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  1. Be careful with the quantity of baby powder. The un-powdered version tends to stick around for 18 years or so.
  2. My wife is very firmly of the opinion that archaeologists, especially on site at a Dig, "Make it up as they go along"
  3. I think that they found that it was easier to just use one of the normal range of open wagons than to have to search for the rare and probably elusive dedicated provender wagons. I bet those were rarely emptied immediately. Where were the provender supplies shipped from.? I don't envy the desk clerk trying to balance his/her books, regarding (loose) hay and straw quantities. Doesn't Mikkel lead us into uncharted territories !!! Fascinating stuff.. Thanks Mikkel .
  4. DonB

    Little Muddle

    It's the size of the catch which is the deciding factor, (by coincidence I caught an item on TV yesterday while channel hopping showing the creatures being checked for age i.e. size, before being landed, undersize lobsters being returned to the water) EDIT>.....Countryfile "Cornwall" on BBC 8th Nov should be viewable via iplayer for some weeks also showed china clay quarry and possible attempts to restart mining for Tin.
  5. My ealiest memories of the MRN and MRC are the year 1950, where IRCC I looked open mouthed at the size of a layout owned by a guy called Fleewood Shaw. His background was never mentioned as far as I recall. Edward Beale seemed to be everywhere, I still have his book "Modelling in 2mm scale" from that era.
  6. Not just in AI systems -- others here must have shared my experience of having new boss with great ideas of making his mark. Warnings of "we tried that" were brushed aside and eventually the "New" system fell apart and we were left to pick up the pieces. Usually took about 2 years for the chickens to come home to roost!
  7. DonB

    General Arrangement

    Clever use of Pop rivets. that really is thinking outside the box!
  8. I've been to Calais .... enough said !
  9. Daft question : Can you change the "wall paper " in your virtual railway room ?
  10. DonB

    Little Muddle

    I think that it was all smoke and mirrors.......Wait ... there's no smoke!
  11. Some years ago, driving from Slough to Windsor with my (then) 5-y-o grandson, who had been demonstrating that he remembered the songs he had learned at school, we passed a brightly lit fast food outlet. "Oh, look", child said "It's Old MacDonald's".
  12. Assuming that you escape from whatever is restraining you, where can I safely hide ?
  13. DonB

    Little Muddle

    Oh dear, the vicar is advised to keep his head down, since he is reported to be about to become promoted to Rural Dean and thus likely to be offered a Bishopric, eventually. He may be unique in attaining such exalted status in his native province if we believe our colleague St.Enodoc's. insinuations. We were married by our local Rural Dean, who went on to become Bishop of Sodor and Man, (Honestly!!) (Almost on topic)
  14. DonB

    Little Muddle

    Meanwhile wouldn't the usual GWR practice be to run back to the nearest T/T for turning so that it hauled its train cab first ? shouldn't take longer than a week
  15. I had a similarly colourised print in my office of the works where I was employed ( a framed print about 15x24 inches ) I was able to date it to 1927/8 by knowing what buildings were built and when. I wonder what happened to it after I left? These aerial pictures were, and are, supplied by Aerofilms in the UK. I believe they were hand coloured to order, certainly the colours of our picture had very little veracity compared with the reality of the site in the1970s.
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