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  1. Hi Mullie, Just to say that @Suffolk Dave is right about the images. They suggest a certain chill in the air, just as there is today in Edinburgh. Regards, Alex.
  2. Hi Nick, There's some 1/72 out there though it's mostly MBTs and APCs; if you're careful about how you pose it, you'll be fine. As for guns, I think JB Models did a 105mm air-portable job however I don't think it was one of the ones rereleased by Airfix. It may be worth searching on eBay, etc. It may also be worth asking on the Airfix Tribute Forum too. Good luck. Alex.
  3. Bizarre, very bizarre ... but very entertaining too. They got a good write up on the BBC news website a week or so ago. Thanks for posting.
  4. Hi everyone, Many thanks for those helpful responses. With the information supplied I can now judge whether or not the book will be of use or interest to me. The links will be followed up on, particularly the MRC and GERS ones. Nick, thanks for the scan of the contents page as it's exactly what I was looking for. Again, many thanks for your time and knowledge. Regards, Alex.
  5. Hi everyone, Recently I have come across a number of copies of this book via the usual online retailers: THE GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY - PART ONE - Selection of 7mm Locomotive Drawings SHARMAN M ISBN 10: 0853613311 / ISBN 13: 9780853613312 Published by Oakwood Press, UK, 1987 What I cannot find is a list of the locomotives covered; can anyone help out? I am particularly interested to know if it contains illustrations of the smaller 0-6-0T classes, and the tram engines. Thanks and regards, Alex.
  6. Impressive swordplay though it does remind me of one of Mr. Worf's Klingon aerobic exercise classes!
  7. Was it the wet guards or the units that looked good? Seriously tough, that's a great image. I meet so many people that consider 'modern image' to be too dull and uniform compared to the BR steam era ... I may need to redirect them here and to your flickr stream. Regards, Alex.
  8. HI again, Thanks for the additional references and suggestions for sourcing the originals. I now have enough information to proceed with the models I had in mind. The next part is to obtain some suitable donor wagons for the chassis. The VCT are a great bunch of folk. I was pointed to them by folk on here. I checked with them recently and they didn't have any copies of Modellers Backtrack, hence the request here. Thanks and regards, Alex.
  9. Absolutely agree! Would you describe this as 'Halal Metal'?
  10. HI folks, Many thanks for the feedback. Ian, those references are truly useful as I have more chance of tracking down those than the article in the OP. Phil, if I get a hold of them I'll be in touch. Thanks and regards, Alex.
  11. Hi everyone, A few years back I was given a scan of the above article however my copy is now corrupted. I have tried through my usual suppliers to obtain a copy of the magazine but with no luck. Can anyone on here help? The full details of the article are: Ratcliffe, David (1994) Whisky on the Wagon - the operational history of the BRTE Bulk grain vans. Modellers' Backtrack vol. 4 (part 1) pp 04 - 10 The plan is to use it in guiding me through a few appropriate upgrades and conversions of the whisky grain wagons I currently have. Thanks and regards, Alex.
  12. Rather you than me! If I'm thinking of the right place (Chesser/Stenhouse?) then it's been built on with a large supermarket, with the old cattle market being a conference/concert/event venue.
  13. Impressive. Looking forward to seeing you build these.
  14. True, but then again I am in Edinburgh as a missionary from Glasgow .....
  15. Hi Steven, Many thanks for the response, and confirming that I am looking at the correct NGS kit. My thinking was about using this, and the Peco/Parkside pipe wagon kit but fitting them onto modified Peco 15' wb chassis kits so as to give some appearance of the modified suspension and axle boxes. Thanks again. Regards, Alex.
  16. Hi everyone, I am looking for help in respect of chassis options for the above wagons. I have begun working on a small N-gauge project, and would like to run both VEAs and ODAs in Railfreight red/grey. I have missed the release of the Revolution/Sonic VEAs in the livery wanted, and I don't see any available kit for the ODA. I am looking at using the NGS kit for the van, and the Peco/Parkside kit for the open but do not know where to begin in terms of a chassis for each. At one point I considered adapting a Peco 15' wb one but I am not sure if that would look the part. Any thoughts or suggestions on this? Thanks and regards, Alex.
  17. Hi everyone, Having been on the ECML a number of times in the last couple of months I have noticed the following practice concerning which pantographs are used on their Hitachi units: LNER - trailing TransPenine - leading Does anyone know if there is any particular reason for the differing practices regarding the Hitachi units? Thanks and regards, Alex.
  18. Hi folks, Many thanks for the information. It'll all prove useful. Regards, Alex.
  19. Hi everyone, Many thanks for the comments and all the help. It is much appreciated. Regards, Alex.
  20. Hi again, I have found plenty of images of these PCAs, mostly taken during the 90s; what I cannot find is a note of when the livery was introduced. These links should show what I am referring to. https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/tunnelcastlepca/h27CF819D#h27cf819d https://www.osbornsmodels.com/373-007c-farish-pca-castle-cement-5891-p.asp (Yes, this one is of a Farish model.) Many thanks for any information, or pointers to other sources. Regards, Alex.
  21. Hi everyone, On the Class 26 & 27 photo thread there are some great photos of class 26s operating down as far as Workington during the period in question. My question, though, as given in the title of this thread is: did the class operate onto Eastern region metals at this period and, if so, where did they get to? Information on services would be of interest too. Thanks in advance for any information, or pointers to other sources. Regards, Alex.
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