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    Mainly European Trains, especially noisy diesel ones!!

    HO Scale models of Balkan, Belgian, Danish and Czech prototypes.

    Also have a passing interest in Scottish 1990’s era layouts as well....

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  1. If you have the tracking number you can ring up Parcelforce to get the customs number so you can pay that to speed the process up. Thanks, Neil
  2. Van Biervliet / B Models including pricelist http://vanbiervliet.com/boekje-2024-prijzen/prijslijst-boekje-2024-small.pdf
  3. Quick update, went to ModelRail Scotland on Friday as punter rather than an exhibitor (never had an invite). Enjoyed the exhibition and brought a few odds and ends but no rolling stock. Thought it was an excellent exhibition and foreign layout wise liked the TT Czech layout (which is starting to give me ideas), as well as the Swiss Twins. Neither of which I’d seen before. Was a bit disappointed with Eastfield, very impressive to look at but not much moving (on Friday), Wellpark and Gresty Bridge were excellent as always. One purchase I did make was a DCConcepts Alpha meter which I can use on both layouts as I’m going to put it in a Tupperware box. The peak power usage seems to be when I change routes on the Z21 and the point motors activate. Not sure what it tells me, I have seem a peak amps of about 1.2-1.3 amps, although normally this sits around the 0.8 mark which is well within the Z21 capacity. Here’s a picture to make the post more interesting… Mehano 2633 5205 by Roco 5541 by Marklin Also earlier this year added sound to my other 44 railcar (forgot to post this so it never happened….) Thanks, Neil
  4. Watching with interest!! I tried something similar a while ago the early stages of my Czech layout were Balkan. Another option for a 661 is Balkan Models they made about 20-25. Klein also did the Eas’s Dom Models also did a ZRS coach Thanks, Neil
  5. I must be honest I prefer the previous version of the APP. I use the old version for Belgian MPD and the new App for the Czech layout. I would like to be able to change the Czech layout to the old APP but I’d have to recreate the loco library of 40+ locos and redo all the point control. The route setting is great and a major selling point for me. It’s so easy to use and get to work. Any questions please ask. Thanks, Neil
  6. Enjoyed seeing both layouts for the first time in Glasgow today :-) Looked great. Thanks, Neil
  7. I think I commented on a similar thread before, the Belgian layouts last 2 outings have been to Paisley just up the road so I’ve not asked for anything. It was a chance to play trains all weekend…. That layout fits in the family car. The Croatian now Czech layout needs a van to move. On its last outing I was embarrassed to asked for full costs so just asked for a contribution as I’d had a great time playing trains. Thanks, Neil
  8. Graffiti vandals have paid a visit Thanks, Neil
  9. The layout now has its front boards fitted in my “corporate colours”. i think it sets the layout off nicely. The goodshed has also had a wash of dark brown, needs weathering and a bit of graffiti. Thanks, Neil
  10. I had an invite to a show in Belgium this year but kindly declined as it seemed I need to document everything and it just seemed too much paperwork and hassle which was a shame. I was going to hire a van rather than use the family car. The view was using a car you’d be unlikely to get stopped but a van you might have issues. Thanks, Neil
  11. Nick, Lol… They can actually be quite clean, agree it could do with a bit of weathering in places. I try to not pack the layout with engines which is where I personally feel sometimes people go little wrong…. Cheers, Neil
  12. Photos Just a few pictures for this update. 9101 on 3 x4 wheel tankers 5505 on the Fuel point Green diesels by BBC a Roco Finally I’ve printed the magazine cover off and it’s on the wall!! Hopefully next update something will have happened!! Thanks, Neil
  13. I remember a visit to the chocolate factory and the unlimited amount of chocolate you could eat… Will follow this thread with interest. Thanks, Neil
  14. Really interesting thread, I like something different when I’m at an exhibition. Hence why I helped out with the Chinese layout in Glasgow despite never been to China myself. Being based in Scotland every other exhibition layout feels like it features a blue / large logo 37. The layouts are all great by the way. My something different is a Belgian depot and a Czech through station. I have had “oh it’s foreign “ several times, but I’ve also had loads of great chats with people that understand the prototype or can relate to it in some way. On the Belgian layout I often leave a 66 stabled as everybody has seen one of those but in different colours so people can relate to it. Thanks, Neil
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