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  1. Thanks for sharing Graham, very interesting. Do you have any more pics of Hungarian diesels too?
  2. I’ve used Modellbahn-Lippe many times too and found the service excellent with very cheap delivery if you spend €100 Euro. Think I’ve managed to get most of the stuff I’ll need for any changes come the end of the year.
  3. Earliest pic I’ve seen with the yellow front section so far is 1990
  4. I managed to discover that the loco's with the electric train heating were only renumbered as SU45's from 1992 onwards.
  5. Thanks Eddie, that’s very helpful
  6. I’m hoping someone might be able to help me, does anyone have an idea when the ends started to be painted partly yellow on the SP45’s? I’ve seen pics showing them from the early 90’s but wonder if they go back earlier than that? many thanks, simon
  7. Ahh, okay, thanks for the clarification Fred. Interesting to know if the online German dealers have reduced their prices. I ordered some stuff recently so will look what the invoice says. The reduced rate will have ended before any change in ordering from the UK happens anyway, best wishes, simon
  8. That’s correct, nothing has currently changed and may not if we get a deal but a no deal exit will probably mean you’ll get the 19% deducted from the German price but then have to pay the 20% UK rate plus the £8 Royal Mail collection fee.
  9. With regards to the VAT/import duties, nothing will change until the new year but after that, it depends if we get a deal or not. One issue if we do end up paying import duties, is that Royal Mail charge a flat fee, think it’s currently £8 for collecting it
  10. Guys, many thanks for your replies about the CSD coach roof colour, very helpful. It seems that trying to find the Y type coaches with a grey roof rather than the later brown one is quite tricky.
  11. Great looking layout, Berlin Friedrichstrasse is one of my favourite stations and still has loads of atmosphere
  12. Great looking layout. I’ve developed an interest in the CSD via my interest in the East German DR and cross border workings. Wonder if if you could help me, do you know when the CSD changed the roof colour of coaches from grey to a kind of beige/light brown colour? Many thanks, Simon
  13. Have had a go at close coupling the coaches. The Bachmann "brake hose" gets very close but has the obvious disadvantage that the coaches can't be easily uncoupled. The Bachmann 36-027 replacement coupler that Alun recommended gets the coaches even closer but I found that you can't just push the coaches together to get them to couple as the coupler is too short. I tried the coupler with a pair of Bachmann mark 1's and had the same problem, once you do get them coupled up it looks very good though, Best wishes, Simon
  14. Many thanks Alun, I'm going to give the Bachmann coupler a go and will let you know how I get on, Best wishes, Simon
  15. Hi Alun, Thanks for the reply, the pics certainly show some good results. I'm not sure though, how you fit the modified coupler in the NEM pocket of the coaches? Cheers, Simon
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