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  1. A little more progress.
  2. The retaining wall continues to be put in. Im thinking that i will put a thin piece of hard wood behind the retaining wall as a 'ground level', with the back of some industrial units as a backscene. The wall will be weathered too. Along the unused platform face will be a 'disused' platform, overgrown with weeds and shrubs. Some plaster painted black as a base.
  3. Some progress on the platforms, ive pre-drilled holes through the baseboard to accept the platform lighting, i want to do this at a later stage to avoid damage - the trick will be threading the cables! Ive also put in some ohle masts, im going to have a go at 'stringing' the platform area using 0.4 and 0.5mm wire - a true test of my soldering abilities.... Ive made a switch board for the points, many happy hours of wiring to come.
  4. A couple more photos of the progress.
  5. Slaters wall as part of the backscene, ive used O gauge size sheets as this is most representitive of the walls found on the Cathcart Circle and Glasgow Queen Street.
  6. A few more photos - at various stages if progress
  7. A few more photos - at various stages if progress
  8. It is a red ballast from Cheltenham Model Centre - it is a very good colour for west/north Scotland. I use the 'n gauge' ballast as i think the OO gauge ballast is a bit overscale.
  9. Platform area starting to take shape. A bit of 'blue sky' for the backscene and the ballasting has begun! The Spotrail fleet-
  10. Ive used a replica chassis under a few EMU's - its excellent and the team at replica are very helpful! Ive always used the 64ft chassis with 12mm wheels
  11. A few more photos of the progress. A dabble with Dapol ohle masts to see if thats the way i want to go.
  12. Unfortunately i get so little time for modelling i dont want to take on substantial extra work for others. There are plenty of professional resprayers that could repaint a 320 for you (and to a far greater standard than i could achieve!) I have always been a fan of the work of 'Lees locos' who has a thread on rmweb, rainbow railways always produce impressive reliveries - there are loads! Bratchell models produce the class 320 in an unpainted version which is a cheaper base to work from (have a look on their website) or you could have a go yourself!
  13. A bit more progress on the layout. Attempting to be more tidy and systematic with my wiring this time round. First step to keep it tidy, using some of the plastic ends from ringbinding documents as a cable tidy. Works quite successfully as you can have cables join/leave the loom as required. Looking at the joins between boards, ive gone for brass screws under the rail heads to give adjustments for where my carpentry skills are lacking a little. Ive found it to be quite easy to hide them with some well placed sleeper elements. Addition of a scenic break, 3/4's of the board is 'front of house' with back 1/4 for fiddleyard and storage.
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