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  1. DonB

    Little Muddle

    John Ahern's Madder valley layout featured the solicitor's office of Quibble and Cuss. Are you any relation of the senior partner??
  2. OH! Don't be shy, tempted to ask why change your way of life now? But I won't.... I'll just add to your list "Smart Motorways"
  3. DonB

    Little Muddle

    Panic???...... on LM?? A terminological error ..surely! A calming cup of tea is called for, Or, should we refer the mind-state of the LM management to the local Trick-cyclist ??
  4. Here was a time when we could have sent ( er, Transported) Boris to OZ, but some fool changed the law, and also allowed the Australians to control their own destiny, of which recent events have shown that they are quite capable.
  5. DonB

    Little Muddle

    Where I lived until 1950 in the hinterland Black Country just south of Wolverhampton ( as so beautifully modelled in "Black Country Blues" ). The Wolves to Dudley branch ran across the top of our road ( Daisy Bank Station) . We had a small farm behind our house, where they kept a couple of cows and the rule seemed to be that if the cows had been milked, we got a delivery of fresh, un- Pasteurised full cream milk served from a churn on small high-sided cart pulled by a pony. When not pulling the cart the Pony seemed to spend a fair bit of time with it's head over our fence,
  6. DonB

    Little Muddle

    Can't be sure, cos some fool has left a loco in the way.... but where has that door gone?
  7. There you are Annie, who's a lucky girl then? Another freebie for Xmas ! enjoy your new "Toys". I'm off line for 3days now Stay safe we need your humorous asides, particularly descriptions of frowning !
  8. On the topic of Christmas...... From the facebook page of the incumbent at an adjacent Parrish:- From the church Nativity crib, his dog has swallowed the baby Jesus. He says that he is not looking forward to the second coming ........ Stay safe, have a Merry Christmas.
  9. Had a friend who declined the invite to the D-Day landing reunions. His reason? " last time I went to France somebody shot at me" ( he was a Major in a tank regimen)
  10. How do i get to reveal this picture? I just get a tiny thumbnail in the centre of a blank screen. Must be possible, rocor's post got 3 "likes" quite quickly. Please make allowance for age-induced stupidity.
  11. You got to SEE a doctor !! You must have friends in high places. Here we can only get a telephone consultation if we ring immediately after 8.00am And wait in the "queue", and then appointments are only for that day. Due to the "plague" I am waiting for a hospital follow-up appointment but there's a 14 week waiting list for non-Covid cases. Welcome to the retirement brigade, The difference for me has been that I have plenty to do, but age-induced slowing means that things take a little longer so that I am convinced that I am busier than I ever was, as the "to do jobs" pile up.
  12. Speaking from (painful) experience, I recommend wearing a substantial hat to avoid nasty scalp injuries. I resorted to a cycling helmet after a second contact with a beam in my loft while fitting floor-boards and was glad that I did so.
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