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  1. Hi Rich I have 3 Vitrains 37s - all you have to do is bend down the two small pins that stick out either side of the gear tower - that should lower it by a couple of mm. Regards Rob
  2. Hi Rob I'm pretty new to DCC but I had this problem with TTS chips - I only have a small test plank but I found that if one of my locos still had the factory setting of 3 because I hadn't programed it yet, it would cause the other locos to move, as soon as it was programed all was fine, I use a Powercab BTW. Rob
  3. It will be interesting to see if the height of these matches their MK1s or their existing MK2s!! Regards Rob
  4. Hi, This is my Hornby body/Heljan chassis class 47. The Heljan chassis does take a bit of thinning down so it is possible to fit other bodies. Rob
  5. Hi I have a couple of spares that I don't need, I replaced mine with Heljan items. PM me and I can post them to you if you want. Rob
  6. Hi, thanks for your replies much appreciated! Rob
  7. Hi all Can somebody tell me if the Hornby Railroad Flying Scotsman is tender driven? Thanks. Rob.
  8. Thanks for all your comments - I'm still trying to get used to posting stuff on here as you can probably tell?!! Rob.
  9. Hi everyone, Here are some more photos of stuff on my workbench that still need bits a pieces finishing off!! There are a pair of Lima 20's that I got from Hattons pre owned for £29.00 each ,which I have painted, re wheeled and put a new motor and flywheel in. Also a Vitrains class 37 with a Lima split headcode front grafted on and a lima 125 power car that needs a visit to the works! Lastly a Hornby Bachmann class 25.
  10. Hi, This is my Bachmann peak, it had a centre headcode that I filled (which you can still see through my thin yellow paint!) and fitted some 2mm LEDs with a small plastic tube ring. Rob
  11. Thanks for your replies, yes the motor still works. It only happened because I was testing everything before I put it all back in the loco and sausage fingers!! Rob
  12. Hi everyone I'm very new to DCC. I have a TTS 47 and thought I put a better speaker in it, which I did and it sounded great until the two speaker wires touched each other - a burning smell then no sound, so I assume that's the end of that decoder and nothing can be done?! Thanks. Rob
  13. Thank for your kind comments - the size is 4' x 2' and the plan is to have two fiddle yards either side until I have enough space to extend! It's set 1985 -90 in the midlands. Just placing a bit of stock on there at the mo, track needs a clean and the wiring needs some TLC. I have almost finished the building you can see in the pictures (Whole Food Market) The old one got squashed in storage!!
  14. Hi Everyone Thought it was about time I started a layout and workbench thread so here goes!! I started Hill Street a few years ago ( posted some photos on the old RM Web ) didn't finish it and then it went into storage at my work premises, so decided to get it out and give it a clean. so here are some recent photos and some older ones :scratchhead:Rob.
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