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  1. Hi Jim, Good to see another interesting layout thread from you. I'm still going with my all wooden loco and rolling stock but things have slowed down somewhat as I have been working on OO stuff with 3D printing. I shall follow this build with great interest. Ian
  2. Hi Everyone! Well it's been over 2 years since I did anything on this layout but it looks like it is all go now. When I took this down from the shelf a few weeks ago it was still just a board with 3 tracks on it but since then I have put down cobblestone hardstanding and build a canal barge and warehouse. The barge and warehouse started life as free Scalescenes OO kits from Hornby Magazine which I scanned and reduced by 50%. I will probably remake the barge at a later date as some of the card I used wasn't the correct thickness and thus it doesn't look quite right when you get up close to it. You will notice that the window on the warehouse has been boarded up as the local youths have been using it for target practice from the park across the canal. I plan to use Scalescenes for all the buildings on this layout as I have the original factory/warehouse and northlight engine shed along with the bus garage from the 100th edition of Hornby Magazine stored on the computer and ready to print. I Hope to keep things moving along now that I have re-started this layout so "watch this space" for updates. Ian
  3. Hi Jim, Take a look at the idea in this video - gives 3 link couplings with minimal effort and no buffer lock. Ian
  4. I just got home from a great day out helping with the operation of Moonan Flat. It is an enjoyable layout to operate and I can see that a OO version would be just about right for my passenger stock that currently sits in boxes only to be used on other folks layouts (Damn! That's another layout idea that will start to ferment in the back of my mind now). Full marks to Chris for designing and creating such a good layout. It was also good to catch up with Gary (Gazman) and to meet Martin (Hartleymartin). Ian
  5. The layout looks great, Chris. I'm looking forward to coming down on Monday.
  6. Thanks Alan. I just used the standard surface mount Kadee magnets hence the road access and the weighbridge. I really enjoy doing Micros - I already have an idea fermenting in the back of my mind for another one. Ian
  7. Hi again everyone. I've just had 2 days off and have now finished planting in the allotment. I'm really happy with the end result but my back is aching from sitting hunched over trying to get everything where I wanted it. The next job is to weather the rail on the passenger line and place some clutter in the grassy area next to the road bridge. After that I plan to make an interior for the warehouse, find some garden clutter for the allotment and then I think I will call the layout done (as done as any layout ever is). Ian
  8. They better get it back on track soon - the railbus is due in 2 minutes...... every 2 minutes Thanks to Chris and Gary for your comments and encouragement Ian
  9. Hi everyone! Progress has been a bit slow of late but I have almost finished the weighbridge to disguise the last kadee magnet and planting has started on the allotment. I can't for the life of my workout how to get images with captions in the body of a post, so I'm not sure what order they will appear in below, but one shows the weighbridge, another the 3 disguised magnets, one the allotment ready for planting and one the first noch plants to go in. I hope to have some more pics in a few days. Ian
  10. Hi Gary, Yes they are mostly No.5s - I have also used a couple of nem fittings where No.5s were just too hard to fit. I'm very happy with the crossing - still working on the weigh bridge for the other magnet and then I need to get cracking with the allotments over near the road bridge on the left. Thanks for your comment. Ian
  11. Hi Everyone, Time for an update on this layout. I have converted all the rolling stock to Kadee couplings and used the surface mount delayed magnets. I was searching for a way to disguise them and came up with the idea of an access road over 2 of them and I'm working on a small weigh bridge to hide the 3rd one. I have attached pics of the access road on this post and I hope to be able to share the weighbridge soon. Ian
  12. Hi Gary, It wouldn't bother me to see that size listed as micro - I tend to think of micro more as 'manageable' - easy to move an operate by one person. Ian
  13. Tonight I hosted the the model railway group that SMR Chris and I belong to so I was able to run up a quick track plan of his latest layout on Anyrail. The scenic section is 2.4 x .4 metres (8 feet x 1 foot 4 inches) with a sectorplate/train turntable at the right hand end. I'm looking forward to operating this one soon.
  14. Looks like a good start. I'm looking forward to seeing this operational.
  15. Hi Col, I like the first one best but I wouldn't have the track parallel to the front of the board - I've always found layouts appear bigger and a bit more interesting if the track runs at slight angle as it gives more depth to the scene. I look forward to following the build. Ian
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