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  1. "Carbon" (CO2) savings - certainly good PR, don't think it influences operation costs yet (except for sufficiently large polluters subject to emmissions trading).
  2. Not based in the UK - but I've got experience sending stuff from mainland Europe to the USA. Just over 2 weeks for a (tracked, first class/priority) letter was typical prior to the current Virus. You'd always see the tracking tell you it got to the US within a day of dropping it off at the post office - followed by customs clearance quite quickly - followed by 2 weeks of nothing until it suddenly arrived at the destination city. But a recent letter: departed Europe the day after dispatch... next tracking event was arrival in the US almost 2 weeks later. That could mean it waited a
  3. Hmm, yes it does actually seem like that -- I hadn't noticed before. Not quite sure how to fix that... Googling "class 90 roof" led me to the thread with the improved grilles though (and an improved Pantograph) -- in case that's useful: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/14161-intercity-class-90/ Also never realised you could zig-zag fold the light clusters... I'm now kicking myself for that (I cut each part out individually before trying to glue... Didn't work out well). At least I can now do the other 3 much more easily (I'll be soldering those). Many thanks for showi
  4. I think I remember someone else replacing the bodyside grilles but not being satisfied with the results, and preferring the original. Another thing I've seen which did look good is replacing the roof grilles wih A1 models grilles (which is what I'll be doing on mine -- but I'm completely stripping + repainting mine so I'm not worried about paint-damage).
  5. I managed to nab a fairly cheap Warship from Ebay, roughly £20 -- took a few weeks from me starting to look for one for it to appear (on Ebay that is, not by post), so it's probably worth checking regularly to see what's on offer -- the body had been somewhat abused hence no-one else was bidding -- but I decdided to take the risk, and the chassis was in perfect shape (although all I'm using is the motor + bogies which are being transplanted into the Hornby chassis -- that seems to be considerably easier than reworking the metal warship chassis).
  6. I've got the kit, but am a bit too bogged down with exams/studying at the moment to work on it (and also need to get some solder to assemble the parts as I wasn't satisfied by my attempts at gluing metal pieces together).
  7. I've only been on this forum for a short while and I too am starting to feel as if I've been infected too. And I haven't even so much as built a model of my own yet... I'm hoping I'll return to normal once I actually start some modelling of my own (tomorrow afternoon, assuming the tools I've ordered arrive). But I do want to be criticised openly so that the end result is as good as it can be... Edit: and on the gauge/scale topic: I'm jumping straight into P4 you'll be happy to hear.
  8. Some form of Desiro? Either 444 or 450 based on the seat colour. What's the wooden thing on the right though?
  9. The German speaking ones consistently do, much to my chagrin as a Scot. I must say that I too get the impression that British Modellers emphasise detail and realism whereas Continental modellers tend to go more for lots of running trains, but then again I haven't really explored the world of modelling on the continent much. (Browsing Swiss layouts online, I've yet to find one with trains that are weathered -- they're all shiny new as if straight from the factory -- although Swiss trains in real life are relatively clean too, just not that clean.) I personally find the British approach m
  10. Thanks for the info! Seems I am quite misinformed (on further reading seems like it might be mainly to check on commercial movements, as that isn't covered by the customs union?).
  11. Same here, no problems with them. (On that note when flying out of Switzerland you can take Swiss army knives in your hand luggage -- although you are generally warned that you probably can't do that on the return journey.) Apologies for my pedantry, but there aren't any customs checks between EU countries -- the EU is all one customs territory ("European Union Customs Union") -- that's probably border control who have taken it upon themselves to find drugs too. (You have the strange situation that you have customs controls but no border controls going between most EU countries and Switz
  12. icn


    The RhB thing was a completely separate line (although intended to join up with the RhB eventually), that was mostly closed, but is still operated as a tourist line: Article on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellinzona%E2%80%93Mesocco_railway List of Rolling Stock still operating: http://www.seft-fm.ch/rotabile.php?lang=DE
  13. Ah, Thank you, clears most things up! With regards to (5): I think here the headshunt will be long enough for all shunting (although I might yet change my mind). In that case would E be a full/main signal, along with a normal shunting signal below it (new diagram below)? And is it correct to assume that I don't need an explicit limit of shunt sign unless I allow trains to shunt onto the main line (i.e. the shunting signal would only allow trains into the headshunt)? The new diagram (missing lighting for the bufferstops, and the headshunt should be relabelled to be a longer spur):
  14. On a related topic: I've just thought it would be quite useful to make a cheap throttle to use with this setup (i.e. a hardware throttle) -- something along the lines of: - AVR to communicate with the RPi (or other PC) over USB. - Potentiometer as throttle (read using the ADC in the AVR) -- or possibly a rotary encoder (not sure if a continuous rotary encoder would be useful?). - Some buttons and switches as input: one directional, possibly a few functions. (Loco selection etc. would be done on the PC -- i.e. I'd probably modify JMRI's throttle to read the throttle setting from the AVR.)
  15. Hi all, I'm designing a first layout, and somewhat unsure of signalling -- it's an extended Inglenook (i.e. an Inglenook, but adding an extra unconnected track with platform for posing stock). I've done a first draft design, with signals (the blue rectangle is the area which will be modelled, but could possibly be extended in the future): Would this sort of signalling arrangement be appropriate? (There's a decent probability that I'll replace the signals with their mechanical equivalents.) The layout is very roughly end of the 80s, region unknown, possibly somewhere in the vic
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