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  1. I'm no expert at modelling tiles {truthfully not expert at much else either} - but, that rack of, unpainted, tiles looks really good for the era. Granted it does risk being amongst the collection of Mary Berry's Saggy Bottoms. Perhaps that might not be a feature that has reached across the "Pond" yet - perhaps it has? Anyway bracing winds are best resisted by well braced tiles. Maybe it might be worthwhile to invert the tiles ( no pictures please, there may be sensitive minds viewing these posts} and applying such bracing woodwork as may be viewed in various lofts. Such a structure could
  2. Boringly... Brindley was - apparently a great, great {x ?}.... grandfather. I have yet to construct anything as significant... and time is running out. Julian
  3. I can't see Okehampton passenger services being bothered too much by the Meldon freight movements, if they can manage to get the freight movements through Exeter St Davids. Should anyone decide that a passenger service through to Meldon might be to some advantage, it isn't likely that would cause a timetable problem, although making profitable might be another matter. Julian
  4. Apologies for the extra reading time, caused by severe reduction in your lamentable Covid Beer consumption drought, during such difficult purchase times and my rubbish writing skills, causing you to read through so many times. I can only ask for your forgiveness for lack of awareness, of your desperate beer shortage. Sad to see that the toothpicks are past their sell-by dates, but a good soak in Isopropanol might provide some additional sell-by time. I am, however wary of the recommended floss weaving technique, as at my age that might result in a, likely, scattering of the remai
  5. WHATT!!!!!!! Are you totally irresponsible????? Have you no idea that there is a rampant killer virus loose worldwide????? You go online showing how to produce vast quantities of UNPROTECTED communal seating, to a vulnerable receptive audience, some of whom would love to learn such productive methods. Not only that, but on their much reduced scale, so as to make it less visible - particularly to the aged and visual disadvantaged..... ..... at this point I consider that I might possibly have misread some of the objects as miniature tables, as opposed to modif
  6. Smoke, tubes..... ? What's the Electron microscope version of Specsavers? Julian
  7. They tend to remove adverts, when they have their order book full. Julian
  8. Beutifuly explained, it { - almost!! - } looks relatively straightforward... Julian
  9. Nice one, something positive to look forward to. Julian
  10. Great news and really good to see DP moving again. Julian
  11. Apologies for not replying to your comment about the Sun being seen under the clouds, I have been rather busy away from the keyboard. It would seem that there were plenty of answers from other knowing gents and so perhaps not much missed. I think you may be right about remembering spectacular weather events can make them seem more frequent, as they are more memorable. There is one other factor which may also contribute to the low cloud effect. It is possible that on "some" of those occasions the Earth's curvature may also come into play. Low cloud, normally 1,000 ft or less i
  12. Difficult without providing a picture, so, taking a deep breath..... are you good at mental pictures? The Earth's atmosphere tends to be of similar, rather thin, depth around the World. The same atmosphere contains various amounts of dust and other pollutants. If you are fortunate enough to look at the Sun when it passes vertically overhead, then there will only be that thin layer between you and the Sun. Minimum amount of pollutants to pass through, en route to you. At Dawn and Dusk the Sun is viewed more tangentially, so has to pass through a vastly increased di
  13. I'm not sure how really effective it will be, but I have also added a wider piece of very thin polythene to line the cavities for the Loco and the Tender, so that they aren't such a struggle to get out. I'm hoping that the wire insulation on the Tender Coupler Peg and the polythene will put the wires at less risk. Julian
  14. Not quite sure why which particular branch of a religion matters when looking at the behaviour of pillocks... Julian
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