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  1. Barmouth 1958. 58xx Class 0-4-2T No 5801 basks in the warm July sun prior to working its next duty. 4mm scale Diorama by Dan Evason of Tunnel Lane Model Railways for Modelu Photograph taken with Lumix G9 & 30mm Macro, Helicon focus stacked and processed in Lightroom, smoke added with Smoke brush in Photoshop
  2. Barmouth 1958. 58xx Class 0-4-2T No 5801 basks in the warm July sun prior to working its next duty.
  3. A cold start to the day at Pensyflog, Porthmadog. Diorama by Dan Evason of Tunnel Lane Model Railways for Modelu Figures by Modelu Shed by Severn Models Fencing by Scale Model Scenery Dapol 4mm Mogul Natural light
  4. It's 1954 and another cold start to the day at Pensyflog. Mr Pritchard's woodbine smoke hangs in the cold air as he pauses on his morning walk to chat with Mrs Williams. What could they be chatting about I wonder... maybe Richard Burton on the radio narrating the recently deceased Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood, or how her garden looks uncommonly colourful for the time of year, or perhaps more likely they are just talking about the weather
  5. Hi David, My sincere apologies for missing your email reminder, I've just refunded the full amount including postage. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Alan
  6. Modelu Modellers Photo Comp reminder Free Crew Detail Pack with every Loco Crew pack for rest of December 25% off Passenger Packs for rest of December New Fitters https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/2020-12-11 New Signal Box Interior details including Tyer's Token Instruments, Cupboards and Train Register Desk - https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/2020-12-12/ New Father Christmas Figure - https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/2020-12-13/ Prototype Sugg's Rochester Lamps - https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/2020-12-14/ Regarding lamps, I've not forgetten the other requests, I've not had time to get to grips with producing the fold up glazing with the silhouette cutter, so in the meantime I'll be working through some globe style lamps. These will unfortunatley be opaque until I can find a solution for a clear lamp body.
  7. Hi All, I've been running an Advent Calendar promo over on our social media pages, here is an update of the new products and promos so far: Modelu Modellers Photo of the year competitio - https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/2020-12-01/ New Shed Staff, Workman and Loco crews at rest figure packs - https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/2020-12-02/ New GWR Stove, Kettle and Coal Scuttle, scanned at Radstock North, Didcot - https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/2020-12-03/ New Cafe Interior Details - https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/2020-12-04/ 20% Discount off scan reprints for December - https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/2020-12-05/ New Loco Shed Details including Sand box fillers, Hydralite Jacks and 25L oil drums - https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/2020-12-06/ New Binman and Dust bins - https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/2020-12-07/
  8. A damp Sunday morning at Porthmadog shed. GWR 43xx No.6324 stands outside Porthmadog loco shed, a sub-shed of Machynlleth 89C. The two road structure was built by the Cambrian Railways in 1907 and survived until August 1963. This is a box fresh Dapol Mogul and awaits light weathering, renumbering and reallocating to 89C. This is the second of the dioramas built for Modelu by Dan Evason of Tunnel Lane Model Railways and is photographed in natural light.
  9. Morning all, I've some development news to share as we've quite a few new bits in the pipeline after a very busy few weeks getting through the order backlog. HO Scale 40% Sale For all our HO modellers, this weekend we are having a 40% sale on 1:87/HO scale whilst stocks last. View our website to see what is on offer. Modelu Printed Catalogue The new printed Autumn 2020 Modelu catalogue is back in stock. 100 full colour pages of Modelu products, customer images and more. Catalogues are available to order for £8 plus postage, with a free downloadable PDF version on the website. New Spruing Method We've been upgrading our processes at Modelu HQ and have improved the way our figures are sprued. The new spruing method makes trimming figures very simple, just using fingers or tweezers for fine supports. This short video shows 4mm and 7mm scale figures with the new support structures being trimmed away. Note that the bed of supports under the feet provides a smoother base so the figure stands up without any need for sanding. All new stock will be produced with this method from now on. 3D Scanning at Didcot and the SVR We've been out and about with the 3D scanner, thanks to Thomas Macey at Didcot and Nick Willcox at the SVR. New items in the pipeline from these sessions include buffer beam details, signal box interior kit, more yard details, point rodding details and more. Our next session is on Monday at the diesel depot in Kidderminster. New Architectural Fittings including chimney pots and guttering Modelu's range of architectural details has been expanded to include guttering and square pipe fittings. This system of components is designed to work with the existing range of rainwater goods and comprises of half round and ogee profile guttering, stop ends, outlets and corners. Square fittings for 3" and 4" pipe diameters now include rain water hoppers, bends, offsets, branches and shoes. See the website for more information. Dan Evason has used a number of the new products to great effect on this diorama commission, based on the Barton Road Crossing of the Bristol Avonside wharf branch. Available MId-November - Cafe Interior Details Our new range of café interiors is coming soon, including this deli counter, vending machine, arcade game and much more. Thanks to Dan Evason for bringing these prototype prints to life. Available December - Point Rodding Components Our range of scale point rodding rollers were one of our first products that really made use of high-resolution 3D printing. That was 5 years ago and beyond adding new designs to the range not much else had changed, until now! We are currently working on scale cranks, compensators and other items available as static components in December. Scales available will be 4mm, 7mm and 1/32nd. Longer term we'll be looking at options for working point rodding. Development Workbench The volume of orders during lockdown had made it a challenge to find time for product development, but that is set to change with our extra production capacity. Sadly due to covid restrictions a number of scanning sessions have had to be postponed, including another Ragged Victorian event and scanning Edwardian passengers. Over the winter months we'll be working on the following new products: Platform lamps (Finally...!) Signal Box Interior Modern Passengers standing & seated 1960s & 1970s diesel crews More yard details Thanks for reading!
  10. Thanks Tim, I was just thinking this morning about how to add a few dents and scrapes :-) Will post up some more photos this evening after I've had a go at it
  11. That is first on the list :-) Along with the driver chatting out the window to him
  12. Thanks, I'll give that a try. My airbrush compressor is on the blink at the moment so when I've worked out what is up with it I'll revisit the transit. I've really enjoyed reading about your two layouts, it is such a photogenic subject area. I found that Bristol archive site particularily inspiring and I'll be creating some new figures based on the guys in those photos.
  13. Thanks Mikkel, it does feel good and is reconnecting me with my products in a really nice way. I'm sure these dioramas are also going to inspire many new ideas. I realised a while back that the only way I was going to get any modelling done was if I could do it in a work setting :-D
  14. The Barton Road diorama is suitable for a few time frames between 1950 and 1980 so I've been collecting vehicles to pose in the scene alongside some suitable Modelu figures. The 1970's period interests me the most, with Bath Road 03's working the Avonside branch cement works and distillers. First up on the list of vehicles to weather is an Oxford Diecast Mk1 Ford Transit. This is my first attempt at weathering a vehicle and I've been following Mick Bonwick's blog notes on the process. Any feedback is much appreciated! First step this morning was to apply Humbrol Matt Cote and the model left for the day whilst I got with printing orders. This evening I set about my first attempt at applying some MIG Productions neutral wash to the body work. The photo I'm working from shows some grime on the lower panels and quite a lot of rust on the bonnet just above the radiator grille and around the headlights. After leaving for 10 minutes the wash is removed using some white spirit to get the desired level of road grime. A little AK Interactive Fuel Stains is used around the filler cap Originally rust had been added using a very fine amount of powder, then I'd remembered I bought some Gundam Real Touch paint markers some years back and had been yet to try them. The set I have comes with Black, Brown, Green, a sort of burnt Orange, Pink and a blurring pen. These pens have two tips, a fine tip and a brush tip. First job was to line out the windows using the fine tip black pen. With some success using the black fine tip I experimented with the brush tip of the brown pen for applying rust to the front of the vehicle, the sills and around the wheel arches. It looks a little heavy handed in close up, I think the whole front end needs toning down. I'll apply some Dullcote in the morning and later experiment with some neutral tone powders. Any tips, thoughts, critique much appreciated! I couldn't resist seeing the transit parked up on Barton Road. It now awaits a driver!
  15. Good to hear from you Andy :-) Hoping to post more over the coming weeks
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