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  1. Unfortunately and much to my annoyance Astrocooker was pulled from its website today due I think to a licensing issue with the underlying software developer. Hopefully it will make a comeback in some form as it was a quick way to get some initial image processing done.
  2. Wow that’s a great photo of Jupiter with the equipment you have. I’ve not ventured into planetary photography as my refactor is only 250mm FL and planets are just tiny dots. I stick with large DSO’s but their faint light brings other challenges with long exposure times and tracking accuracy.
  3. Mrs Suvvern tells me that there are a few on here that may be interested in my attempts at astrophotography. Here’s one I took last night during a rare break in the clouds for a change. 30min exposure (180x10sec) quickly processed with astrocooker and iPhoto. If anyone wants more (photos or info) just ask. IC434 Horsehead Nebula.
  4. Sorry to hear that Ian. If you have any boards left please PM me as I'm sure I can find a use for a few.
  5. Works fine for me with the default settings in both the Hornby H and M7. Although, as you say they can be a bit odd with some locos.
  6. You can change the direction by altering bit 1 of CV29.
  7. I fitted my H Class with a TCS DP2X-UK. I'm not sure a Lenz Silver+ Direct will fit as its still sitting on the shelf and would have been my preferred decoder.
  8. According to the BBC website the UK currently is 75% Adults fully vaccinated which is way above 5 of the 6 EU countries quoted (apart from Malta@80+%, the others around 60%). "More than 47 million people - about 89% of all UK adults - have now received a first dose of a vaccine and nearly 40 million people, or around 75% of all adults, have had a second."
  9. Did you increase the number of addresses in the line DCCAccessoryAddress gAddresses[4]; ?
  10. Interesting reading https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2021/07/12/analysis-rising-hospitalisation-rates-have-panicked-prime-minister/ Judging by Hollands experience of 'freedom day' we could be in for a rough ride.
  11. Sad News, our thoughts are with Gordon's family. Ray & Polly
  12. Common sense for those outside the hotspot, but for those inside with nice sunny Bank Holiday weekend coming up............. Ian's signature says it all.
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