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  1. Apparently a little known Northern Ecclesiastical Sect, which has always followed the N-S option since one of the original leaders mis-read the compass and claimed it as a Sect tradition, as an excuse - which, of course, has had to be followed ever since. Regards Julian
  2. I very much like the sky effect. I can't remember whether it is intentional or not, but grey skies were [are still] a familiar sight in the UK and so many try to get the nice Summer day effect. It's all looking very natural, one part blending into the others, very clever. Regards J
  3. Looks like the May Bugs, which we have here. They look horrendous, but are absolutely harmless - unless you are riding a bike and meet one going the other way, at head height!! Regards Julian PS. A coat of varnish and it would, indeed, make a great carnival entry, or sign for one of those "Eat All You Can" burger outlets - with a red LED to light up the inside. Regards Julian
  4. I thought this was supposed to be pictures of your layout, unless you identify the picture as one of the full size origin. Regards Julian
  5. Dennis Skinner would vote against opening his anal sphincter to evacuate his bowel, if he thought it might in some way obstruct anyone else, in any possible way at all. This gives him a conflict of interests, as he uses the same vent to express his thoughts opinions. That may, in some small way, explain the disconnected, logic lacking, aggressive effluent which exudes from an otherwise charming candidate for the Queen's Royal Reception presenter. Regards Julian
  6. Are you expecting Russian tourists to visit sometime soon, perhaps to St Peter & St Paul, or maybe a new area of interest, such as the Cast Iron Tickford Bridge... Regards Julian [Apologies from a Salisbury resident, having memory cells jogged. ]
  7. I have to agree on the use of Servos. Small- very, very small if required; Mountable under or on top of the board [small enough to go under a platform]; Speed completely adjustable to any of the above requirements; Will apply a small pressure to the points at each end of the throw [NO they don't buzz, if set up correctly!!]; Control rodding can be from any angle, as servo arms can be in line or bell crank; Control rods can be attached to the outer ends of the throw arm, simple z-bend and insert; Can be operated by simple DC switches, contact button, or DCC, or both; Silent; Long lasting, as under no stress; Very simple to install. Agree about Megapoints, but Peco and a few others can be found with different numbers of servo outlets. Personally, I would stick with Magapoints or Peco, there are rumours that they are from the same source. Regards Julian
  8. Add in the fact that new roads don't/can't create additional vehicles, the new roads [other transport] filling up rapidly is simply a factor of the previous imense over-capacity of the original roads [modes]. When politicians and others make illogical statements like [it immediately fills to capacity, without actually solving the original problem], it would be better if they sat on the bit the statements come from. I'm old enough to remember the roads just post WWII, when cars were few in number and traffic jams were restricted to short periods in a few major city rush hours [remember when it was just an hour??]. Now with increased wealth and 15m additional population, almost every town has a rush hour and the major cities seldom have times in the day without conjestion. Back then, in our road, there were 6 cars between 16 houses/families. Those same houses are now likely to have 2 cars per houshold, more than a 5 fold increase - and still not factoring in increased population numbers and distances people travel to work. There doesn't seem to be anything like a comparable increase in miles of road to drive them on. Julian
  9. That 280 is a very large number, compared to the normal polishing of the green leather. Take out the PM's questions and a few other popular items, then look around the chamber, while various expensive blether merchants produce massive amounts of CO2. There may be a dozen places taken, perhaps a couple of dozen, 280 represents a considerable level of interest, particularly in view of those more distant constituencies already identified. Regards Julian
  10. Love Wales, used to take London pupils there to experience real life, one of the best experiences in teaching. I seem to remember that the sheep turned to face away from bad weather and waited for it to go away - incredibly patient, given the climate. I was there one year, {late 80s} when it had rained incessintely for the whole year and the sheep were white! Sheep are never white, anywhere, but they were that year, so much rain that they hadn't got any dirt / dust in the fleece - quite a sight. Regards Julian
  11. The djm statements of the kind outlined above were lacking in factual content or evidence. What seems to have been missing are statements of the level of funding numbers for each of the proposed products. Had sufficient financial income been there, there would have been considerable benefit in reporting the fact and associated confidence levels for those customers. I can't think that any such numbers which might have been successfully been achieved would not have been shouted to the same roof-tops as the vague ideas identified above. I am not talking about actual amounts of "cash" flowing in, but statements that 100% of crowdfunder numbers required have been reached. What is not said, is often more important than that which is said. In fact the few crowdfunding numbers published have generally shown considerable shortfall in required numbers and the lack of information on others strongly suggests that funds were not incoming, in sufficient numbers, as would enable the projects to be properly funded. ..... add to that the wages equation, where a project goes beyond the time planned for and the 20% [?] allocation for 18 months wages becomes 40% for 3 years, even more for longer delays. Given the numbers of new projects and the lack of keeping to the planned times, the crowdfunding number information [lack of] indicates that sufficient funds were not available in the first place and director's expenses were a much bigger drain than planned for. Regards Julian
  12. That's a huge load of flocking work done there! { Sorry, couldn't resist, it's sooo old, too.} I agree about the Church orientation. Firstly there is a more varied and interesting profile, but it also removes the shadow of the tower from the backscene. With a wall round the Church it will look wonderful on the hilltop, dominating the area, just as the Bishop decided it should. Regards Julian
  13. Ahh! The ever present Trump card!! Julian
  14. Yup! However, there is also the other main consideration... THE BAIT!! Regards Julian
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