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  1. G'day, Mr Wolf, The Barnum project is still in the planning stage. I've been gathering photos for some time. References so far include Model Railways, May 1980 and Railway Modeller, May 1988, both of which have drawings and other useful data. I do intend to scratchbuild most of it, but I do have a suitable tender, possible chassis block, wheels, axles, gearbox and motor. So, "watch this space". Regards, Rob
  2. G'day, Andrew, Thank you for your kind comments. I'm impressed by the detail you managed to incorporate in your model - especially the chassis. I did enjoy reading through the account of your build. I see how you mounted the underhung springs and how you incorporated the outside frames into the chassis, instead of attaching them to the footplate, as I did. Nice work! Regards, Rob
  3. G'day all, This thread reminded me of a conversion from a Tri-ang Princess I did while very impecunious in 1971. I attempted to make a model of a NSWGR C35 class, like this: This was the result (rather crude now, by my current standards): The tender body came from a Dublo Castle. It was useful kitbashing experience at the time. Regards, Rob
  4. G'day, Gordon A, You're right! I'll tone them down initially with black paint, which has worked very well in so many other models using the same rods, such as 152. Regards, Rob
  5. G'day, St Enodoc, Thank you for your kind words. It seems like such a long time since we chatted at the very last St Luke's show. Times have changed and there won't be any more held there. I look forward to a time when my wife and I won't be in self -isolation and we will be able to share times with our friends and relatives - but not just yet. Meanwhile, I have to be content with sharing my models on-line. I am interested in your universal coupling rods, which should be much easier to use than the SS strips I have been using recently. I guess they don't need (brittle)
  6. Introduction Having modelled locos and rolling stock of the GWR for a long time, my collection of locos can be subdivided into the following groups: · Pure GWR designs · Central Wales area types (See Ref. 10) · South Wales area types My South Wales area models include: · 0-4-0ST: 968, ex-Swansea Harbour Trust Peckett – 3D printed body on Hornby Pug chassis · 0-4-4T: 3, ex-Barry Railway G class – modified Craftsman kit for LSWR T1 class · 0-6-0ST: 680, ex-ADR – scratchbuilt body on 2nd-hand H0
  7. G'day, cypherman, There is some discussion on this product here: How long it lasts depends upon how much you use your model. It could be months or years. And it doesn't seem to deteriorate over time once applied. I'm still happy with it. Regards, Rob
  8. G'day, Florence Locomotive Works, I've just sent you a PM with a scanned copy of the Sep 1963 RM article that others were chasing. I hope it will help. Regards, Rob
  9. G'day, all, I've used a chassis block and motor mounts from a Hornby Bill/Ben to restore a Toby chassis afflicted with Mazac rot. As mentioned above, the chassis block has alternative positions for axles to facilitate assembly as an 0-4-0 or 0-6-0. Regards, Rob
  10. G'day, all, Here's something else rebuilt from a Hornby L&Y pug - a GWR Peckett: Some details of construction may be found here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/155869-gwr-968-peckett-0-4-0st/ Rebuilding can be so enjoyable! Regards, Rob
  11. A casual search of “Thingiverse” in August 2019 revealed several basic locomotive body designs provided for free by 2A Rail. These were downloaded and stored for future use. They are no longer available on Thingiverse. The first project I attempted was a Manning Wardle 0-6-0T, the body of which was mounted on a Hornby Terrier chassis. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/147303-3d-freelance-manning-wardle-0-6-0t/ The next project used just the saddle tank of a Peckett W6 to make GWR 680. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/154031-gwr-
  12. G'day, all, A further alternative would be to scratchbuild a new chassis, as detailed here: It worked for me! Regards, Rob
  13. G'day, all, Another, relatively inexpensive solution would be to install a 4-wheeled tram mechanism into the coach, as done here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/103776-motorise-gbl-stephensons-rocket/ It worked for me! Regards, Rob
  14. Introduction I have a soft spot for GWR locos that ran in Central and South Wales, due to historic family connections with those areas. I am especially fond of those engines that did or may have worked in the Oswestry Division in the early to mid-1930s. Currently, this part of my collection includes the following: 2-4-0T: 1196 0-4-2T: 848, 4833 0-6-0ST: 1331 0-6-0T: 1376 0-6-0PT: 1565 2-6-2T: 4508 2-4-0: 3515 0-6-0: 908, 885, 1195, 2322, 2573 4-4-0: 1043, 3283, 3265 2-6-0: 2620 Looking through Re
  15. Background In 2013, I posted several articles about stock on my fictional GWR layout “Carmarthen Junction”. Links to them are available at the end of this post, for those who may be interested. I am grateful for the kind comments and encouragement I received at that time. Since then, much modelling has been done, most of which has been reported in this forum, with images of the newly completed models posed on my layout. I have been asked recently (in another forum) to provide more information about the layout itself: size, design, operation, etc.
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