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  1. I am in London tomorrow, it's a bit of a trek to Ealing but I'll try and get across there and find out.................
  2. Not in Smiffs at Manchester Piccadilly either. Christmas has obviously been cancelled.
  3. If I used the contents of MRJ as the basis of a decision whether to buy the magazine or not I would have purchased very few editions. Most contain very little of direct interest, but not buying them would have been my loss. There is always something new in the way of skills, interest and always an enjoyable read. I often find the articles I don't go to first (on the basis of the contents page and a quick flick through) are the more enjoyable ones. The sentiment "don't judge a book by its cover" quoted above rings true in many instances.
  4. Another confused customer here. I don't recall clicking on a print copy option. I have sent an email to the subscription team asking for a switch to the digital version.
  5. Fortuitously my Amazon Newstand subscription has just expired so another taker!
  6. Worthy of note a model of Fenny Stratford station appears in this month's (January) BRM. It's nicely done although set in the 50s & 60s rather than pre-grouping.
  7. It's panto season so the only real response is "boooooooo!" As we've had the baddie presumably the fairy godmother is about to turn up and save the day?
  8. Many years ago I had a friend called Mike who was perpetually late for everything. Eventually our group came up with the concept of Mike Adjusted Time. The idea was simple, if we were to meet up at say seven o' clock then when Mike arrived we reset our watches to seven as that was clearly the Mike Adjust Time. I feel the same concept should apply date wise to MRJ. Everyone would be happy.
  9. Hi Northroader, I've found another copy of this photo in Neil Sprinks's pictorial of the line. The caption indicates it was a party saying farewell to a local family who were emigrating, hence the Sunday best and mass of people. The date is given as 1950 but I am suspicious of this given the neatness of the station and surrounds.
  10. Hi Jan, Thank you, rather embarrassingly the answer is nothing. The platforms were cut from 6mm MDF and sanded smooth at the edges. I then sanded the top surface with 100 grit sand paper to scour the surface. Once secured the platform was then painted dark grey with a thin paint being sure not to mix the white and black too well to avoid producing a consistent finish. I might add some weathering powder before sealing the whole lot with Matt varnish.
  11. Hi Northroader. The custom posts and border are well up the line from Dromahair. There is limited information around the photo so I don't know the circumstances. If they all arrived on the railbus it would have been a cosy trip!
  12. I've spent the week end dabbling with stonework, which is now virtually complete. The remaining sections have been scribed and painted. Overall I'm quite pleased with outcome, although the stones are overscale, I just can't scribe them any smaller. I've also created the station sign on the printer using the only decent photo for reference. Next up I need to colour the sleepers and install the point rodding ready for ballasting.
  13. Hi Airnimal, Could you not just cut some masking tape for the T and L then blast with primer again? This would restore the edges. You'd only need to do the section of the wagon with this lettering.
  14. I believe it was the entire system, although in actuality only certain lines were used.
  15. They can transfer my tax bill anytime they feel like!
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