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  1. By any chance has anybody received their D6704 models?
  2. Hi Guys. Has anybody received their green D6704 yet? Mine hasn't arrived yet. Thought they were due to ship end of last month.
  3. Has anybody received delivery of D6704 (ie BR green class 37s) pre-ordered direct from AS?
  4. Gort Station layout had its first public outing last weekend at Ireland's now biggest model railway exhibition - Wexford MRC annual exhibition. Enjoyed the two day show, superb organisation, great circulation space for the public. View looking east in Athenry direction Looking west in Ennis direction. As it was my first time ever exhibiting there were lots of practical new things to learn, and prepare for before the show (eg transport robust baseboard packing, stock boxes, tools, signage, pelmet, operating sequence). The two baseboard version in its current form is a shunting biased operation so interesting for modellers but dead boring for the general public who want to see lots of colourful movement and fast passing trains. The extension is already in construction so next outing she'll have lots of movement and passing trains that can pass on the main loop while shunting happened independently.
  5. Yard will be busy later when the 18:35 pick up goods arrives in from Athenry bound for Ennis. Plenty of merchandise in the Yard
  6. Yard is getting stocked up ready for next passing pick up goods train
  7. Some weathered modern era fitted Accurascale wagons arrived at Gort in 1976
  8. Some modern era fitted Accurascale wagons arrived at Gort in 1976
  9. Layout started in 2018, now almost ready for its first exhibition. Its a real location and the layout is based on Gort station in the west of Ireland as it looked in 1969 before the line closed in 1976, but was re-opened and modernised in 2010. The buildings were all scratch built except for one old Tri-ang place holder shelter till the scratch version is built. No drawings so old black and white photos were used to extrapolate the buildings dimensions and layout Photo in a book 'Rails through the West' that inspired the layout project Busy Yard In the beginning - 4 years ago Electrics - DCC Concepts Cobalt point motor system 4 years ago Ticket office Pleased the way the buildings turned out Progressing well a year ago 1969 GM 141 class loco hauls Branch working from Limerick to Tuam Gort is very near Fr Ted land parochial house, a bleak landscape with lots of stone walls Mixed formations were common in the 1960s. Its heading for its first show next week
  10. Almost ready for the big Wexford exhibition. 28 Layouts due to exhibit including the massive O gauge Little Siddington Looking down the line in Athenry direction A busy Gort station
  11. Looking forward to the big exhibition in Wexford over the May bank holiday weekend. Great venue with the big open hall and the station cafe. About 20 layouts on show apparently.
  12. Few more pics today's running
  13. Agree 100%. Neil is super helpful and willing to do customised projects. His sound projects drive prototypically with coasting, proper braking, train loads and innovative features such as cascading coupling snatch for starting off formations of loose coupled wagons, and the converse cascading buffer clash as a loose coupled train formation comes to a halt. He's even added some custom rail clank noises for me and additional horn variations. I just love driving his sound projects. The loco's react so realistically and sound great. He's a genius with ESU decoders.
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