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    I have an un-dying love and interest for trains on the India railways and in the UK, aircrafts especially Boeing and Emirates Airlines and collecting model trains in 00 scale from mainly Hornby & Mehano HO. My wshlists consist mainly of Vitrains Class 47 & 37, a Heljan Class 86 and an array of Hornby products.

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  1. No kit either, all models I've seen are all static and handbuilt.
  2. HornbyFAN

    New Mk1 coach

    Never wanted to start any debate at all...!?? Just gave an opinion as to what Hornby might have been thinking, they have had incorrect names and liveries on models before so why don't you'll wait till it is released or if you are worried about the incorrect image tell Simon. I spoke to him about the NR Class 47 and MML HSTs and he was positive with feedback. I agree with what you say about the accuracy as it is for the main range but I have no clue why you think I want to start a debate?
  3. HornbyFAN

    New Mk1 coach

    The BR Choc/Cream ones that Hornby produced were part of the railroad range. So that meant less livery decoration. The SR versions probably have the roundels because it's in the main range and Hornby are willing to add as much of the livery details as possible on what is otherwise a plain green coach.
  4. No, I don't think there has ever been any RTR model that looks like the Nilgiri X Class. There have only been static models
  5. It isn't very uncommon to just run through the lists and see which shop just to see how their prices vary after Hornby recently announced a change in their poilicies. OK and even if I do intend on buying something, I simply noticed that MF displayed incorrect prices and I asked why?
  6. Yes, you actually understood what I am trying to say. I am in no way bashing MF. But the prices they show (original price) is many pounds higher than what Hornby offer direct. Added to that MF have listed many items as an offer. But those prices are either at par with Hornby prices or even more in some cases. The info isn't clear at all and is misleading. What I had a issue with is why only MF seems to have this error through out the entire Hornby range? Hattons, Olivias Trains, Rails of Sheffield etc. charge as they always have i.e. with a slight discount. Why is it that MF have a totally different price displayed and something that doesn't even match Hornby's? The price scratched out is supposed to indicate the actual price, that is way higher than Hornby's price. @ others who think I want to purchase a model Well I do not want to purchase any model, I just wanted to know why MF display a price that is even higher than Hornby's price. It is surely something that cannot be counted as a mistake as their original prices are far to high compared to Hornby's price.
  7. Awaiting their reply for lil over a week now. Hence I asked here incase someone knew about it.
  8. Never said I don't like it... just wanted to know why MF put up a false exaggerated price. I never had an issue with Hornby in my life I clearly asked why has MF put up the wrong price (charge what Hornby charge and say it's on offer)
  9. Well you seem to have answered to something else. It is quite easy to see such inaccurate pricing. Your answer is barely related to what I've posted. I've clearly posted about such a big difference in a price and something that is untrue.
  10. I was just going through the "Modelfair" website to check up on their pricing..... Well I know that Hornby seems to be a little pricey but can someone please explain to me as to why Modelfair shows the actual price (RRP) much much higher than what even Hornby shows on their website? And then put it up as an OFFER.... OK I've seen this happen in retailers in India with food items. But why has modelfair not checked their prices? I don't think Hornby can be blamed for communicating the incorrect prices (because other retailers have it correct and secondly the prices are easily seen on the Hornby website) Have a look at these links http://www.modelfair.com/sector/41/locomotives?Brands=1015&p=1 http://www.modelfair.com/sector/42/coaches?Brands=1015
  11. HornbyFAN

    New Mk1 coach

    Right so you are trying to compare a Bachmann coach selling for 28.35 which is no doubt detailed to a Hornby coach which is fairly detailed and with a good paint finish etc. and has fitted lights selling for 36.50.....? I think I give up trying to explain something very simple to you. A word of advice - if you don't like what Hornby is offering then why moan so much about it? Go for your favorite cheaper Bachmann versions and don't buy the Hornby version. No one is forcing you to by even a single coach.
  12. HornbyFAN

    New Mk1 coach

    I have gotta agree with everyone else, you made a very unfair and inaccurate comparison.
  13. The Mk2s actually look quite good. A little better than the Mk1s IMHO. Atleast the glazing isn't as bad as the earlier ones..... The 700 looks really nice too.
  14. Thanks! Interesting images.
  15. Images of the pre-production samples of the Heljan Class 60 1) The drive system and interior detail https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151945395143207&set=pcb.10151945397138207&type=1&relevant_count=3 2) The compressor and underframe detail https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151945395138207&set=pcb.10151945397138207&type=1&relevant_count=2 3) Side profile https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151945395148207&set=a.371681018206.157212.176420418206&type=1&relevant_count=1 4) General view https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151945395168207&set=a.371681018206.157212.176420418206&type=1&relevant_count=1 Cheers!!
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