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  1. Congratulations and well deserved, too. I will be looking out for that issue of RM.
  2. Good job you got those pictures back in 59..... you would have been up before the Beak if you had been down on those lines, these days. Stay safe, keep a good lookout when taking pictures these days... those boys in blue are never far away......
  3. With Kitchener and Gordon at Longmoor, but not a sight on the Civvy lines [apart from St Trinians Great Train Robbery]
  4. You might like to have a look at the products available at "Everything Airbrush". They have a really wide range and provide good descriptions of the products. Their service is very good and I found that giving them a phone call was immensely useful, really honest and straightforward. The compressor that I got has now been updated by newer ones, but is really great for use indoors and a big range of brush sizes. https://www.everythingairbrush.com/product-category/compressors/ Usual disclaimer, no connection with the company, other than being very satisfied with their service... and very surprised at what can be done with the right advice.
  5. It may be a totally erroneous thought, but, if it is working station, albeit in difficult times and Station Staff would have had some pride, even to the extent of going to the local Ironmongers store and getting a pot of paint {more often than many people think}. I just think bare and rotten comes well after closure, by quite a number of years. More evocative of neglect, the bare wood has it's own message of time moving on, so may be what you want to say.
  6. Interesting, agreed the above quote.
  7. Apologies, you are perfectly correct, The Beet industry was indeed commenced during the Great War and the factories were developed in the early Twenties.
  8. When I was posted, or working, in Norfolk, the presence of vast acres of Sugar Beet was very evident. {As, at appropriate times, was the reek from the Beet extraction factories!}
  9. Great pictures and the light is just delightful. Real Sunlight makes a huge difference... and what a set of views to see! Thank you, inspiring to see.
  10. Hi Shaun, you have been amazingly busy, despite the threat from the fires. What is more, the layout has had attention, too, remarkable progress. The pictures are a real reflection of the reality of the full size and a delight to see. You do have a talent to apply the random variations which nature applies to man's attempts to construct perfect structures, a delight to see. I love the French passion for life and their perception of fairness. You are absolutely right about their over reactions, but how could they possibly be French without. {Shhh... I have reason to be grateful to their reaction to the introduction of huge numbers of new speed traps, a couple of years back. They responded to the huge increase of numbers of the speed cameras, vocally, with no response. The reaction was typical, and huge numbers of the cameras had paint applied to the lenses. At a cost of Eur 400 each, to clean the lenses and replace them, the Gov't couldn't keep up with the number and cost of spray jobs..... bless them for my lack of additional expenditure on the way back from holiday by the Mediterranean. }
  11. Our wonderful, informative, press have got bored with reporting matters of peoples living being burned to oblivion before their eyes. Replaced by Prince A might/might not have had a writ served to one of the policemen at his gate..... Ronaldo scored 2 goals..... Barmouth Bridge, nicknamed Trigger's Broom, as it gets repairs..... some girl thinks that vaccine passports for clubs will make her more reluctant to get the jabs..... ..... no wonder we may have assumed that the fire season may have diminished. I hope it gets to the rains quickly and people can get back to their normal business. Anyway, it's good to see you are able to get back to getting things done again. I was anticipating a September as you and I remembered them for many decades, but the heavens have drizzled their way through the last couple of months, with patches os serious stuff thrown in. It isn't all bad, as there have been a few patches of good sunny days as well. I blame th French for sending us the weather, but that seems to be overruled by the fact that it seems to be arriving from the Atlantic..... {Dratt!!} It's good to hear that you're able to move so many projects on, too. All the very best
  12. Plenty of inspiration there, you just have to get some heat into the rail room, ready for all the snow, now the smoke season is drawing to a close.
  13. There are folks watching all this... claims about washing machine boxes are all very suggestive, but ... time you cleaned up your act, Adrian.....
  14. At one time or another Boche Buster and/or Gladiator went to the Ranges near Catterick, The Railway through the Tarka Valley, by the Crediton - Barnstaple road, to shoot the Oakhampton Ranges and a place called Druids Lodge, up the A360 between Salisbury and Stonehenge, hidden in the woods there, to shoot the Plains ranges. {the wartime tracks from Larkhill to Druids are long gone, but the run can still be seen passing within a hundred yards of the Stones. In the woods at Druids are the old stores, the water tower and the track bed Ballast - which is the cleanest Ballast I have ever seen. Shooting something that size would be kept to a minimum because of the small number of rounds which could be fired before the barrel liner needed replacement, it's a remarkably small number.
  15. Bulled, or otherwise would have depended upon the task the rolling stock had. The army were quite happy to run the guts out of any machinery that was required to do continuous work, but items like the long distance railway guns were often static, as were the operators. The army "don't like idle hands", they tend to get up to mischief, so were put to other tasks to occupy them. If you look carefully at the wartime videos of the Railway guns, they were polished to gleaming perfection, as were their uniforms. Supply trains were, clearly, not as clean, until the end of the WWII, when gleaming locos returned.
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