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  1. Hi Neil, Thanks, I'm glad you've got some enjoyment from the thread. I am currently focused on my 2mm scale modelling and this is likely to continue for the next couple of years as I have couple of layouts underway. Following the soaking that the boards got I've now scrapped all of them, even the original Three Shires Head board had to go as this was sagging between the framing leading to derailments. I still have the framework and most of the trackwork was salvageable so would be a quick job to relay. I may just rebuild this section, or might build another idea that I've kicking around for a while, time will tell. Angus
  2. I'm really intrigued to see what this turns into Julia, I think you're keeping us in suspense on purpose!
  3. To be honest Bill, if people are prepared to order the existing etch why go to the bother of updating? Having access to the etches makes more models available to those who are prepared to expend a bit of effort producing something so are a welcome resource. We usually have a backlog of kits and projects so happy to wait for etches to be produced or enough orders to be received to fill an etched sheet to make it economic for the etches to be produced. Whether that's worth your while is a different question. I seem to recall I was interested in some items that were on your lists, I just presumed the opportunity to purchase any had gone now.
  4. Thanks for the recommendation Jim, To be honest, if I buy from a UK seller (to avoid the one and half month's wait for delivery from China and avoid the risk of VAT and import duty) then I would be paying about £6. The ones on the Amazon link are also available from UK Ebay sellers at less than £9 and have an LED light. Although I have two workbench lights I find myself occasionally using a head torch for additional illumination so the light will come in useful.
  5. Hi Mike, thanks, my original question was around the magnification used as otherwise the debate falls into personal preference. Hi David, like you I've been wearing glasses since I was a kid (I was actually sent to Barnard Castle for my first eye test..........) initially for distance, but as my eyes have got older I need near vision correction. Also like you I do seem to spend a lot of time at my modelling table with my glasses shoved on top of my head as the varifocals focus is too close or too far. I do finish up in slight stoop at the work table though. If I'm reading the comments above right (thanks those that have taken the trouble to respond) a lower magnification is preferable (x1.5 or x2) so no need for a wide range of lenses or powerful loupes. I'm currently thinking a pair of these would fit the bill, they will fit over glasses and can flip up out the way whilst being reasonably priced. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B086K495T2/?coliid=I1LNGM028RZ5OU&colid=3R2ZSDJNPBRF1&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  6. Up until now all my modelling has been done with the naked eye (well, via varifocal glasses, but you know what I mean.....). I am considering taking the plunge and investing in some magnification to assist in my modelling. There seems to be a wide range of solutions available from very expensive loupes to simple clip on magnifiers. I guess that choice just comes down to personal preference and/or depth of pocket. My question is what magnification do people use? Is it constant or do you switch between magnifications depending on the task? I notice some magnifiers come with a range of lenses, others can be bought with only one. I would guess that one quality lens would trump several cheaper ones for the same overall price if interchangeability was not any real benefit . Thanks Angus
  7. Hi Coal Tank, Adding buffers to a model always seem to bring it to life. I do have to question the buffers though, they look distinctly like Webb buffers? The 0-8-4 Beames tanks were outshopped just before grouping so would have had the later Whale type buffers which look considerably different. The Whale buffers are available from the association shop:- Then again checking images on line I'm wrong! So what do I know!
  8. Zimo do a smaller version in the form of the MX616 series, they are quite pricey at around £32 compared to £20 for the MX617 if you can find them in stock. The MX616 are only 8x8x2.4mm as opposed to the 13x9x2,6mm of the MX617. I think the smallest Ct decoder is 7.6x5x1,8mm so the MX616 is only slightly larger (but of course, this can be critical!).
  9. There were also reciprocal working arrangements, for example at Buxton there was a joint shunt arrangement between the Midland and LNWR. One company would provide shunting motive power for a period (I think 6 months) then it swapped over. By the twentieth most companies were looking to reduce unnecessary competition and achieve working economies wherever possible.
  10. Thanks for all the likes and support . Steady progress is being made with the track now down. I tried a new approach which worked out well, I had a tube of 5 minute epoxy which was going a bit manky at the end so I used this. For plain track on a constant curve as that through Glen Ogle it is ideal. There is a nice "grab" as you lay the track which holds the curve and there is sufficient time to play around getting the curves smooth. The setting time is sufficiently quick to avoid the need for lengthy weighting and clamping. A bit expensive maybe, but then you only the track once (Hopefully!) The view from the South View from the north As can be seen I've altered the alignment slightly from the plan to smooth the curve onto the viaduct heading south. I've also covered all exposed wood surfaces in a couple of coats on varnish. On with the electrics next......
  11. I've found Detol to be a pretty effective paint stripper. You do need to give a while soaking though.
  12. That's a really nice, delicate piece of modelling Jim. You must be very happy with the result
  13. Very smooth considering it is fresh off the bench.
  14. Ah! thank you Nigel, I shall commence work on my nodding giraffe car then......
  15. I'm not sure the most appropriate place is to ask this but here goes, I note the change to the annual modelling competition at the AGM to a virtual format. The categories broadly align to the trophies, are the entry conditions the same? e.g. the wagons category, previously rolling stock required a minimum of 6 axles, is it just single wagons this year? Thanks
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