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  1. Tormented soul, by hours of looking through applications for a replacement Headteacher for a rather splendid primary school. App;ogies for the damaged sense of humour...
  2. The lack of such exciting sport, is one of the beneficial consequences of Lockdown. Amazing how many more deliveries actually arrive than used to be the case. Actually, I have little evidence for that claim, other than 12 months of personal experience and that of neighbours opposite Only one package missing [temporarily] and found on our other next door neighbour's step. Even that one had a picture of where it was placed, in the "Delivered" message, which made the search rather easy.
  3. Diversions from other lines where Network Rail Railtrack are working. Alternately, the driver took a wrong turn at Reading...
  4. I was drawn to the notion that motorists would be more likely to be controlled, safely, by a new set of traffic lights, at the nearby intersection [linked to the crossing timings???] presumably - rather than rely, solely, on the crossing lights and barriers. Given the number of cars driven through traffic lights at intersections, that may well be a sieve like theory. Hey, ho, it was put forward by a politician, so must be true. Julian
  5. Last Fifi i encountered [yes... encountered!] was an Officer / pilot of the Royal Flying Corps [RFC]. He [yes he - of course] was wearing a bright red mini-dress and fishnet tights, with a deep V-neck, to reveal the dark hairy cleavage!! I will leave the description at this point, as there may be readers of tender years / sensibilities. It was, of course a party with a "Vicars and tarts" theme, so the Wing Cdr's Summer Garden party chiffon dress was cause for appreciation, as were a number of other offerings. Much amusement for the participants at the ti
  6. Also the tractors would be towing implements which would be way beyond the Creep Gauge.
  7. Does your wife know you're posting here??
  8. There were a number of moorings at Starcross Station and it must have been quite some storm to heft one of those over the riverside wall, although probably not the first time. Starcross Yacht Club {Powderham}, boats were raised on the land, behind a stone wall, and the rail lines were 6ft above that, and a fence. It also had many well established trees, to keep it well sheltered from errant winds. I suspect that the signalman had a sense of humour.
  9. I had the same experience, having purchased from Kernow. Thankfully they were very good, as always and replaced it. The replacement worked fine, but that wiring worries me and it's boxed or display, until I can find a solution to those vulnerable wires. That seems a shame for such a delightfully detailed model. julian
  10. To be fair, they are very tidy eaters, don't leave many crumbs and leave before you come along to enjoy your layout.
  11. Indeed very much one of the examples of the point I made and the reasons for not fearing the possibility of being caught well tied up in the various motives for murders. At a lower level, I remember a time when police cars were parked on the side of roads at traffic trouble spots and it reduced the transgressions for some time. Sadly, people caught on to the fact that the occupants of the cars were tailors dummies and the rates of transgression rose again - no fear of being caught, was restored. Remember local Bobbies, who knew everyone, so running away was simply pointless, they
  12. Spot on. It's a pity that the trains aren't frequent enough for a significant application of the Darwin principles. I'm not actually being very controversial there. There is a simple correlation between the number of time people get away with something criminal / stupid / uninformed and whether they are willing to take a risk. More people get caught, the less likely they are to give it a go. It isn't the fear of the punishment that prevents people committing crime, it is the likelihood of getting caught.
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