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  1. Yes it is. From their website http://www.clevelandmrc.club/ex2019.html I’m aiming to go on Sunday afternoon regards, Chris
  2. What struck me when I saw this on Saturday was the extremely poor main fan grill on the roof. Maybe it will be replace by an etched version in the final model?
  3. I've only built a few PD kits so far, but one of their great attributes was the wheel swap service for those modelling the wider 4mm gauges. Not sure if this will continue with PECO even at shows
  4. Just spent the day at the York show, and ordered 24081 in BR Blue, having spent some time talking with Phil Sutton. The model looks absolutely superb,sounds fantastc, and well worth the money. One of the box shifters was selling the Bachmann 24 for just under £100. Factor in DCC sound, and a set of P4 wheels (on 6 months delivery), and the price is quite reasonable. Looking forward to receiving my model in a week or so.
  5. I bought a BFYE Western from Hattons a couple of weeks back (I received an email notification that they had a couple in stock), and have finally test run it this weekend, to discover the lights aren't working. Is there a simple fix for this (loose connection etc), or is it a case of returning it, or getting the model sent off to DCC Supplies for repair? Given that the brake rigging was missing (I've already got replacements on their way from DCC Supplies), I'm now beginning to wonder ff I've been sold a "second" by Hattons. Chris . .
  6. Just come across this layout topic, and I have to say it is looking fantastic. It also brings back memories of my childhood in the early 1970s, as I grew up here. Back then summer Saturdays were a constant procession of excursion traffic heading to Blackpool North. At one time there were also an extra pair of running lines for the non-stopping traffic - hence the extra arch under Breck Road on the south (Blackpool direction) side of the station. The main problem would be having the fiddle yards to cope !! regards, Chris
  7. OK - here are some pictures Chris
  8. I was at Scaleforum, thoroughly enjoyed myself and took some photos. I haven't had the chance yet to download them from the camera. As a Scalefour Society member I have also passed along images taken a previous events, and these have appeared as part of the official show retrospective on the web - so definitely not professional ! Chris
  9. My first ExpoEM as well, and a truly excellent event. I fully agree with Graeme's comments about Mostyn pulling the punters in.....I travelled from Belgium for the day, specifically because Mostyn was there. Chris
  10. I haven't seen a copy yet, as I gave up my subscription last year - I only now buy when something takes my fancy. However, at the weekend I was looking through some back issues, and there was a Modeller's Guide to Sectorisation Parcel Trains in March 2008. Does this new version add much? Chris
  11. Although the Mostyn serial was not to everyone's taste, I certainly enjoyed it. The problem I found with Rail Express is that, although I don't mind reading the rest of the magazine, the reason to buy it was the modelling supplement, and it has tended to have too few articles with any modelling content whatsoever. This isssue is a case in point. However, I will be interested to see what replaces the Mostyn articles. From what I read into the editorial the replacement will be a substantial project (B New Street perhaps???) Chris
  12. The lighting on Shirley Rowe's Catalunya this was described in an article in MRJ46 (I was reading it again only last week). Also you shouldn't forget Dave Rowe's books originally published by Wild Swan - "Architectural Modelling" and "Industrial and Mechanised Modelling". The latter has a full description of how he modelled the telescopic bridge featured on Exbridge Quay. Chris
  13. Brian I'm just about reaching the completion of my kit. It is the first etched brass kit that I've built, and although I have taken my time over it I've had very few difficulties. I have a small "Hold and Fold" which I used - for the solebars I used metal rulers to bend them without any problems. Bill Bedford's handrail bending jig was definitely useful though. The most difficult bits I found were the chassis and brake gear. Filing back the whitemetal axle box/spring castings was awkward and I ended up buying more from ABS models. I have also fitted Masokits screw couplings as well. Back in May last year I posted a query on RMWeb about suitable buffers: "Further to my post yesterday the kit designer, Chris Higgs, has been in touch and says the buffers supplied are the closest commercially available buffer castings he could source (ABS), though the head size is wrong as it should be 16 inch. For sprung buffers he has suggested MJT buffers item 2307S (GWR Fitted wagon buffers) http://www.dartcastings.co.uk/mjt/2307S.htm substituted with 16" heads http://www.dartcastings.co.uk/mjt/2372.htm. They are missing the third rib on the bottom of the buffer (which can't be seen) and also need the small footstep/door stop adding. These are the buffers Richard Oldfield used in his review build described in Rail Express in last year." Hope this helps regards, Chris
  14. I'd have to check at home tonight, but I seem to recall that with my Bachmann 08 converison I twisted the pickups so that the edges of the strips bore on the flanges of the wheels (I used Ultrascale ones). I think that this was described in one of the articles in the Scalefour News on converting the Bachmann model (are you a member as back issues are available via the Society website). Chris
  15. 51L models do a kit http://www.51l.co.uk/abwpca.htm I think there was a review/build in one of the magazines a few years ago, but can't remember which one. However, it isn't cheap.... regards, Chris
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