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  1. Apparently, sufficient complaints about the way he had "performed" in and around his duties and apparent lack of positive response to directives to amend his behaviour. Last straws and Camel's backs, for that sort of decision to be taken. It would certainly not have been a single letter. Regards Julian
  2. Post removed, as it seemed to have offended. Regards Julian
  3. New build estate near Salisbury, had residents abandoning their cars on both sides of the winding 'through' roads. They had absolutely no thought for the rest of the world, left to negotiate their way through, and even less for the bus drivers. I boarded the bus one day and commented about the parking situation to the driver of the bus. He smiled and informed me that it had been much improved, as they could drive through with care, but their insurance would eventually pay for any damage they caused on the way, but the parked car owners would get all the inconvenience of the claims and justifying claims that they were not the cause of an obstruction of the highway. Apparently there had been many less cars parked so the passage of the busses passage was blocked. Regards Julian
  4. Thr Peco TT is supposed to be modelled on the Yeovil one - apparently - although one or two details differ from the Cowans Sheldon and looks a somewhat similar Well type. Keep scrolling down as there are lots of good shots, including the power unit for turning it. http://www.cornwallrailwaysociety.org.uk/yeovil-railway-centre.html or Google Yeovil Station Turntable, then select "Images", for loads more pictures Regards Julian
  5. Such limited number of films of these little monsters firing are quite a sight and take a few viewing repeats to catch all that goes on. I assumed, as you did, that the loco was "sound", but in any case, the gun wouldn't be fired in company with the ROD [which might have been used to tow them round the country, under canvas made to look like ordinary freight]. I suppose there is some opportunity to make a suitable cover, but a shame to cover it, 'though. The locos used to move them in and out of WWII concealment tunnels were diesels, to prevent the smoke of a steamer giving an indication of the gun's position. I'm not sure how that would have worked in WWI, but the problem would have been there, even then. Edit:- I just checked a couple of sellers, apparently this is Era 2 - 1870/5 - 1920. That puts them in WWI as the set, as does the camouflage. Regards Julian
  6. jcredfer

    Peco Turntable Motor

    Mine is DCC and the TT motor runs with a small loco decoder, address 69 [you possibly don't have to think about that address for too long! ]. The Locomotech gearbox is geared to a maximum of 2 RPM as supplied, I then set the full throttle and mid-point throttle CVs to about half the normal number. At about half throttle, I get a realistic 180 Deg rotate at 90 seconds - silky smooth and absloutely quiet and a doddle to line up with the exit rails. I also use the shaft collar to operate a cheap sound card hiss, to cover the gap in power as the TT rails change polarity. Regards Julian
  7. That would be the least of your problems... Firstly would be the, forceful movement, of the gun carriage, caused by the recoil, then there is the problem of timing the movement with the sound file. Personally, I might set it to be getting ready. {Call me chicken, if you wish} Regards J
  8. Just shunting empty wagons - only needed the one..... Regards J
  9. Aaaww, come on now - it's only a third {be thankful I don't have a Irish accent }. J
  10. Lovely peaceful start to the day. Thank you. J
  11. It looks if the arrival of the Bittern Model was deliberately part of the arrival of the full size Bittern's arrival at the Margate Loco storage facility. It would seem logical for the model to match the one in the storage facility. https://theisleofthanetnews.com/2019/07/30/Hornby-open-day-to-offer-first-chance-to-see-bittern-and-other-full-size-locomotives-up-close/ Regards Julian
  12. The Lovely picture, beautiful plumage! It's advertised as Era 11, too. Regards Julian
  13. You could well be right, my local stn was vey much a small affair, mostly brick build too, I think the larger stns like the Exeter ones, further away would have been more efficiently done by contractors {or employed maintainance staff}. Regards J
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