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  1. I thought I would make a couple, Chris. One would be "strangers" at Little Benton, and another Diesel based. It will be a while though, due to other commitments. John
  2. From the NBR to the GN Mainline. O2/3 62937 from Doncaster has a fitted freight and is about to pass C12 67367 on a local. These kits were built many moons ago, the C12 from a Craftsman kit and the O2/3 from a NuCast kit, bought from Northumbria Models when it was still in Forest Hall. Neither see much action. The C12 ran beautifully straight off the shelf, but the O2 needed some major tweaking to the pick-ups and oiling. But that was sufficient to get it running nicely. I was disgusted with the paintwork, so rubbed it down, oversprayed with Railmatch Weather Black, and added a bit of rust from Tamiya powders. I have another O2 of similar vintage which I'll do something similar to when time allows.
  3. This is the area Mark and I have been discussing. The curves to the South are reasonably well photographed, but I have no photos of that to the North, which swings West towards Benton, This is the one which Mark travelled on, on a most unusual route into Central. I suspect the lack of photos there is due to its' relative inaccessibility, requiring either a dangerous trespass or lineside permit, The A2 heads south with the South West curve shown. Both southern curves had 3rd rail, to allow EMU's to access the North Tyneside route in either direction. The West curve to Benton gained access to Gosforth Depot, while the East curve allowed occasional passenger trains from The Coast a faster access to Central via the ECML. The D20 heads North having passed the South-West curve behind it to the left A V1 is held at signals , having dropped down from the Blyth and Tyne., then a short run up the North Tyneside loop from Backworth. This is a useful photo for my purposes, as it shows these trains occasionally used the ECML (and passed Little Benton Sidings), rather than continue along the more normal route via Benton and Gosforth to terminate at Manors North. I suppose it could be ECS for either Heaton Yard or Little Benton Sidings. Hope this is of interest. Please respect the copyright of the photos.
  4. You are quite correct, Mark. I got geographically confused. I used to get the Metro from Benton to Newcastle Haymarket back in the day, when trains started and terminated there (on a service to Pelaw?) and often saw a Metro unit emerge from the cut back North- West loop. I only saw a Rowntrees train on one occasion - a Class 31 (on Palvans , I think.)
  5. Hi Mike. I checked with both naked eye and digital callipers, and the cab seems OK, so I think it's just the camera angle. The only slots/tabs you get with this kit are the cab front and rear so it's difficult, even for a clot like me, to mess them up, assuming the slot in the footplate was accurate. Cowlairs don't seem to have adhered to standard lining instructions, judging from the photos in Yeadon. They are consistent in their inconsistency. I based mine on a photo of a loco which got a general in 1955, by which time lining the splashers was usually not done. Quite why anyone thought the N15 was worth lining is a mystery- a bit like the Ex-NER N8. I used Modelmaster waterslide, and printed the smokebox door plate. I really appreciate the comments from the likes of Mick and Mike. Photos are great for revealing faults, and, even when it is an optical exaggeration, they make you look again and, if necessary, try to make things look a bit better. There is no point in showing builds if all you want are "likes" - though these too are nice to get. The building cupboard is bare now, so "a bientot" John
  6. No problem, Mick- always good to hear from you. I had a look after reading your post, and there is a little too much slop in the rods on the leading drivers - accentuated by the photo. All the wheels are quartered correctly. I very slightly bent the front pair of rods, and, on test, all goes well, so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead. Here is the engine on test on the layout, with the location moved 130 miles north, as if by magic.
  7. I occasionally metaphorically transport Little Benton to other parts of the old LNER, and run some of the stock not really appropriate to the real place. The N15 is a very recently built Falcon Brass kit, actually on test having been weathered. It has a transfer freight, and is passed by 61996, a "cut and shut" on an ECS of ex-NER stock. Just north of Little Benton Nprth was a 3-way junction. Only the South-East curve remains, and it takes freight to Ashington/Lynemouth/Morpeth along the old Blyth and Tyne mainline. This will re-open to passenger in December 2023, and Network Rail have begun the track and signalling upgrades. I caught a 66xxx on track replacement duties alongside the engineers storage at Backworth last Sunday, 05/09.
  8. Mick was quite correct about the look of the coupling rods, so I spent a bit of time on them- I think it looks better, and, luckily, the chassis still runs! I've also shown the detail I added to the cab interior. The fireman is working his socks off, but there is no driver - he must be brewing up while his driver is off on a mission elsewhere. I must buy some crew !
  9. This is where I have got to with the Falcon Brass N15, obtained from Tony in his first "disposal". I needed to fabricate a fair bit of detail, and some of the design issues were a bit baffling to anyone used to modern standards, but I've quite enjoyed the challenge. Having said that, I'll not be building another Falcon/Jidenco kit in a hurry. I still need to add coal, glazing and line the boiler bands- I use transfers for this. Then weathering, which should tidy up (i.e disguise) any anomalies I posted a few "in progress" notes on my build thread.. John
  10. Some years ago, I did a simple mod to convert a single chimney Bachmann A2 to double chimney BRONZINO, and it was easy enough. As far as I remember, I needed to cut and file, but the larger d/chimney hid a multitude of sins.
  11. Nearly there. The lining on the bunker looks rough, but weathering will hopefully sort that out. I need to look again at the smokebox dart, which sticks out too far. Lining transfers will be used to represent the boiler bands. I picked this loco from an old video on Edinburgh's railways, as i wanted a St Margarets example. The RH side needs lining, as do boiler bands. Spectacle plates need glazing, and coal added. Then it will be pushed into a very unlikely turn on a short goods or excursion traffic to Tyneside and back.
  12. A bit more testing to check for shorts/derailments. I fitted the tank balance pipes (thanks, David) from scrap etch and 0.45 brass wire. The rest of the assembly will , hopefully, just be detailing so that should be OK (famous last words) I've made a start on a basic cab interior, using the drawings Duncan kindly provided. This, and subsequent checks on photos in Yeadon, reveals that the bunker rear often /usually? had a pair of steps, while the kit only provides for a single step in the centre. The buffers are sprung, and came with the kit, though I don't know if they were bought separately - there are no other in the box. Fitting was a slow process, as they are far to fat to fit through the miniscule holes in the buffer beams. Opening up with drills and various , progressively thicker broaches, was needed, but care is needed as the size of hole needed leaves very little metal left on the beam. Probably best done when the beam is still on the fret. The mis- aligned RH rear buffer rear buffer has now been corrected. Photos are cruel, but do show what my naked eye misses.
  13. Thanks, Duncan- that's really useful- just what I need to make it appear, at least, that something is going on in the cab. I never thought of asking Peter Stringer at 52F if he could help (though I hate to think what he would have said if I told him which kit I was building} John
  14. The Caley Castings have been ordered, so thanks for that tip. In addition to the lubricators, the sprue seems to have the fittings-are they also lubricators- I suppose they must be? - which fit to the bottom of the tank fronts, below the step and adjacent to the footplate. I was going to fabricate them from rod and 2mm bushes but now have a better source. I may well try Mike's flux suggestion. I have been using Barrie Stephenson/Slaters flux, and it's fine, but a bit pricey, and seems a bit hard on soldering bits. I will win no prizes foe my soldering skills, but am increasingly competent at filing, filling , scraping and rubbing down!
  15. Thanks for that, - I do visit the page occasionally. There are a lot of details to be sourced/added to the basic kit, and photos are a great resource. Most are just wire of various thicknesses for pipework, etc, but I'll need to find some globe lubricators. Rivets on the smokebox are very prominent, and I hope Archers Transfers will remedy that. The biggest omission ,at least for me, is the cab. Even with a roof fitted and cab doors closed, it just looks like an empty space. I have a couple of PMs out there to folk who have shown an N15 and that may produce results.
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