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  1. Yes I think you're right about the ballast, I will add some more black. And yes my DMU is a Lima 117 conversion. I managed to do it without chopping or a whole repaint, just did a bit of filling here and there and then blended the blue and grey paint back in to the Lima original, it's also been lowered and fitted with laserglaze. It isn't powered, it'll just get dragged around by my other DMUs and my Heljan 128. Rob
  2. Hi All Another addition to the footbridge - a zigzag girder type construction. I'm quite pleased with how it's coming along, should look good with some subtle lighting inside.. I hope! Rob
  3. Thanks lash! I've been giving my station building a refresh including adding roof gubbings and a new footbridge - it's maybe something that would have been added in the eighties to a 1960s building?! Still lots more details to add. Rob
  4. Thank you for the kind words, think I may have been looking at the ballast for too long, couldn't decide if it was good bad or ugly!!Lol! It's definitely Hill Street Blues and maybe with a touch of grey!! Rob.
  5. Hi everyone Thank you for the kind comments - Well I've almost finished ballasting, a few places here and there to tidy up, so I thought I'd post some more photos - Go easy on me?!! Rob
  6. Hi Mike I'll be using Woodland Scenics Fine ballast grey blend. I've used it before and it looks the part, not too heavy, but I think for the look you're trying to achieve maybe something even finer?! Rob.
  7. Hi Here are a couple more photos from me before I start ballasting, also a photo of my recent purchase, a Heljan class 25 - I've changed the cab handrails, windscreen wipers, I've cut the front glazing into separate pieces and made them flush and also changed the headcode panel so you don't get any light bleed. Rob
  8. Hi Mike That's Looking really good - I do like retaining walls, tunnels and blue brick! I'll post some more progress pictures as I go along. Rob
  9. Thanks for the replies! It's going to be a through station with a bay platform and a couple of DMU stabling sidings - I'd like to put up some wires but I think my clumsy sausage fingers will keep pulling them down!! Rob
  10. Hi Everyone This is the beginning of my refurbished Hill Street Station which I built about 10 years ago, it's OO gauge and set in the mid eighties, it wasn't really working out so I took it apart, and now I'm rebuilding using some of the original buildings. It's all work in progress but I thought I'd plonk some stock and buildings in place to get a feel of how it will look and keep my mojo flowing!! Rob
  11. Not sure if I've missed something - so Bachmann bringing out a brand new oo gauge class 58? Rob
  12. Hi everyone, Thank you for your replies - I'll have a look at the Zen stay alives. Rob
  13. Hi, I have a ESU loksound version 5, do I have to use an ESU power pack or can use a power pack I already have (Lais stay alive)? Don't want to kill the decoder!! Rob
  14. Hi Ray Not sure about the large version decoders but this is what it says for version 5.0 - you need to tell the decoder the SSP (smart power pack) is there and which output function is being used, which is AUX 9 for a loksound 5 and AUX 7 for a Locksound 5 micro. First ensure CV31=16 and CV32=0 to gain access to the correct index, and for a Loksound 5 set CV339 to 31, and for a Loksound micro set CV323 to 31. Rob
  15. Hi matt I have a V5.0 decoder with a power pack and it says in the instructions that you have to let the decoder know you have a power pack fitted using various cv's, I'm not at home at the moment so I can't check, I'll try and post the details tomorrow. Rob
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