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  1. Looking good Nile. I see you mentioned frog polarity switching and your wire in tube point control. I’ve not seen anyone do frog polarity switching (does it work on the blades too?) on OO9 points. How exactly did you wire this?
  2. Looking good Nile. What's the plan for a backscene?
  3. Looks like an interesting project, keep up the good work. What do you think you will be able to get into the loop/headshunt? It's hard to tell what it will take once allowing for clearances.
  4. I’m not so sure it’s Salmon Pink and Chocolate Brown, they started painting LSWR vehicles into holly green from 1920, I think, and it seems to say ‘Southern Railway’ in between windows below the roof. I wonder if it’s just a reflection on account of the body side curvature which is making the colours seem different?
  5. Hi Schooner, I like the look of the shed, I think it’ll be a lovely feature. With regard to some of the questions, I think it’ll work nicely but I often find with these things it’s just a case of seeing how it looks on the layout and making it look prototypical etc. Keep up the good work, the sea air must be doing something...!
  6. You could get 5xA1 sheets of 10mm stuff for £36 on ebay, not cheap but not awful....
  7. Hi Jack, I wrote about using Foamboard in another thread, as follows: Foamboard is an interesting material to work with, you definitely need to clad it in some sort of Ply if you're planning on moving the layout through around, as it's not very knock resistant. Make sure you use PVA and a hot glue gun for the joints, I've gone back in a few places where I just used hot glue during construction to add a bit more strength to the joints. Also be mindful of if you're going to have an integral backscene or not, on Shalfleet Quay I've only got a backscene on
  8. Hi Jack, My foamboard wasn't branded, I just bought it off eBay. I have written about this before in another thread, I had to add some strengthening to the underside after construction, if I was to do it again I would opt for 10mm foamboard rather than 5mm. Hope that helps. Will
  9. Thanks @Mick Bonwick for the kind words! Thanks for the tip off @wainwright1, the S&K has been on the to do list for a while, so maybe I'll try and co-ordinate the two!
  10. Two photos of the Barge on the layout. Can you tell I’m rather pleased with this? Still a few more details to add etc.
  11. Thanks, this looks very interesting. I wasn’t aware it was 2 men and a dog... I’ll have to model them for sure!
  12. A photo taken in daylight to show the rigging more clearly. I’ve still got to add the foresail which will be furled, alongside the sails for the main and mizzen masts. It’s fair to day if I ever build a ship again it will be one without a mast and rigging!
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