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  1. Because the northerly sections have to have a destination. Regards Julian
  2. May be of use https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/knightwing-pm118-oo-fuel-oil-load-239172661 Regards Julian
  3. From what I've read in, properly informed, history books, a few of the Barons of our past were not beyond the sort of behaviour illustrated in the series. It is rather laid on with a trowel in the series, but perhaps an education for some of the younger generation, assuming they can make the connection with a form of the reality. You are definitely going to have to raise you game on the humour front to compete on that level. Personally, I'm quite happy with your current subtlety and gentle fun. Chores?? Has Mrs S lost her previous understanding of the priorities of life? Perhaps less of the viewing of GoT for her, might bring back her more mellow side. Regards and good luck with the viewing figures. J
  4. You will probably already know that the Peco Turntable has a Polarity changer under the Bridge, so when it turns the polarity is correct to move onto the track it faces. That's good and works fine, well almost. Where the polarity swaps there are 2 small gaps [picture below], to ensure it doesn't cause a short, between the two contacts. As a sound fitted loco rotates on the Bridge, the sound will cease for a couple of seconds as that gap is traversed and then start again. I'm filling the gap in the sound with a simple Simmer sound from a PCB. Loco drives on, chuffing nicely and stops, leaving it simmering. The TT starts rotating and at around the 90deg point the simmer stops, so the PCB simmer will cover up the loco silence, until power is restored to the loco. Further TT rotation will fire up the loco and turn the PCB off. What could possliby go worng?? These are a selection of the small PCBs I used for practice soldering on a PCB. The sound making PCB I eventually made is on the top left, with the little red handles and what I will eventually fit under the newly converted religeous Grid. in the TT Well, is on the right. The one I made from a kit had adjustments for the volume and the chuff rate. What I didn't know, was that the minimum chuff rate wasn't zero, so a simple Simmer wasn't possible. The other one has volume and also the 2 x green wires are feeds, which sense the track voltage and start the chuffs at an adjustable rate. It sounds like this... It's Hisssssterical. If you look carefully at the pencil at lower left, it is pointing to a Meccano brass collar [remember them?]. Power for the PCB will run thtough a contact on one side of the collar. Another pick-up will contact on the diagonally opposite side of the brass collar. Whilst these 2 x pick-ups are in contact with the brass collar, the Simmer will play. However, I want the sound to stop playing, when the TT Bridge is lined up with the tracks, as the Loco will be making it's own sounds to run on / off the TT. In order to stop the PCB sound, there is an insullated stripe down one small section on the brass collar [my daughter will probably not notice that some of her nail varnish has contributed to silencing the PCB]. This simply cuts the power, until the TT Bridge starts to rotate again. Once it has gone 180 deg, the insullated stripe is under the opposite pick-up, so power gets cut again, so the loco can leave with it's own sound again. Regards J
  5. After a little of this... Which ends up like this... I can now get to fit one of the PCBs I was working on Regards J
  6. Watching yet another "B***" awful episode of "Tame of Ghrones" series, with her Mum. They are competing to see who can view the complete set first. Is it any wonder I take to the laptop and another glass of the red stuff? Regards J
  7. I have just had to close the lid of my Laptop, - very rapidly, as my 13 yr old daughter is present in the room!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards J
  8. Difficult to have other than pleasant memories of Glasbury, what circumstances lead you thence? Regards Julian
  9. Living in Calne??? Well, I suppose that might be marginally better than Melksham..... marginally. It's clear to see why Wales is tempting, lovely country, with delightful people. I have had many weeks introducing the delights to East London pupils, around Glasbury and the vast majority of them return, later on in life. Of all the grim realities of latter day teaching, taking youngsters to Wales, was the shining exception to the grime. Regards Julian
  10. Steady on, there are still those who wander around wearing white shorts with a red shirt!! Regards Julian Address withheld, on grounds of security and personal safety.
  11. I used to live in Devon, Cornwall, Norfolk, near York and now Salisbury, I have also been a frequent traverser of Somerset. Modern "developers" avarice is absolutely agreed, but there are many areas in these and other counties where housing was built in areas that flooded on a frequent basis. There are a number of reasons for populating these and other similar locations, some making a living around coastal estuaries, ports, lower river crossings, fertile water meadows, reed beds, relatively recent land reclamation and the like. Modern property development has certainly made a meal out of cheap, vulnerable land, with appropriate lack of restriction, but there were those in the past who, also, made fortunes out of construction, wherever that may have been. I'm not quite sure that the developer principle is all that new, none-the-less the rapid increase of population, available to purchase properties has made such fortunes so obviously [obscenely?] large. I suspect that the exploitation of those in need of housing, close to places to earn a crust, may not be all that recent. Regards Juiian
  12. I agree with your logic and would be very unlikely to buy one in such a location... However, there are millions of such placed housing examples in the UK. Regards J
  13. Thank you Chris, very kind. I notice your location. There used to be a saying, around Staffs, that all that Leek needed was a wall around it, to complete the Lunatic Asylum. There is another about one of the inmates, but may another time. Regards Julian
  14. Huge apologies for not getting a reply to you sooner, I had to run my 13 year old daughter and her two friends across to the other side of the county, for entertainment at Centre Parcs. Allan K has stepped in very promptly and given you all the detail you need, including the latest picture above. The groove referred to allows bags of flexibility for where the Vee dropper gets through the baseboard. Apologies once again for the late reply, "must try harder", seems to resonate in the ears. Regards Julian
  15. Sounds like Mrs W Station is making a clean Sweep. Regards... bye J
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