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  1. Yep I will do, I’ve heard they’ve been pretty good on returns so I expect it will be fine. Thanks @Graham_Muz, the body appears complete but I haven’t actually seen it myself, so I will keep you posted!
  2. Last week so finally got round to ordering W9 Fishbourne. It arrived today and is a superb model superficially, in my opinion, it looks to be slightly finer than the Hornby offering, although both are excellent models Unfortunately the running plate on mine is bent at the rear leaving a gap between the bunker and running plate, so back to Rails it goes.... oh well!
  3. The Rails Terrier arrived...it’s a lovely model and in my opinion slightly finer than the Hornby offering.... Unfortunately mine has a bent running plate at the rear, leaving a gap between the bunker and running plate, so back to Rails it goes.... ho hum!
  4. Is it to become a Golden Arrows Maunsell 0-6-0 Diesel shunter?
  5. Yes, W9 Fishbourne. It hasn't arrived ye but I will give an honest report when it does!
  6. If you use the 'Scale Model Scenery' post and wire fencing with some 0.2mm Jewellery wire, it's actually not all that bad! https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/lx058-72-laser-cut-4ft-wooden-fence-posts-172-1382-p.asp
  7. Sadly I've not had any time to progress the layout due to work constraints but I thought I'd show you all a picture of the newly acquired O2 which was delivered to a friends’. It is a pre-production model so lacks the motor of gearbox but I managed to pick up a spares or repairs jobby on the internet with a damaged body, so I will make a good one out of the two. After that I'll re-number it and work on removing the motor gear. I'm currently thinking of going for one of the early O2s to the island and modelling it without a nameplate but we shall see.... I MAY
  8. Thanks for correcting my dodgy spelling I was getting confused with the bus company(?), now amended! It’ Yes, I have seen a photo of them too, possibly in ‘Stroudley and his Terriers’ but I will have to do some digging on this, I’ll get back to you! This is a photo I’ve seen of the VECTIS wagon, although I have heard there are some problems with the accuracy of the livery in addition to the wagon used as a basis. I had missed the Brading layout, but it looks right up my street! Thanks for highlighting.
  9. A suitable O2 (and donor) has been acquired. Photos and an outline of the work required to follow!
  10. HI @wainwright1, Best video I've found of the facilities of at the Cement Mill are in this video: http://www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/3163 , with a lovely shot of W10 Cowes at a head of a train of wagons, although these are lettered 'Vectis', which I believe were grey and not yellow? Regarding the Cambrian kits, I was going to have a search for some suitable wagons once I've built the layout, and possibly paint them up in Vectics livery, although it's someway down the priorities list compared to bolstering my stock of Southern Railway wagons. Thanks to @IWCR for the informative
  11. A really special layout, in such a small space too. Well done!
  12. I'm also loathed to digress onto another project, but since seeing the similarity between the this Bachmann Scenecraft building and an IoW station, I haven't been able to get this out of my head. Hmmmmm....
  13. Still a few more coats of paint to go but already the backscene is moving on nicely.
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