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  1. Thanks very much for this Steve. Absolutely marvellous regards, Chris
  2. I think It is likely to be from Masokits. MAC will be Michael Clarke, the proprietor. regards, Chris
  3. Thanks John Yes, looking at other scales is always helpful, and it is something I always try to do. I was asking the question about the switchgear, because although I’d seen some photos of real vehicles, the switchgear seems to be on different ends on photos of various models. As you say, Sods Law can indeed rule. Thanks again for your help, the description of your build of the JLTRT kit is excellent regards, Chris
  4. Thanks John I think I’m right in assuming the switch gear is a one end only. Based on photos I have come across, the switch gear is at the right hand end when looking at the van side with the vacuum cylinder facing. regards, Chris
  5. Thanks Paul Must pay closer attention to your photos as I’d missed these. Will purchase some photos later regards, Chris
  6. Hi Not sure where is the best place to post this. Does anyone have details such as pictures or dimensions of the battery boxes fitted to the BR built Fruit Ds, which were electrically lit? Any photos I can find are not clear at all. And are there any castings that are available for 4mm scale that might be suitable to use? Thanks very much, Chris
  7. Hi Fran These are looking fantastic. Can you confirm that the axles will be 26mm over the pinpoints? I know this was an issue with the Cemflos. regards, Chris
  8. Just came across this thread I would also be very interested in these transfers in white for 4mm regards, Chris
  9. Looks like I've missed set up. Traffic problems on the way from the bedroom..... Here's my little contribution West End West End is the terminus of an imaginary branch line situated in the North West of England in the early to mid 1970s. It was built as an entry to the D&E Challenge competition organised by the Scalefour Society and Diesel and Electric Modellers United (DEMU). As such it is constructed to P4 standards, and is my first attempt at a complete layout, though I have had a couple of false starts. The chosen location harks back to my earliest memories of British Rail – summer Saturdays spent beside the line to Blackpool North, with a profusion of summer specials accelerating away from Poulton-le-Fylde. Unfortunately I have neither the time or space to re-create such scenes, so have had to resort to a fiction which at least allows me to “play” and run a few trains. In my fictional world, the line to West End survived the cuts of the 1960s owing to the presence of several freight customers, conveniently located off stage. The layout’s name is simply a reflection of a lack of imagination on my part when asked for a name by the competition organisers.
  10. Fantastic video. But surely the question for Fran must be how to reproduce the exhaust
  11. Thanks Fran In the current climate I decided to try and re-invigorate my modelling and finally took the Cemflos I purchased out of their boxes yesterday, and took a first look a converting them! I quickly realised this was not going to be as simple as I had hoped. regards, Chris
  12. Hi Fran I know its now been a year, but was there ever a final solution to th3 conversion of the Cemflo’s to P4. Can’t find anything on the website. thanks, Chris
  13. On a related topic, is the option for EM or P4 wheels still on the cards? I know it is specifically mentioned in the Class 37 thread. With reduced flange size, and the overall larger radius curves in use by modellers in the wider gauges,, does the option of using correct size wheels become viable? regards, Chris
  14. Yes it is. From their website http://www.clevelandmrc.club/ex2019.html I’m aiming to go on Sunday afternoon regards, Chris
  15. What struck me when I saw this on Saturday was the extremely poor main fan grill on the roof. Maybe it will be replace by an etched version in the final model?
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