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  1. Indeed so, I was typing an addition to my post as you posted.
  2. Quite a novel system, with both trains using the same {extended} platform. Train from Falmouth enters the station and moves to the far end of the platform, 2, which is to the right. Stops and passengers do their thing. The train from Truro gets switched into the passing loop. When both trains are in this position, the train from Truro can continue to be switched back to the single line - halfway down the platform. Once through the points, it can stop at platform 1 and passengers do their thing. All things being equal, both trains are in a position to proceed when they require.
  3. It seems to take 23 {+} minutes for the journey each way, with a train leaving Truro every 30 minutes. That rather implies they have 2 trains shuttling back and forth {or a Pixie tunnel for fast returns to Truro!!}.
  4. Done... May the forces of darkness tremble in their tiny booties...
  5. It does seem to be a bit of a shame, building all that model scenery, knowing it will soon have get removed again..... Alright, just joking - I hope... Those latest pictures give a really good idea of how it is going to turn out, fantastic work. Lovely to look at, thank you Shaun.
  6. With apologies, but it is late in the evening..... I just have ask, quite how large is the interior and how it had arrived... and does the blue light still work?
  7. That's a really useful little gadget, which byepasses all sorts of other "On-Board" systems, amazing what clever devices are available these days..... Does anyone know if there's a memory card reader for a 74 year old??
  8. Sorry, too much of Mrs R watching Masterchef, preparing for the Banquets. Thanks for the thoughts on the eyesight, just moved up from the headset with the 4x to the 8x lenses, but still can't quite spot the out-of-true platform tops. I'm currently looking to discover if the new Starscope might help..... What I did spot were the Sleeper loads in those wagons, not often modelled and very good looking, particularly as they were parsley covered in some weathered greenstuff.
  9. Looks rather dry to me, so possibly best introduced at an early stage of the bank wet process... ... I am now going to retire to a quiet corner, to contemplate how that thought entered the little grey ones.
  10. Congratulations on your selection of longitudinal timbers which match the wandering levels of the support timbers perfectly..... It's so good, I was convinced for a long time , that both the supports and timbers were... well.... level..... Silly me, I must apologise for my wishful thinking and failing eyesight, which told me that those platform timbers may have been placed by someone quite experienced in accurate fitting of wood structures. Specsavers appointment is imminent..... provided that i can manage to find their doorway. Now off to fumble my way round t
  11. ... Naaah! All the posts are upright... and level.
  12. There was, if I remember correctly, a previous, similar event with Hattons, possibly the Rocket, possibly not. They had simply taken more orders than they had been allocated, in the hope that there would be enough others becoming spare, elsewhere and it backfired - 'cos there were no spares, as it turned out. Perhaps the same, or similar event again?
  13. Pity the crossing arm didn't have a stop block, like a proper Trebuchet!! Julian
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