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  1. Gort-geous! It's coming together very well
  2. Thanks for your comments. I've been fitting magnetic couplings - great for coupling, but no automatic decoupling! I've put a decoder into 84, 'Falcon', and she's now on the roster. Another engine from harry Mulholland's Knockmore Junction layout, latterly he had her in a display case in the nursing home. She was originally a clockwork model built by Fred Graham in the 1950's. When Harry got her, Adrian Rowland of North Star Designs rebuilt her and she was professionally painted by Larry Goddard. Way back in 2004! Here a photo from 2010 at Knockmore Junction
  3. Thanks for the comments, guys. Golfer's saloon and some 6-wheelers would be nice, Colm. Here's video of her going off to collect some wagons. The decals show up differently in the video, not so obvious on the layout!
  4. More work on No. 6. The tender chassis, I've used Slater's plastic hornblocks, split axles and de-insulated the wheels so that no wipers are needed for pick-ups On the loco I did the same for the leading wheels and used fine wire pick-ups on the drivers. I tried lining the loco with the Rotring, but made an absolute mess of it! Plan 'B' (or maybe plan F or G --) was to draw the complete cabside and splasher in CAD, trying to match the loco green and drawing in the lining. I printed it onto white decal sheet and although the green isn't quite right, it will have to do! A bit of weathering will hide a lot. Kieran found a photo of the crest, again scanned into CAD software and scaled to size. (Several sizes, I chose the one I liked best). Here's the (very nearly) finished engine. The edges of the decals can be seen if you look for them. So don't!! And she's a nice runner.
  5. A super model! All it needs is a roaring fire in the grate and smoke from the chimney. What colour shade is the yellow brick?
  6. Brilliant! So maybe we could move the bogie pivot....................................................
  7. That's good progress, Kieran. Will look good when it's running
  8. Trying my hand at lining - and I'm not impressed! I've had Rotring pens lying in a drawer for years, so I thought it an opportunity to try them again. Perhaps if I took it off and tried again and again and again and... !! Ravelstone Central now has some more canopy, Evergreen strips mek'd to the glazing. The footbridge is a plastic laser cut kit from York Model Rail.
  9. Covid Tunnel - 2020 yards; perhaps I should have numbered it as 'No. 19' also! At the other end 206 will burst into the light in 2021
  10. A bit of scenic work to take my mind off lining No. 6!
  11. I hate masking tape!! Sometimes I attach it to my arm and pull it off hoping that some stickiness will get lost. Any recommendations for a tape with minimum sticky?
  12. Yeh - lighting add great atmosphere and lends itself well to photos where one can isolate little cameos
  13. A little further on - Green & Black (not chocolates!). I mixed about 10% black into GWR green - the boiler in the picture looks lighter than it is.
  14. I'm looking forward to seeing this when (if?) we get exhibitions back on course
  15. As far as I know, Des was happy enough with Eric's painting. Here's today's work - primed in grey, airbrushed using a tin of cellulose EP21 grey primer which I got from North Down Motor Factors.
  16. Thanks for the comments. The problem with getting paint is the courier cost to NI. Phoenix Precision Paints charge nearly £10 for a measly little tin! I have some GWR green, so I'll perhaps I should try that with a little black. Who's to know? - And anyway after a day out from the works it would have been a different green!
  17. I've been working on this model of BCDR No. 6 off and on for a couple of years. It's an Alphagraphix model in 7mm for 32mm finescale track. I thought the boiler supplied was undersized - possibly the original one with the round top firebox, so I've made a new one - for better or for worse! Any thoughts on a suitable shade of green? I know No. 30 in the museum is too light; I've seen Fred Graham's models but only carry a memory in my head! Perhaps BR green with some black in it, or is there a model paint near enough? Any ideas gratefully received. Here are pics of her nearly ready to paint, assembled and ckd.
  18. Great set of videos - well done! You've been busy!
  19. You're doing great work there! It will be an impressive train.
  20. Thanks for the comments. .Here are drawings of the Enterprise train coaches, I hope these will help you
  21. Just found your post -I'm an occasional visitor!! Des Coakham drew a number of track plans, some you've seen in his book. I've attached a list of his collection, I have them on file and can attach to an email if you want to look at one or two. Cheers Antony dgc track plans.pdf
  22. That captures the spirit of the County Down! The cover picture on Des Coakham's book should give you a good idea of the colour as he approved Eric Bottomley's depiction of the scene. I wonder if the original painting is any different from the book's print? - I suspect there's little difference. I think Downpatrick probably have the painting. Also there are prints of BCDR in Lord O'Neills book. The Greer model (on display in the Slieve Donard Hotel) I would imagine to be pretty accurate, as should be Fred Graham's models - he often got some paint from the railway company. (P9011874-2, 76-2 & 77-2) Phil Aspinwall built the kit of No. 6 and used Brunswick green mixed with black and white until he got what he wanted! (P4240328). Cheers' Antony
  23. Congrats! She looks the part with the 'Enniskillen Shipper'.
  24. Richard doesn't list the S class on his drawing collection. Here are some oddments I've gathered which may be of interest. I also have a number of drawings for the S2 which are very similar and a number of photos of 171 taken at Whitehead for modelling purposes. PM me if you wish. I should have the rest of 172 somewhere!
  25. I see there's been some discussion on layout lighting, and my layout, Stanfording was mentioned favourably! I got the LED strip from www.led-lighthouse.co.uk and used the Nano Tech Flexible LED strip 2835 in natural white. It comes in coils, I bought 3 and 5 metre lengths. They supply suitable psu's and connectors. The strips are self-adhesive, I stuck aluminium foil tape (recommended) onto 25mm plastic angle and the LED strip on that. It's a little wibbly-wobbly, but I wanted to keep it all as light and transportable as possible. The angles are 4 ft long - same as baseboards - slot together and have phono plugs to connect. 20 x 10 alu channel cantilevers the assembly from lighting stands at the rear of the layout. Hope this is of some interest to someone! Contact me if you wish to know more. Cheers Tony
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