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  1. A pub I used to frequent when I lived in the UK - https://www.facebook.com/rackandtenter/
  2. Hi Graham, you're keeping us in suspense! If it wasn't them in the library with the lead pipe, who was it? :)
  3. I'm a little late, but how about this Graham?
  4. JCL

    EBay madness

    I was looking for photos of my local station when I saw these gems I have for you here a pile-o-dirt photo as regularly used by children https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/235260990446 And also available , mound-o-soil https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234161411328
  5. Siting on a snow covered highway in Canada because the semi at the front decided not to put chains on. RCMP just walked past, so looks like there’ll be trouble!

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    2. pH


      I know DriveBC! We visit our son in Nelson regularly and consult that website before every journey - for snow conditions in winter and wildfires in summer 🤨.


      Enjoy Tofino. It’s a few years since we’ve been there - we should go back sometime soon.

    3. JCL


      I will do, we’re storm watching. It wasn’t the plan, but you roll with it on this coast! If you come to the island, let me know :)

    4. Mallard60022


      Sounds like an intro Verse to an Eagles Classic. (Think Hotel you know where).


  6. They look great. Looking at the bark, my guess is Douglas Fir. New growth and old growth - bottom ones about 300-400 years old. First day back at work, and my procrastination levels are high.
  7. Well, 234 were inherited by the LNER, and 134 were taken over by BR, with the last ones withdrawn in 1961, so if you don't research too much (unfortunately I don't have that Yeadons), then there's every chance they might have ;)
  8. Thank you for that, it’s certainly something to think about
  9. Here you go https://collection.sciencemuseumgroup.org.uk/objects/co206032/locomotive-tender-no-1002-great-northern-railway-locomotive-tender
  10. That’s looking great. I’d be interested in your thoughts about the interiors
  11. @monkeysarefun, given that Simon's files are all on Shapeways and have been through the Shapeways "fixer", there's possibly mileage in uploading a download of one of those. This is based on the assumption that Shapeways fixes manifold errors and the like. Just a thought.
  12. I think really, the main things that come out differently on my FDM and resin printers are thin parts. For example, I can get away with thinner window frames on the resin printer than I can on the Ender.
  13. I think you’ll find they are, but you don’t like the answers. We’d all like to design something that will work for all printers, but as others have said, you are looking for a level of maturity in an industry that isn’t there yet. And unfortunately repeating that it should be so won’t make it so. It reminds me of personal computers back in the late 80s, there were lots of operating systems out there, and none of them were compatible with each other. Over the next couple of decades most of them, like OS/2, BEOS, NextOS, etc, fell by the wayside until you now pretty much have Windows, Apple’s OS and various flavours of Linux. It all takes time. As someone said, if you’re interested in selling your designs, release a couple of models to people and get some free feedback, and then you’ll know for sure where the issues lie with them. Also, go to YouTube, it’s not all hobbyists on there, some channels have industry news on them from time to time, so you can keep up with developments.
  14. Thanks Mike, I have some in one of 15 boxes from my move two years ago ... 😐
  15. Tthis is a long one - or at least it looks long on my phone… I’ve had a chance to sort out my printer. It’s been running fine but not great for a while, depositing blobs on the model and generating “candy floss” at the nozzle. So last night I set to, and using this video, I cleaned out its hot-end using the video below for reference. I found that the end of the PTFE tube had deteriorated pretty badly. The end was burnt and there was gunk on it. After freeing up the end, I used my 3D printed pipe cutter to slice off the damaged part. Then after I put it all back together, I decided to change the operating system. My current one, Jyers, is no longer supported, snd everyone is talking about the benefits of using MRiscoC, so I moved to that one using this video. The only fly in the ointment is you need to use an 8GB card to do this, and I no longer have one, so I used some partitioning software to make a 32GB card pretend to be an 8 GB card. I'm really pleased I made the change, as the levelling/tramming is a lot easier than before, and the whole thing feels much better thought out. After that I created the mesh that maps the flatness of the build plate, and test printed a cube. The PLA brand I used has given me a lot of gyp, (so much that I almost considered donating it to a local Makerspace), but after the clean it printed well!. Just before a huge storm hit this evening (electricity is out in the next town over, and it’ll be here anytime now), a 6 hour print of a railcar underframe in 7mm has completed. It’s my best print for a while. I printed a skirt at a distance of 0mm just to catch the tips of the cross braces. Next is the rest of the chassis, then the body, and finally the roof. Onwards and upwards! JCL
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