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  1. Minutes away from my first proper moderated exam in something like 30 years.


    Sweaty palms and I have to do this with said moderator watching my (and possibly only my) every move remotely on camera whilst I operate their machine remotely to write my answers.


    I am sure it was more fun doing O levels

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    2. woodenhead


      Just couldn't complete a UML Class diagram - needed another 5 minutes but I've submitted something for that and fully answered (I hope) the other questions.


      Time flies when you're under pressure.


      I am pretty confident I've done enough to pass.

    3. chris p bacon

      chris p bacon

      Was the moderator from here?.......don't fancy your chances if he was....:D

    4. woodenhead


      Some young lady, don't know if her job just involves watching one person at a time or if she multi-tasks, but what a job staring at someone feverishly tapping away at a keyboard for an hour or more.

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