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  1. I'm surprised at Brassmasters, those kinks in the etches will not come out and considering it is the frames it's ridiculous to suggest. Whether they like it or not Brassmasters chose the Royal Mail as the delivery method and have to shoulder the responsibility of replacing the etches. It would be interesting to know how this is resolved. The minimum that etches should be in for postage is a stout cardboard box. I supply loco frames which are only £12 in a stout box, wrapped in acid free tissue and taped to an offcut of either hardboard or MDF (3mm) it's a lot of effort for a minimal return but a lot cheaper than a replacement set. . Full loco/coach kits are in a box and sandwiched between card/mdf, it adds barely a £1 to the cost.
  2. The other materials are more expensive but give a better quality print. The % markup on Shapeways costs is also set by the owner of the STL hence the high cost on substandard material.
  3. Eeerrr it is, the choice of material is that of the owner not Shapeways. It has been mentioned to him that it is an awful product to use many times in the past, but it fell on deaf ears.
  4. I put mine inside a copy of 'Big N Bouncy Asian Babes' so people don't think I'm a weirdo...
  5. The print will only replicate the information on the STL. The orientation of the print is for quality.
  6. Very interesting, I had wondered that the business case for just extending to Hawick wasn't enough and it needed to be more of a strategic route.
  7. 305 arrived in the Borders today, considering how long some post takes I was rather surprised.
  8. Only if you think it has. The Greens held the SNP hostage.
  9. Considering the rumours about Truss, I'd say 'Love Island' might be more appropriate
  10. He has stated in the past he does not have one and does not know how they work or whether his 'designs' work with them. Here is the last thread, a mere £100, 000.... That is why I gave up with them.
  11. You could always try putting your own hand in your pocket, you are trying to benefit yourself after all.
  12. Do you have a list of attendees/layouts/traders ? I Look forward to attending.
  13. It's KR models latest render. probably the class 40..
  14. Although given a metric length, timber is generally in imperial ( some suppliers are changing to full metric) The old 6' x 3' board. 1220 x 2440 is still the 8'x4' board. Its a real pain when you have drawings that show stud work with 9mm (3/8th) OSB board then covered in plasterboard. The PB is metric ( 1200 x 2400) so the stud work has to be laid out to suit, then the OSB has to have the top and side cut to suit.
  15. Heard on Borders radio farming segment a while ago (It's now Greatest Hits radio) Interviewer - "So is Rape popular in the borders..." Farmer - "Aye it is, others have moved on, but it still has its place"
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