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  1. Damp mossey cutting...In that case, ideal conditions for more substantial spreading growth to take root in all those Bodgit Wall cracks. Polly
  2. Thanks, Chris, I appreciate that. I seem to be at my busiest (in the kitchen!) at this time of year, modelling is somewhere on Cloud9. Give it another few days...lots of new toys tools to try out. Polly
  3. Happy New Year to you Andy and Dee, and to fellow SMS followers. Great watching your videos, Andy - glad you enjoy doing them. We all need that extra bit of joy theses days. Best wishes Polly and Ray
  4. Brilliant account there, Monsieur HP. I trust you had a good Christmas in Traeth Mawr and did not put on anymore...er...dare I say it...er...weight - just think of your poor tailor having to re-measure you - again!....He'll go spare...he had enough problems last year as it is with his shop having to keep closing and trying to keep his customers not only happy but safe...but I digress... I have just popped in to wish everyone a Happy NewYear and to say how much I have enjoyed the stories and accounts emanating from TM. Polly
  5. Just had to pop in and wish you all a very creative and innovative New Year. 31-12-1962 Santa, aka BR(W) Goods Shed Supervisor, is taking a short cut across the fields to the New Year's Eve Staff Party down at the Station Master's house, if anyone gets there in these conditions. Santa's little helper, aka BR(W) Storeman, loaded with H&P tins of biscuits, among other goodies, is checking the map for directions. I suspect the other two are looking forward to shovelling coal onto the fire in the Station Master's kitchen. Unfortunately, the train is going the wrong way, so n
  6. Thanks Baz and U2. (Where are the seasonal Smileys?) Polly and Ray Latest project: One putting together job to do - (by a pair of helping hands) plane down the front edge to lie level with the top of the Black and Orange A3 cutting mat, which comes with it, for use with a ruler, done since this photo was taken. To finish the job - a coat of primer and some paint to protect the mdf. I would have preferred varnished wood but this looked like a good design and was available at the time. Hopefully, this means I can keep the workbenc
  7. Cold head? No choice, really. Santa insisted on having his hood down! I did give him a big white bobble on the end of it though. I guess he has run out of film as he is tinkering with his Camera. That is the Great West Road brake van bringing up the rear of the snow train which is passing through into the dark beyond. I guess they can go home, now, except Santa and his Lil Helper who are on their way to the children's Christmas Party down at the Station. Perhaps, though, the other two will join them - they are both partial to H&P biscuits being carried in that rucksack.
  8. Just to say: Cakebox Challenge 2019, revisited. and a Happy New year to you all. Back soon with some modelling updates. Polly
  9. I definitely 'made it this far'. Glad I am not in the signal box. Just look what happened on the Caledonian Railway at Quintinshill near Gretna on 22 May 1915. I find train movements fascinating. Reading Abear's Old Oak Common and Southall accounts of locomotive wanderings rosters around the Western Region, you sometimes wonder how some of the locos ever arrived back at their own depot, let alone with their own WR crew! As for trains, themselves, I certainly found out some of the problems that can arise at those big Event Days on the preserved railways, waiting for a
  10. Hi all. It is a laugh a minute, here... Yesterday, I had a DOH! moment. Ray was cleaning one of our cutting mats when I noticed a scrap of paper hanging down underneath (held on with a bit of masking tape). It turned out to be one of my 'notes to myself' which end up lying all over the place! It was a test piece with a printed out headboard panel glued on and masking tape round the edges of the panel. Below, I had scribbled: Layer of PVA painted over Panel & allowed to dry. Pity I forgot about it as one of the made up headboards came apart when I decided to paint the plastic
  11. Dave, the photos of 9773 are magnificent! So kind of you to post them. Many thanks for unravelling this mystery. Such an obvious answer yet the possibility never came to mind. I shall indeed be bending the bracket on my loco. They say you should always look at the original and, also, as they say, photos do not lie! Thanks, for 6106, too. Splendid! I can see already that they will be mighty useful when it comes to weathering and detailing, especially when all the other photos I have seen are of the lefthand side of the engine! Polly
  12. From further reading, it looks possible (probable?) that 6132 may have been repainted unlined in 'economy green' after overhaul... (not 'overalls' Mr Search Engine). "A second period of unlined green was the so-called 'economy green' era, and seems to have started possibly as early as 1958 and certainly by 1960. It has been recorded on Moguls 5306, 6320, 6378, and 7304, and was also applied to some large Prairies, some 56xx locos, some 2251s and some 14xxs." http://www.gwr.org.uk/liveriesloco1948.html Some thoughtful crafting and weathering on both
  13. Now, I have a small(?) problem to share. Two problems, possibly. My Hornby large Prairie for renumbering to 6106 is no.6132 and is lined green. No.6106 was UN-lined... To avoid a complete re-paint job, can the lining be discreetly 'covered up' or wiped out without damaging/making a mess of the rest of it? The reason I say 'two problems' is that 6132, in photos below, look to me to be unlined - so why the lining on the model? Aaaaaaaagh...... If there was an unlined 61xx late crest available in the new 61xx Model, there would not be a problem....I would simply ren
  14. Hi, all - back in the GMT (Great Model Trains) time zone. Hope you all had a good hour's lie in. Yesterday evening, there was an unexpected moment. I was watching British Railways Then and Now - GWR when, after watching Castles and Kings, Prairies large and small, and pannier tanks pulling coaches or running light engine in and out of Paddington, it switched location. There, at changeover, were 6106 and 9773 on the Thames Valley Rail Tour captured at Kensington Olympia and then Southall. Who was a rather happy & excited bunny, then? And I do not need to worry ab
  15. Hi all, I hope everyone is OK. Modelling has resumed with some duplicate Thames Valley Rail Tour headboards in the making. Also, I have been looking at gaps in 81C's allocations/visitors. Just arrived is 70013 Oliver Cromwell for rail tours during 2011 to partner the likes of 34067 Tangmere, 30777 Sir Lamiel and 70000 Britannia. Another item is the forthcoming Heljan railcar in green with speed whiskers. No.26 with grey cab roof looks to be the likely candidate for renumbering to No.22. Heljan's 22 will be in GWR chocolate and cream - a bit early for GWRd!
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