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  1. Received my Olive Green set this morning, good service from Osborn's
  2. Looking forward to further updates .
  3. Poole to Wareham in Dorset £3.50 return off peak group 3 travel about 12.5 miles, Bus from home to Poole station 3.5 miles £2.50 one way, bus pass doesn't kick in till 9.30!
  4. A very good show, good selection of layouts of a high standard, well done to the organisers.
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing this superb layout yesterday, a very well done to all involved.
  6. A lovely van but it says Austin on the radiator !
  7. Order placed, all went very smoothly.
  8. Now that would be nice! I have ordered a King as I model GWR & SR.
  9. The Devon Belle was looking good when we were there on the 2nd May and the interior was very smart and admired by her Ladyship! very enjoyable trip and well worth the extra to travel in her.
  10. That looks very nice, so now you've got the hang of posting pics let's see a couple more!
  11. I'm keen to see how you get on with this as I would like a Willow on my layout. Apart from the CAD one shown earlier every one I've seen has had too much leaf on the branches. For reference this is the one in my garden
  12. Sounds interesting but Bryanston is in Blandford Forum DORSET. Wish you every success with your search
  13. Enjoyed seeing Kingbarrow at Weymouth and will follow this project with interest.
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