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  1. Having done quite a bit of searching around looking at various images I have written to Simon Kohler with some observations about the artwork on 87 006. I'm no expert but hopefully what I have provided for him and the team will assist in getting a more accurate model on the shelves come November. If people are interested; the main points raised are the positioning of the nameplate, the positioning of the large BR double arrow logo, the dampers should be grey not blue and the orange overhead warning stripe only runs along the main bodyside. I do know that the final a
  2. well on that evidence i thought I would check to see if maybe just maybe the Willesden lads had deliberately opted to painted the cab doors black just on one side. I dont have permission yet to share one particular picture with the loco sat on the blocks at Manchester Piccadilly in gleaming condition clearly with black cab doors so this is a bt of journey of fact finding......does the slightest bit of weathering really disguise the black that well? very tricky.......surely they didnt get black at first then get repainted dark grey?..........i dug out an old book with full colour images las
  3. OK now i have seen some clean photos of 87006 it does seem that the cab doors were indeed black. question that not so clear is whether the door frame itself was also black - photos i have seen are difficult to interpret on this due to angles and light etc and I am wondering whether the frame was the same dark grey as the bodysides or maybe the grey only covered the door step area not the frame........any takers? I hope Hornby model the correct cab front equipment on this as we have no images yet..... Orange cant rail stripe does not run around the cabs.....
  4. seems many here know what a commonwealth bogie looks like but i've often wondered how the name came about given that most others are a mix of letters and numbers like BT10 or B4.
  5. for LEDs that were on the white side and yellow not ideal either i have found a dab or two of dark varnish dulls them nicely. try one coat first let it dry then light it up and see if another coat is needed. the alternative if you can change the LEDs is perhaps try warm white but the above can still apply.
  6. Any other Class 87 lovers out there that might have a view on the livery for 87006? I have looked at over a dozen images now in ex works and lightly weathered condition and cannot quite decide whether Hornby have the doors correctly picked out in black. One image I have seen almost looks like the door itself is black (along with the cab window surrounds) but the door surround looks like its in the bodyside dark grey. Would anybody else like to comment ? I was convinced the doors were dark grey until I saw the loco in another image. Its not such an easy call to make. The Hor
  7. so great news today for fans of the 7. i reckon its an easy win for Hornby releasing this pair as they go so well together i envisage many modellers will snap up both together.......i was hoping for 87006 for a while now and glad it on the way......hopefully the front has the correct equipment represented and that the roof area is grey not white. release date is Nov 2021 so I hope the minor flaws are addressed. will drop Hornby a line on my thoughts. if Bachmann release a class 81 I think thats me well and truly catered for iro of AC locos......never thought I would
  8. like 87006 its got my money for sure but the nameplate looks slightly on the low on the bodyside. hopefully somebody will check its positioned correctly before the run starts....... agree about the black doors looking at images online.
  9. look up a few videos on you tube to hear the 4 x tractions motors of an 87 scream. you are dead behind the ears if you still think they only go "hum". I would concede that kettles dont just go chuff chuff chuff........
  10. i "wish" they revisited the space provided inside for decoders and speakers.
  11. no imagination. its just a bit of fun so i say you only get one life, why not soak up a few seconds of mins having a guess with so many things in life that are out of our control-so what?. 87 006 in experimental grey livery please.
  12. I agree on mk3 sleepers. you could have the white roof charter stock too but certainly blue and grey or inter-city sleeper in executive livery or later swallow guise. whether the glazing could be improved or not..... i think the Hornby mk3 slam door ex Lima is still a good coach just needs the better eds off the plug door versions and closer couplings imho.
  13. does anybody know the correct number of IC executive liveried coach out of the two available versions IC1667 and IC 1653 that would have been run on the WCML or were both coaches found only on that route ? I see one version has R4974A has sold out on pre order fast at one particular retailer so wondering why the popularity of one and not tuther?
  14. i had this trouble with Bachmann Mk1s especially on that lower light grey section you find on the executive ones. the sides almost glow. Yours might be improved if you can dim the lights a bit more.
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