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  1. No you're not missing anything :) they are all Diagram 105 Mk2b TSO's - no 2b TSO's were ever built (or later converted) with centre doors. Only the Mk2 & 2a TSO's had the centre doors / transverse corridors. Note 5463 & 5491 were both scrapped last year if that's of any relevance. Bob
  2. No, it wasn't permitted before the fire however it had become custom and practice amongst the attendants to have them kept locked for security reasons even when off the platforms and it doesn't appear to have been a big issue with the Inspectors at the Time. Training for the SC staff then was sadly lacking - very much a case of sitting with Nellie for new starts - getting taught all the good and sadly not helping 12 folk all the bad habits. Though it wasn't found to be an issue on the other regions, I certainly remember it happening on the Eastern / Midland / Scottish Regions. The biggest issue was that the locked doors made it difficult for evacuation of the vehicles and for the fireman to get access. Unfortunately most of those who perished were inside their berths.
  3. 12" to the foot any use? Bob Courtesy of Caitlin S. (Flickr) Courtesy of loose_grip_99 (Flickr)
  4. I don't think it was an error Graham, sorry - I just hadn't read your post properly :) Since corrected! Bob.
  5. It's the second coach here Graham, with G/GM Vents as you say! (I hadn't read the first time round). Photo courtesy of AJF1 Have a look at it in its largest size. P.s. Those later scalloped vents go way back before Mk1's thanks to the original (without the scallop) from Wolverton being used on late build LMS Stock. Bob.
  6. It was the Commonwealth Bogies though they go it wrong in the table for the earlier batch that should have been the same tare weight having been equipped from new with them. (There's a picture of them fitted to W1644 at the time of their production at Pressed Steel in Paisley in Modern Railways at the time) though curiously it gives the Tare Weight as 38-1/2 Tons.
  7. Fred, it's worth bearing in mind the best you'll get for the date built for Mk1 stock, relates to the info provided in the likes of Parkin's Mk1 Coaching Stock book and Robert Carroll's extracts of the BR Diagram Book Index. It applies to the whole lot under which the vehicles were built. Anyhoo RB SC1658 Lot 30628 1644-1699 Ordered 1959, Completed Nov 1961, Commonwealth Bogies. RB SC1733-1738 Lot. 30512 1701-1738 Ordered 1958, Completed Jan 1961, BR Mk2 Heavy Duty Double Bolster Bogies. RB W1732 details as Lot 30512. The first Lot built (30512) were rebogied fairly early on but I've no idea when. Robert Carroll might know. Bob.
  8. Fraid not, just the Mk1 RU up to now. Bob
  9. The droplight aperture looks fine to me Trevor. The majority of the doors we replaced / reskinned apart from the alloy doors, were composite anyway (wood frame / mild steel door pan) only differing in that they did not use the separate front steel panels that rotted at the joint to the wood frame below the droplight. Bob
  10. Parkin, gives the Lot, 30512 covering 1701-1738 having been completed in January 1961 so I'd imagine the bulk would have been completed towards the end of 1960. Robert Carroll's list back on Page 2 gives the various initial allocations. Bob
  11. Parkin lists Lot 30648 3101 to 3103 for the Scottish Region completed in June 1961. Bob
  12. I reckon Harris got that quote a bit mixed up. Sure the Mk 2b's onwards were longer over the body ends at 66'-0" and were to be the same till the end with the 2f's however the prototype Mk 2, the production Mk 2's and 2a's were all the same length as each other at 65'-4 1/4" over the body ends. The long underframe Mk1's which were shorter at 64'-6" again over the body ends.
  13. A little dead Dave :) it's been 5 years since the last posting and 13 since Chard started it. Anyway you could save yourself some time by going back to the beginning of the thread where there's a list with links to various photo's of them including on the Kyle line..... Bob
  14. Okay, short story time about the Mk2f FO SC 3284... in the beginning In 1970 When the region introduced the 2x27 Push Pull's on the E&G, 5 sets including an FK were needed to cover the daily diagram workings. The then GM organised the cascade of stock from the LM onto the ScR following conversion to add Air/Disc Brakes & Through Control wiring. For the daily requirement of 5 full sets, they were given 7 FK's i.e. with 2 spare FK for failures or vehicles on works. Plenty. When the replacement new service was introduced in 1979 with the DBSO's and Mk3 sets, the number of daily working diagrams was increased to six to allow for one set with its 1 x Mk3a FO to be diagrammed out daily for maintenance / exams at Craigentinny - except they got the sums a bit wrong (from a CM&EE point of view) they gave us 7 FO's including the "luxury" of extra for spares/repair - except they'd never factored in that inevitably within the first year there would probably be one FO needing shopping or out for an extended time, so were one short After a bit of persuasion by Geoff Passey no doubt, another FO was cascaded in and as the LM who were not happy at having to let 34 of the oldest Mk3a's they could find go another Mk3a was off the table the only other suitable vehicle type, and with the same passenger environment was found. Mk2f FO SC3284 SC3284 became dedicated to the E&G fleet and like the all the E&G Fleet before it was not to be used on any other service under pain of death. Most of the time if not under maintenance sat idle at Craigentinny where it was allocated. Even when the Glasgow-Aberdeen's were introduced its rarely ventured off the depot unless working the E&G. This was relaxed later following Polmont out of necessity and likewise when the fleet was "downgraded" by Regional Railways to Class 158 (hardly EXPRESS) via 156's in the late 1980s it was no longer needed so lost its status and could be seen anywhere on or off Region. In almost all the shots you'll see of it in traffic on both the E&G's and Aberdeen's it's in as a spare could have been for the day maybe later on for that week but not as one of the vehicles normally diagrammed to work the service. It was very much an ad-hoc vehicle that led a solitary life. It might all seem looking back, that these internal regional squabbles but we lived in a glass half full or glass half empty era depending on who in BR you worked for never mind from what region... As for 3284, happily it emigrated to New Zealand to live its life out there. The legend that was SC 3284 - The Unknown Soldier Bob.
  15. Definitely not. He wouldn't be on here otherwise and would be producing misshapen MTK lumps of metal....
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