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  1. Thanks Ian, that's the way I'm going.
  2. Thanks Alister & Geraint. I want the glazing to be self-supporting as It were and not rely on the girder work so I will probably go with the 2mm stuff. With a sharp scalpel I should be able to remove the brackets, fingers crossed. I have some spare if I make a Horlicks of it.
  3. Thanks, Keith. I glued the awning brackets to the girders this pm and wished I hadn't. It looks as though the awning will be far too high above the trains on platform 3, even with valancing 10mm deep. If I glued them to the columns then the clearance will be 10mm. Not very good photos as they were taken against the light even with the blind down, but it has been a lovely day. ht I've bought enough trusses for intermediate ones but I think they obscure too much of the trains.
  4. Some longitudinal beams have been added in between the trusses which has strengthened everything nicely. First I started with I beams along the ridge. Then micro-strip.
  5. Thanks, Chris. Gluing the girders together with wood Evo Stik was fine as I could clamp them with bulldog clips until dry but I've glued the trusses to the girders with super glue, as I found it impossible to clamp the parts.
  6. A bit of work has been done on the roof with some parts glued together which is why some don't appear to line up. The window has been taken out as I don't want to get glue all over it.
  7. Those nice people at York Modelmaking have sent me the bits and pieces I need for the station building and roof. Just need to source a supplier of thin Perspex for the roof itself.
  8. Are folks getting confused with the winter of 1947? There was a very cold snap in February 1948 particularly in the SE-an earlier beast from the east with plenty of snow and ice.
  9. Hi Martin Got you now. I was referring to the Midland side and the LNWR side not to platforms 1& 2 on the LNWR side! I assume since the LNWR platforms were all paving under the roof then the MR platforms under the original roof were also paved. I know, or so I've read that the extensions to the platforms, certainly on the MR side, were compacted gravel or similar.
  10. Thanks again Martin. Not sure what you mean by a slab join though or were you meaning in your fist photo? The platform facades are very different from each other. Don't those shelters look awful?
  11. Thanks Martin. It shows the paving covered all the platform under the roof, which my photos don't, assuming both sides were the same. I've continued the end buttress into the train shed which I see in real life was not the case. The height under the window I've made too short again as @Alister_G said in the original, but I'm not going to change it now. My roof will be lower than Buxton's was. The York MM bits and pieces should be put in the post tomorrow, so a start can be made on the terminus building soon.
  12. I have used a colour photo of the Buxton fan window (probably shouldn't have done) and used Paint to get it to something near to what I need. The nearest place on the layout from where it will be viewed is a good 3' and even then it will be under the eventual roof and viewed from the side through columns supporting the roof.
  13. Hi Al, thanks for the tip. I've had the curved bits in hot water, am still not happy with the result. I have cunning plan for an alternative way which may be regarded as a cop-out but if the download texture producers and backscene makers can use it, so can I.
  14. A new gable wall has been fashioned and a start made on the window glazing bars. The window will probably go through several incarnations as I try to discover and decide the best way to build it. Now if only I had one of those plasticy printer thingies and the knowhow to use it! Hopefully when the radial parts go in it will make the arches semi-circular.
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