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  1. 318 on the layout, DCC chips sorted but needs ballast adding/couplings modifying as the coach being pushed has a strong tendency to jump of the track......
  2. Class 380 in full transfers. Final details of paint still to do. Then varnish, underframe, windows and couplings.
  3. Class 318 is cosmetically done. Just running in and dcc chip programming to do, they will have to wait until i get it on the layout. Class 380 sprayed with gloss varnish and first transfers applied. Looks good so far, 7 more sides to do! Still pondering the window problem....
  4. Railtec transfers, they look the part, i have some more on the way for the class 380!
  5. 318251 has now gained most of its transfers - just the numbers themselves to arrive
  6. Roof and ends sprayed grey. black onto the corridor connections. One side of each coach has the cantrail orange applied. A little more progress with the second class 314. It has been fully painted (aside from a small disaster withe the pantograph well on the middle carriage, fix drying now!). The two left coaches are the second unit 314202, the right coach is from my first unit 314206 which i am using to help me refine 314202. The second unit has a different bogie configuration, using 4 dummy end bogies from hornbys class 153. This has raised the total hight of 314202 noticeably above 314206 - i suspect the true hight should be somewhere between the two - some modifications to both units to come!
  7. Chassis sprayed and test assembled, mounted on the bodies.
  8. The blue has sprayed on well (and has settled on most of the stuff in the room........ more ventilation required!)
  9. Scotrail silver doors applied with the air brush. a bit of black and blue around the cab ends - a bit of experimentation in trying to work out the best way to paint the cab ends!
  10. All four chassis mounted to their body shells.
  11. Hornby class 395 bogie mounted onto the plasticard chassis, done using some micro nuts and bolts. I went for the Hornby bogies with electrical pickups, currently undecided however i may look to fit lighting to the unit in some form - gives me the option. Bachmann class 158 powered chassis in the non-pantograph centre carriage.
  12. The second 314 is painted and awaiting transfer application (i have them from railtec just need to get round to putting them on). In the meantime i have a set of class 380 body shells from https://www.cmacmodels.co.uk. They are by far the best body-shells of this kind i have worked with. Solid but not brittle. A very good representation of the prototype and aside from a wee bit of sanding, ready to paint straight out the box. Powered chassis is from a Bachmann 158, the body shell required widening by about 3mm to accept it, some fine miniature cutting disk work was required - it came out well and now fits snuggly. The non-powered chassis are plasticard layers with Hornby class 395 bogies (an extremely close likeness to class 380 bogies, may well be he same type). Windows will be the tricky bit, the chap who produced the bodyshells has said he is working on a technique to produce windows for them - hopefully he does! The body shells, primer applied, the two outer ends sprayed warning yellow. Underside of the pantograph carriage, you can see the thought that has gone into the design - there are 4 ledges down the inside of each carriage to carry the chassis. Hornby class 395 bogie mounted on the plasticard chassis.
  13. First impressions are excellent. A solid but not to thick construction, meaning you can work with it but it doesn’t warp. very easy to remove the couple of blemishes present. The best quality body shells to kit bash I have come across. Fabricating the windows is going to be the tricky bit - open to suggestions. Please let me know when you scale up your class 334 - i’ll certainly buy one (if not two!)
  14. Looks good to me! A class 380 suitability ordered. I await your class 334 with enthusiasm!
  15. Very helpful, sorted out my Hornby TTS decoder issues in my Bachmann 37. Thanks!
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