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  1. Course scale is nice and has a charm but I would want to see just high standard reasonably priced Locos in normal 0 gauge that run on 2 rails. At around £399.99
  2. I have bought a second hand Dapol HST sadly the lights don't work and it obviously has no Guarantee. I am thinking of adding my own LEDs to it but can you buy replacement lights from Dapol at any shops as you can the Lights for the MK3 stock. I am a newcomer to N gauge and only doing so to model Inter City services.
  3. A new Manor would be very welcome.
  4. Hornby 0 Gauge would be a nice idea. I think it would make more sense than TT
  5. Well I don't see what’s wrong. I just can't understand people moaning about what they can't afford. Its time waisted when they could do something to change that. I just think its about time we focused on the important task of supplying quality products rather than compromises to attract those who can't really afford it. such as Hornby's design clever and Railroad lines. Sorry if my opinions upset anyone its just my opinion.
  6. Yes I agree with that, If you can't get it right Hornby Don't bother !, "Design Clever" is an insult to the "serious" Railway Modeller.
  7. This is not a poor persons hobby. nobody asked you to buy it. I get sick of people moaning at paying quality money for quality items. Much better to work out if you can afford before starting out.
  8. Now thats what I call a "Proper" Loco. Lovely result too
  9. Mod3 Your VERY PERSONAL comments have been edited out - are you serious when you make direct personal attacks and then claim "don't take it personally"
  10. It's due to there traditionally being more models of gwr types made available by rtr companies for decades. If you wanted to model southern or LNER you normally only got express locos for the main part. Gwr also just looks pretty and the pannier being such a unique numerous and interesting loco has and will always spawn many layouts. I guess it's the pannier tank that is the railway modelling equal to the airfix spitfire. And the LNER mallard the equal in appeal to the avro vulcan. There are always those that just grab people. I'm sure there are many comvos come up about these types and less convos come up about peckett saddle tanks. Much as I love all the common majestic stuff we are offered for me the real huge hole in modelling and railway history that would make amazing layouts is the numerous industrial lines and industrial shunters. I wish Hornby or Bachmann would rise to this wish a "backbone of Great Britain" series there we're so many lovely interesting unique little engines and wagons plus buildings that would make terrific layouts for the space starved modeller and the huge layout builders also. Check out the old bbc series "THE TRAIN NOW DEPARTING" "LINES OF INDUSTRY" it is fascinating and amongst its many scenes features the chalk Pitts railway museum. Really a fantastic series and sad it was only for 6 episodes. It was a beautiful series in every manner back when the bbc made lovely family enjoyable programmes that were not full of family arguments, cooking, debt, more cooking, selling houses, and balifs lol
  11. Ebay is for both shops and individual sellers just getting shut of stuff. I was referring to earlier posts. I'm just as bad it's me that started this thread cause I was getting idiots on eBay and more since. One person is I asking me questions that can be answered by looking at photos and the description which are very clear. It is beyond me someone can search for "Hornby class 90" and then ask me "is this a Hornby class 90" to which I reply yes. Only to get another reply back asking "defiantly the Hornby one ?" "What about the move ability share ?" WTF IS A MOVE ABILITY SHARE !..... I think I will reply by saying no sir this is a bathtub made by Bachmann Europe the leading grass cutting specialists like the Hornby one and has a shared mobility of 90 as you can see from the description.
  12. 4498 in the 80s had a flat end corridor tender with a rib running down the top edge of the tender sides. Double chimney yes and the tender top streamlined at the front but exposed on the back end were the water goes in. I used to see it often then and drove it once. 4498 was painted in a lighter blue paint too much paler than mallard the wheels were a darker red and had polished thick rimmed wheels. This is we're all Hornby A4s fall down the wheels look totally wrong and the A4 looks lost in that area. Union of south Africa's tender is not an a4 tender it differs in a few areas its actually the "hush hush" engines tender 1000 the 4-6-4 loco that looked like an A4. The non corridor tender on mallard is much smaller and narrower. The curved back corridor tenders to my knowledge none are left extant and of these 3 main types there are further variations within them. A3 tenders differ too
  13. Some of you need re-education yourselfs. He could likely be someone who is totally fine in person but has learning disabilities who is attempting to communicate in text as best they can. Anyone with a Brain cell can figure out what he's saying and therefore in my eyes communicating effectively. The real ignorance is from yourselves.
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