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  1. I took my second baseboard off the frame this evening and stared at the six points I need to lift, de-spring and frog wire. That's progress, tomorrow I might touch one of the points maybe sort out my cutting board in readiness for surgery. Not your usual style but she's an excellent musician and a lovely voice
  2. Creating a topic 'a hobby turned luxury' just feels like another way of saying toy trains cost too much now. The same argument can be tossed at car ownership, home ownership and children. It is what it is, you can make it as expensive or as cheap as you want to, no-one forces anyone to partake.
  3. Which raises another issue for Hattons - risk. Items in the trunk are sold items which have been paid for, the longer items that Hattons no longer owns are stored on their premises the greater the risk of something averse happening to them (fire, flood, theft) or the person who paid for them simply never asking for them (forgotten, passed away). In the case of something happening to the items they have to purchase insurance to cover stock they don't own, in the case of the latter, how long do you keep something in your warehouse that is never going to be asked for? Then there is the physical space trunk items inhabit, which they might not have control over if lots of people start using the service to minimise postal charges etc.
  4. Went up Mam Tor today - too many people, so then went up the peak alongside which is actually higher before popping into Castleton for some fodder.


    Kinder Scout beckons at some point, but I think a map may be necessary.

    1. dagrizz


      Yes, a map and compass, but the problem with Kinder and the peat bogs is being able to maintain your route and direction. Often best to do a walk around the perimeter of the Kinder plateau on a clear day - you get your good views and at least you have a reasonable idea of where you are.




    2. MartynJPearson


      If the trend for staycations continues, they're going to have to build more countryside to cope with demand :)

    3. Monkersson


      Overheard at the summit of The Cobbler a few weeks back..."Isn't it great being up here, so remote, at one with nature.  Would be better if there was a coffee shop with wifi access"...

  5. Starting a group to campaign for the reopening of the March to Spalding route including a dive under at Whitemoor prison . I mean, we might have the dive under plus the original junction at Werrington, but what if the whole ECML was blocked just outside Peterborough, a good diversionary route from March to Spalding would sort that lol. That would be another good thread.........
  6. I ordered from Amazon with free postage, the book though came from Strathwood - their usual packaging not Amazon packaging plus the Strathwood catalogue.
  7. Still comes from Strathwood not Amazon
  8. He has ballasted, you just have the wrong idea what style of ballast. If you look at the image, all the space outside of the four foot is brown, within the four foot it is ballast grey-brown. The layout is perfectly ballasted, just in 2d, not 3d like yours will be.
  9. @Lacathedrale you need to stop overthinking and as @Nearholmer says, do something. I spent too long planning, buying stock that I have way too much and hardly a layout to show for it. You're probably a lot younger than me, so you have time to change your mind, do multiple layouts or whatever, but don't spend so long trying to find the best layout configuration because there isn't one. I've now made my claim to an area, a time and a layout in N, I am being swayed back towards OO simply because the stock exists and I see any problem encountered on my N layout build as an excuse to rip it all up and start again. Why have I kept on doing this for most of my life, because when I encounter a problem I panic and rather than find a way forward I go back to the beginning and repeat ad infinitum. Perhaps I am now recognising I myself am not infinite, I will cease one day and I'd better perhaps change my mindset and build a layout.
  10. With regards the Manchester leg, it's still being planned for by HS2 even if the Government may be wavering. Visited my late father's empty flat today to check for any leaks, letter to the occupier from HS2, they are doing test bores nearby. He lived near central Manchester, told me HS2 was going under his flat and he used to swear he could hear them tunnelling...seems he was not so wrong after all, just they hadn't actually begun to bore anything yet. Maybe I should make a complaint to HS2 about vibrations and ask them to buy the flat, might be a quicker sale, it's been up for sale for 12 months
  11. I watched the Sam video too, he actually made some good points about the chassis design and his price comparison was spot on. The price point I imagine is because there are extra people in the chain on an EFE model - so in addition to Bachmann and the retailer you have the original manufacturer be it Kernow, Heljan or whoever who will also need their cut from sales otherwise what is the point in them licensing these items to Bachmann. I've two of the original 02s from Kernow, they ran fine for what I required and I am happy with both of them, and my Well Tanks but I get Sam's point about the difficulty in getting inside to clean them after a few years use. I don't agree with his comments on the fitting of the DCC chip, I'll give DJM credit it made it easier at the time than taking the body off (because you cannot) and Dapol have since improved on this as have other manufacturers - Accurascale for example with their lift off rooves. The new 02 from EFE is a re-run so I would not expect to see changes from how DJM designed it, you may as well have just started over than do that.
  12. Is anything a 'regular' catalogue model now?
  13. Only 45, I was really hoping for 46, it could be a deal breaker.
  14. Not sure how the problems with this model can be pointed at DJ, he made a lot of mistakes, but this model was stalled a long time after he left and had been re-engineered by the latest owners before they stopped development. Perhaps it had more to do with the Farish BoB than DJ. It's odd the 59 just came back just before RevolutioN announced theirs, perhaps Farish need to show us a streamlined West Country.....
  15. Wondering if it is a works engine supporting building sites in Trafford Park - looks like it is laying the cable.
  16. Went to Formby today, Mrs Woodhead fell asleep on the sand to be awoken by a random dog licking her neck.


    On the way home I pigeon flew straight into the front of the car and exploded into feathers - it wasn't my fault but I still feel guilty for killing it.

    1. Hroth


      But did you see any red squiggles?


      As for pigeons...



    2. woodenhead


      I forgot to mention the truly sad news, the red squirrels were not to be seen!!


      There has been a grey squirrel or squirrels in the area with squirrel pox, the greys are just carriers but for the reds it is fatal - they've confirmed at least 4 dead, but we had a good look around and we saw just one crow and one magpie.  It was really sad being there, the place was completely silent, nothing moving.

    3. Hroth


      Thats bad, last time I was there we saw one...

      Its about time Grey Squirrel Pie was back on the menu as a patriotic duty!



  17. Livery application. The Fag packet HST looks better from a distance, perhaps we're looking too closely at it in these shots.
  18. @shanks522 you've a fly on your embankment, or maybe it was a spider lol.
  19. Tell you what, give me the £50, I am fancying the Gorton Tank book.
  20. Parkrun has quite low costs - it uses public spaces free of charge, volunteers do all the advertising via social media and whilst it supplied some equipment my experience is that a lot of it has been gathered by the volunteers themselves at each run. It would not work on anything that involved maintaining infrastructure.
  21. Heinz once had a narrow gauge railway around one of their factories, but it got canned.
  22. Board one now has it's six points all motored - learnt the hard way that a cobalt IP is handed when it comes to frog polarity, Sprog needs to go off for repair but back up plant implemented and I've been able to program the remaining two points and all is good. Next decision is whether I need to lift the track onto foam roadbed - I didn't do it originally but now the motors are in some of the screws protrude where there is track, if I snip the motor wires now they will be too short if I decide to add the roadbed. I seem to recall I wasn't best impressed with the roadbed last time round - it went flat quite easily, I'll have to dig it out and have a think. Board two is another six points to extract, add the frog wire, remove spring and then install the motor - getting quicker though now I've got my confidence back. The Cobalt IPs really are simple to install and the stick pads are great to position the motor before pfaffing around with the screws.
  23. This chap has a few interesting Southern video compilations uploaded:
  24. Looking at the Console I can see an M command has already been sent and it's response was M=h0810. Sent the command and then W as well, the response to W was "P> ". But it hasn't changed anything. My next test was to disconnect the Sprog from the railway and see what happens, no change, it is still detecting a short on the railway that it is no longer connected to. I'll get onto the web site for the address.
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