyone to find out about this little gem, so this is only for you----.
  10. Now I was convinced until you said it was like Sabbath. Did you see what Ozzy did with a quad bike ---, now I'm not having any 92 of mine climb the embankment and roll down.
  11. Until you lose your hearing, or head bang yourself unconscious and what about all that hair getting on the track. Def Leppard Class 92 not for me!!!(but I'll have one, only don't tell me mother)
  12. OK, not so keen on this 'heavy metal chassis, maybe ok for weight, but when you leave the room will it trash the furniture and throw the tv out of the window while drinking all your booze. Heavy metals ok for listening to, but not as a room mate.
  13. Has the chassis type changed from tungsten alloy to a heavy metal alloy. You've advised this change for the Class 55 due to manufacturing difficulties, but I haven't seen any change advised for the 92. The front screen on your website for the 92 still states 'tungsten alloy chassis'
  14. If you have the Hornby version, rather than the earlier Lima version, it should have all wheel wiper contact pick up, on all 4 non motorised bogie wheels and all 4 motor bogie wheels, even though 2 wheels on the motorised bogie have traction tyres. The motorised bogie wheelsets pull off once you remove the keeper plate, which is held on by plastic clips. Once a motor bogie wheelset is pulled off you should see the contacts, which are quite thick and will spring to the side where the wheels were. When replacing the wheelset you need to ensure these are pushed in towards the motor assembly, as you drop in the wheelset, otherwise they could be bent out of position. It may be worth also checking that the contacts and wiring to the unmotorised bogie are intact, as without that you only have contact to the 2 wheels in the motorised bogie that don't have traction tyres.
  15. I don't know where the makers transfers came from in 2011, but now Peco manufacture the Parkside range, they include transfers made by Modelmaster. These are available separately from Modelmaster and for the LNER horsebox they are ref MMPC83, currently available but limited stock, at £3.15. I assume you want LNER period, the Modelmaster site doesn't show the periods covered for this set, but other pre nationalisation sets cover the pre 1948 and post nationalisation period. Cambridge Custom Transfers also make transfers but only for the BR steam period.
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