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  1. Thanks for the info. it so long ago I forgot where it was.
  2. Though being a GWR modeller I have always had soft stop for LB&SCR. I have to say how much I have enjoyed looking through the societies Modeller Digest. Some great modelling with enjoyable explanations of various builds. Well done to the editors and thank you for giving the resource free to the internet. To be commented.
  3. Just been clearing my workshop and here is the photo. Hopefully this is the layout you remember Eric Hines is on the left, I am in the middle and Roger Cox on the right
  4. airnimal please do not stop posting, you are the first i go to when I open RMWeb. Your modelling is inspirational, and I learn so much.
  5. We did but after 40 years i cannot remember where. But it was around the London area or south east.
  6. Hi Myself and 2 others build an early P4 Layout of Aston Rowant must be around 1976/77 when we were members of the Western Model Railway club based by Acton station. It was exhibited at their local show, cannot remember where think it was in Greenford. I have a photo somewhere, if I find it I will publish it to see if it the one you are thinking of Ian
  7. I would recommend Building Model Locomotives by Roche and Templar written In the 70’s from previous articles in the MRC some parts are old school but lots of drawings.
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