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  1. Indeed it was. I’ve waded through the original trail and all the spin-off links and unless I’ve missed it, no one answers the OPs 3rd question? Presumably locating point motors between pairs of running lines is avoided for safety reasons, unless perhaps there is very restricted clearance on the outside? WB
  2. Good to know! A summary of your entire Heaton Lodge experience, if I might be so bold. I’m very much looking forward to seeing your magnum opus later this year at Warley ( with 2m of baseboard to myself to get a clear view and no backpacks in my ribs), or if that isn’t meant to be, in its own travelling artic-convoy circus some point next year. Your updates on here are a welcome distraction to the new world order, so on behalf of your readership, thank you for taking the time to share the journey. Phil
  3. Hi Simon, stunning execution thus far! Good to see Heljan now behind you (presumably amongst others) and I hope the business plan works out for you. Um, 20kgs added to 100 MGR’s ! Not sure how many rakes that is going to make for you, but have either Heljan, JLTRT, your very small select army of devotees or your good self actually tried test running the proposed trains at full weight with the proposed traction? In 00, perlite stained with black India ink is one way of saving weight! Or is the load simply a decent excuse to run double or treble headers? Take care. WB
  4. Compile from Speakon, XLR, or Anderson Powerpole. See this thread : Recommend a robust plug.
  5. Which, surprise surprise, advocates Anderson power poles. Solid advice as usual from Suzie. Agree about Speakon and XLR, less so , like Melmerby, about D connectors. I have many powerpole connectors, so was able to spread the cost of the bespoke crimping tool (that makes forming the fittings quick, simple and reliable). If the OP needs to only make a small number, Speakon or XLR get my vote. If the number increases, powerpole becomes my preferred choice.
  6. Having been recently overcome with newbryford virus, have finally succumbed and ordered a NR yellow one. And now that Accurascale have launched the 37/0’s, am patiently waiting for the launch of an orange one. As they mention HNRC on their intro blurb, 37087 would be very nice!
  7. Oooh, I know Worcestershire’s answer to that one! Drive to Blakedown! (See my earlier post.) I think they’ve recently given consent for a new car park there. (Don’t drive to Kiddy, that car park can be full by 7.45am.) Ah, hang on, most if not all of the Worcestershire Chiltern services heading for London don’t stop at Blakedown .......... Perhaps Worcestershire rmWebbers can put a paper together for the council to ultimately, after much debate, politely state that they haven’t the funds to execute? How about a shuttle bus every 10-15 minutes from the extremely large Worcester Royal car park to Worcestershire Parkway? You wouldn’t have to walk far then to A&E after parking altercations?
  8. Phil, what are you drinking? I’ve been in Worcestershire since 1997. It was obvious that the completion of the bypass circuit was needed then. 23 years down, maybe another 23 to go before that route gets built?
  9. Many, many years late. Still bedevilled by single track working and the need to take a good book and a cushion if heading east for London. no long distance XC workings, so journey times to North or South extended by the need to change at some point. And doubtless if the car car park is already busy, if and when they address point 2 I’ll find myself unable to park there. As a long suffering intermittent commuter to London, the Chiltern route still wins, even if at Kidderminster: it’s still autumn. (New station to open ‘in autumn’. It’s still autumn.... once again, years late) the car park isn’t anywhere near big enough. And putting a new car park at Blakedown isn’t going to solve it. Worcestershire. Land of joined up transport thinking and rapid development. Not. Warwick parkway has platform shelters....... Rant over, off my soap-box.
  10. Delorean 1984, this is sound advice from both! If you have access to, and are (or can become) capable to design in, a software program, it’s easy to design multiple solutions to see what works, and in particular, what fits. its equally easy to play around with paper templates, peco or others, with or without simple drawing skills. And then when you build it, and because some parts don’t ‘look right’ in your scale or setting, you’ll probably meander off the ‘perfect’ software or paper design anyway!
  11. Hello Bryant. Going back to one of your original ideas, have you considered using Tillig single slips with outside switch blades? Example code 85396, various Uk suppliers including derails and kernow? The outside blade radius is 1050mm, over 41” in old money. Live frogs. ( Beware that Tillig also make inner-bladed slips, similar to peco ones.) I only use Tillig in my scenic sections but to mix and match Tillig 83 with peco 75 in a fiddle yard would be straightforward. For comparison, my modern layout is 2.4m x 4.9m so it’s smaller than yours. The core arrangement is a 10 road peco 100 all bi-directional fiddle yard served by 2 scissor crossings, one at each end. My stock is DMU’s, loco hauled passenger with DVTs and loco hauled freight. Conflicting in-out movements only occur if attempting simultaneous entry and exit to-from the 4 ‘outer’ roads against the 6 ‘inner ones’. I split the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ number of roads unequally 6-4 because it helped stretching the road lengths into the corners and I have specific freight operations on two inner roads. I have extra dead end sidings at each end of the yard, accessed only from the inner roads to enable freight loco swaps. Hopefully some food for thought for you.
  12. Hi Paul. Can I ask, presumably you fitted the little metal in-rail connectors at the joints? I’ve been wondering about this track for a yard , seems like it will need a lot of fettling for smooth-ish running.
  13. 20760mm buffer to buffer according to data sheet on Touaxrail website. http://www.touaxrail.com/sites/touax/files/Sfins 2.pdf
  14. Nope. Not too far for me, so I’ll give it a go. Will advertise the event at Wyre Forest MRC this evening.
  15. Concur, although the cooling was better on my first 800 ride this week, Swindon to London. Back same day on an HST. Writing this on a Chiltern MK3.... Summary- If you travel long distances and are looking forward to trying a new 800, I would advise that you buy a cushion or two and/or trips to your chiropractor. It’s nice as an EMU, OK as a modern DMU, legroom is fine, but either way it is rotten hard to sit in for any length of time. Overheard commuters to Reading voicing agreement with this, and their journey is all of 20minutes-ish. GWR seem to have countered the hard seats with their current service level, as lots have to stand. Glad I reside in Chiltern country! Whoever signed the seats off has consigned legions of travellers to unnecessary discomfort. If those destined for the ECML simply have different seat covers, not extra padding, then they will suffer the same fate.
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