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  1. Just a heads up that TMC have an offer 5% off sound fitted locos using code SHHH5 ( make sure you use the capitals ) They have the DRS and DB locos sound fitted and with the discount code they come out at £247
  2. Price wise i dont think it will be much different to a getting a Hornby 08 ( £165 ) a TXS decoder ( £60 ) and a stay alive ( £15 )
  3. Hi all Just picked up a preowned Hornby 08 with sound. Paid a really decent price for it mainly becasue its been really heavilly weathered. Its not to my taste to be honest so is there a way to remove it without taking the original paint / numbers / decals off as well?
  4. I would, for £61 you cant go wrong.
  5. What decoders are people using for these? Does it have to be the Bachmann micro decoder?
  6. My green NCB Robert loco arrived today. Big box for a small loco!! For £61 i couldnt resist. Ran for half an hour each way on the test track which uses set track points. Surprised how well it runs over them given the small wheelbase
  7. It was BRM. They even sold a kit with the baseboard and the points etc to build the layout.
  8. Hes not run it round a curve yet 😃
  9. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/forums/topic/186274-fitting-a-Hornby-8-pin-hm7000-sound-decoder-to-a-Bachmann-class-08/#comment-5516949
  10. yes i got it to physically fit with the speaker and the decoder at the front - BUT when power was applied it smoked like a chimney!! Massive short, cant have been the speaker as it was in a plastic housing. I didnt wrap the decoder in capton tape tho so i suspect it shorted on the metal ladder that pokes thru the body at the top. I didnt try another decoder as i didnt fancy blowing another.
  11. I asked them last year and they said Zimo, but reading CV8 would confirm
  12. Ive been using the AE Models/DCC concepts stay alive and it works fine in the locos ive installed it in ( 08, class 73 and briefly the TT HST )
  13. I just decided to stick with 00 at the moment. I was very impressed with the TT120 stuff. Its a lot bigger than n gauge than i expected.
  14. The Class 50 looks great. Sadly tho ive decided to sell off my TT stuff, so ive put a load of track and a blue grey sound fitted HST set up on facebook.
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