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  1. A damp Sunday morning at Porthmadog shed. GWR 43xx No.6324 stands outside Porthmadog loco shed, a sub-shed of Machynlleth 89C. The two road structure was built by the Cambrian Railways in 1907 and survived until August 1963. This is a box fresh Dapol Mogul and awaits light weathering, renumbering and reallocating to 89C. This is the second of the dioramas built for Modelu by Dan Evason of Tunnel Lane Model Railways and is photographed in natural light.
  2. Morning all, I've some development news to share as we've quite a few new bits in the pipeline after a very busy few weeks getting through the order backlog. HO Scale 40% Sale For all our HO modellers, this weekend we are having a 40% sale on 1:87/HO scale whilst stocks last. View our website to see what is on offer. Modelu Printed Catalogue The new printed Autumn 2020 Modelu catalogue is back in stock. 100 full colour pages of Modelu products, customer images and more. Catalogues are available to order for £8 plus postage, with a free downloadable PDF vers
  3. Thanks Tim, I was just thinking this morning about how to add a few dents and scrapes :-) Will post up some more photos this evening after I've had a go at it
  4. That is first on the list :-) Along with the driver chatting out the window to him
  5. Thanks, I'll give that a try. My airbrush compressor is on the blink at the moment so when I've worked out what is up with it I'll revisit the transit. I've really enjoyed reading about your two layouts, it is such a photogenic subject area. I found that Bristol archive site particularily inspiring and I'll be creating some new figures based on the guys in those photos.
  6. Thanks Mikkel, it does feel good and is reconnecting me with my products in a really nice way. I'm sure these dioramas are also going to inspire many new ideas. I realised a while back that the only way I was going to get any modelling done was if I could do it in a work setting :-D
  7. The Barton Road diorama is suitable for a few time frames between 1950 and 1980 so I've been collecting vehicles to pose in the scene alongside some suitable Modelu figures. The 1970's period interests me the most, with Bath Road 03's working the Avonside branch cement works and distillers. First up on the list of vehicles to weather is an Oxford Diecast Mk1 Ford Transit. This is my first attempt at weathering a vehicle and I've been following Mick Bonwick's blog notes on the process. Any feedback is much appreciated! First step this morning was to apply Humbrol Matt Cot
  8. Good to hear from you Andy :-) Hoping to post more over the coming weeks
  9. Thanks - I can't take create for the scene, that is the work of Dan Evason at Tunnel Lane Models (https://www.facebook.com/groups/tunnellanemodelrailways/). He made 3 dioramas for Modelu for product photography :-)
  10. January 2015 was the last time I did any modelling and Modelu was still a figment of my imagination. I was working out my 3 months notice from my IT job, living in Wales with my mother and spending my evenings trying to get my new 3D printer to work consistently. This Dukedog project was one of the first successes in those early days, with 3D printed top feed, sandboxes and whistles (these are in the product range). No 9000 was destined for Oswestry Works, but it looks just as good at home on Dan's Portmadoc diorama. Next job is to lightly weather and and some shed staff. 9018 is
  11. I recognise that chap, 1404 I think :-D Thanks Mikkel, it is good to be back and making time for modelling. Just been scanning back through my posts and it is strange to think when I was detailing the pannier or snapping bits of dukedogs that Modelu wasn't even on the horizon! Just on a practical level looking at how much I was relying on brass details and scratch built bits. Seems like another world now with what is possible with the printer.
  12. Yes depending on the camera angles! I'm looking to paint some of the pre-grouping figures for product shots so Portmadoc and Barton Road would definitely suit those periods.
  13. My last post to this blog was the last time I did any modelling, way back in February 2015 when I was detialing stock for Oswestry Works. Modelu took over my time completely from then on and the hobby became full time work. 5 years later and I'm blowing the dust off the paints and preparing stock and figures, not for Oswestry unfortunately but for 3 diorama's I've had commissioned for showcasing Modelu products. All that work on Oswestry Works will come to fuitition at some point as it would also serve as a fantastic scene for displaying products. Dan Evason of Tunnel Lane Mode
  14. Modelu are operating from home, posting daily with free post on all UK orders
  15. Hi Ian, It appears my hosting company moved me to a new server on Friday evening and this has caused some issues like the one you had experienced. I had the same today trying to access the whole site - it is hopefully now solved, if you have any further oddities then a browser cache reset (F5) or (CTRL & F5) should sort it. Cheers Alan
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