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  1. Oi! No need to apologise for anything LMS. Time to stand up and be proud of all things Stanier!
  2. The Sandringhams? (sorry - the first thing that popped into my head!)
  3. Ah, yes - the Master Neverers. The railway 'angry young men' of the decade of change (1960s). Some of Paul Riley's 'master' shots are in The Colour of Steam Vol.5 - London Midland in the Fells by Derek Huntriss, one of the reference books whilst building Shap. If you've not read this before then enjoy and see how mad they - and Riley in particular - really were: https://gwrarchive.org/site/sitel2ph/sitel3ph/autobiography.php
  4. DC - Duette Control. Simples (But, beware - some Gaugemaster products have been delivered recently!)
  5. I classify myself as a Mancunian by birth (grew up in Heald Green) so I like to think I know what I'm talking about! Have now emigrated to the North East - noticeably drier this side of the Pennines.
  6. It's ALWAYS like that in Manchester ... I'll go for Beachy Head ... the new one!
  7. I'm going for Archie - 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair. Mainly because I enjoyed a ride behind him at the Bluebell in 2010. Turned out to be a somewhat foreshortened period of running for the loco. I did have some pictures somewhere but can't put my hand on them just at the moment, for some reason. Apparent he was the Secretary of State for Air, with responsibility for the RAF. No idea if he was a goodie or a baddie!
  8. While we're in the mood ... Next down the bank is the Perth-Euston Express (c.1960). A relative flyweight for one of Stanier's magnificent machines. The man himself, in fact, exiting the moorland section. Through Bog Junction. Apart from lamps, 46256 is still fresh 'out of the box'; she (he!) will get the detail added in due course. Meanwhile, at Central, the return loco for the Royal Scot has detached the front two coaches and is waiting in platform 1, leaving the arrival crossover free for the Perth express to access Pla
  9. Cripes! I hope they learnt how to dodge aeroplanes at the same time?
  10. 'Tis indeed Tony. It just needs a coupling bar on the back - and I've splashed out on some Gibson wheels for the pony trucks so I'll fit those at the same time.
  11. Evening Tony et al Hope you don't mind me posting this here, as it's a picture I quite like. Feel free to comment / criticise as you see fit (it's got lamps!). The full story is here https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/128568-hills-of-the-north-the-last-great-project/&do=findComment&comment=4290161
  12. Well, I'm hoping you'll enjoy what comes next. I certainly did! There you go - bare boards awaiting track don't stay bare long round these parts. The double track formation is continued from the top of Shap bank, round the curve .... ... into a simple piece of trackwork to make use of three roads of the temporarily positioned Shap fiddle yard board. You can never have enough Duettes! Some simple, temporary wiring to get us up and running. Time to dig out some stock! 46206 'Princess Marie Louise' has the honour of haul
  13. Sounds we have a clear winner already but I'm going to go for 34057 'Biggin Hill' - for Airfix reasons!
  14. Never heard of that! However, one of them (46205) was modified to have inside valves operated by outside valve gear via a 180degree rocking lever arrangement (the opposite of the GWR arrangement for 4 cyl locos). Distinguishable by a massive outside motion bracket. This principle (ie two sets of valve gear to operate four sets of valves) was adopted for the Duchesses via a more elegant arrangement. Princess valve gear was a bit cumbersome, with four sets of valve gear for four cylinders.
  15. 34036 - Westward Ho! A cracking name and the only place in the UK with an exclamation mark in its name(!) Rather boringly, the Southern / BR (Suvvun Region) didn't see fit to include said piece of punctuation in the actual loco nameplates. Hey Ho! (<-- see what I did there?)
  16. Hmm ... not so sure. It feels more 'railway like' for it to be at the side of the running lines rather than in between them. Would it be possible to locate it on the other side of the lines altogether so that it's on the outside of the curve? That would give the real life signalman a better view of trains approaching the station? (Although I appreciate that the 180deg curve is probably for model railway convenience rather than portraying an aspect of the prototype)
  17. Now then me hearties, don't get TOO excited just yet, but ... We've broken out of the top of Shap bank! As you can perhaps tell, this is distinctly temporary just for the time being, although this first piece of wood (a salvaged piece of 9mm ply on a 3 foot radius curve) will probably end up being here for keeps in due course as it fits lovely. Having this piece in position for a bit is good for weighing up access options. This is one of the highest points of the layout and I can duck under here without too much problem; however, I intend it to be some
  18. That was my understanding, too. Inside motion set at 135deg to the outside. Anyhow ... now that I've had a chance to review the names ... HEY, they just nicked the best names from the LMS Jubilees! Tut Which class came first? Ahem ... moving swiftly on. I'm going for: Howard of Effingham And why not? One of the few that was an exact match for a Jubilee - most of the other 'Jub' names were surname only, 'Drake', Raleigh', etc
  19. Others also weren't too sure about said addictive weed 'right off the bat':
  20. Yes, I got that wrong, didn't I! Ah well, not my specialist subject and vote cast now. Onwards and upwards ...
  21. Irresistible and indefatigable perhaps? Hey - a whole new category of poll: loco name that best describes Mr Duck ... or anyone on here for that matter. That could run for a long time ... and get a lot of people into a lot of trouble. We'll need a good lawyer to preside over it all ...
  22. Too good for the 'groan' button (if we still had one), so duly accorded a 'round of applause'. Nice one, Duckie. Now then, Isle of Wight Steam Locomotives. An interesting list here: https://glostransporthistory.visit-gloucestershire.co.uk/IsleofWightSteam.htm Seems it was a complex history, in terms of different types of locos going back in time and names being transferred ... I think what today's poll boils down to is 'name your favourite place on the Isle of Wight'. I've only been once! More memorable than 'favourite' was Shanklin. From pictures, a wo
  23. One thing worth mentioning is that there is a change of gradient as trains pass Barry's camera. Approaching that spot, they're climbing at something between 1-in-75 and 1-in-90, round a 180 degree curve. As they pass that spot, it levels out (highest point of the circuit). So some sort of acceleration, without adjusting the controls, is inevitable.
  24. Took me a moment or two to get that one Jamie; the name on the signalbox is no help at all! As well as your clue, it was the left background that gave it away on the end.
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