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  1. If I remember correctly Phil each team had a print in 7mm scale and any others they needed, such as HO for the WCR guys and 4mm for some other teams. Congrats to all the teams, it was great to be involved in a small way and see everything coming together. The figures created in the final will be on sale soon!
  2. News Update - September 2019 The Great Model Railway Challenge Broadcast dates have been confirmed for the new series of the Great Model Railway Challenge and I'm pleased to announce that Modelu will feature on set during the final episode, 3D scanning and 3D printing. Episode one airs on the revised date of September 13th. New Pendon Figures 8 new figures have been added to the Pendon Collection; these include farm workers, workmen and people in conversation. Another scanning session with volunteers at the museum is scheduled for October, with seated passengers and other general public figures planned. These will be available for sale in November. New Seated Loco Crews Two new seated crews have been added to the 1948-1968 range. These include 1090 Seated Driver suitable for BR Standard, LMS and LNER locomotives and 1089 Seated Loco Crew leaning. New Town and Country Figures Three new Town & Country figures are now available depicting the civilian clothing given to a man on his demobilisation from the British armed forces at the end of the Second World War. LSWR Point Rodding These early point rodding rollers have been produced in 4mm and 7mm scales, available in 1 way through 12 way. Used throughout the LSWR, surviving examples can be seen at Sheffield Park on the Bluebell railway. Designed for round section 0.4mm (4mm scale) and 0.7mm (7mm scale) wire. For packet sizes see the website Pipe Fittings and Fixtures For the scratch builders or people looking to add some detail to their buildings, the Architectural Fittings range has been expanded to include pipe fittings and fixtures. These include offsets, branches, bends and shoes, available in 90°, 112.5° and 135° variants. Wing Backed Arm Chair The popular seated signal man figure sits in a rather nice armchair which has been made available as a stand alone item. This was scanned from one of the two wing backed armchairs in the foyer at Pendon Museum. Road Work Lamps The Kenyon Kenlite, a common sight on road works around the country up until the 1970's. These distinctive paraffin danger lamps are now available in packs of 3. Thoughts on material improvements Over the 5 years I've been producing figures there have been many developments in 3D printing, with improved accuracy and detail, surface finish and material characteristics. Compared to the red resin which was used for many years, the new HD Slate has much crisper features, takes paint more easily and is more pliable. At exhibitions I meet many customers who still have red figures unpainted and tucked away in a drawer for future projects. With this in mind I'm considering a trade-in discount offer, where unpainted red figures can be returned and a discount coupon issued for new HD slate figures. This would be for off the shelf products as well as custom scans created at exhibitions. I'm still working out the logistics of how the trade-in would work, but would be really interested to hear your thoughts.
  3. Hi Rob, I'll be testing them thoroughly over the summer, so realistically I hope to have some ready for Wells in August. I'm heading into another busy period so dev time is at a premium again! But seeing what Martin has done with the print samples I gave him is very encouraging! Cheers Alan
  4. Thanks, will be printing a prototype one in 4mm today
  5. Yes good point, I've found some dimensions online:
  6. Larger Scales are here! Larger scales including G Scale and 16mm are now available across the whole product catalogue, including detailing components. All figures are printed in a tough grey resin. Prices start at £15 for Gauge 1, £26 for G Scale and £32 for 16mm. These 16mm painted models pictured below were commissioned for the Kent and North Wales Light railway and painted by the hugely talented Claudia Everett.
  7. Yes, all are in the cards once I've nailed down how best to produce them :)
  8. News Update - June 2019 Hi all, it's been a busy Spring with a lot of improvements made behind the scenes on workshop processes, communication and standardising products and packet sizes. We've launched a new website with a chat function where you can talk to me or other staff members when we are in the workshop. There is now also a new landline number (01743 340008). My small crew of staff are getting to grips with more complex tasks, freeing me up to get out and about working on new products and collaborations. New HD Resin B9 Creations have been developing a brand new resin designed specifically for model making. I've been beta testing the resin since March and it has outstanding model making potential. In particular its matt grey finish and outstanding material characteristics make it highly suited to figurines and details. I'll be using it as standard on all products to up 1/32nd scale from July. So far it doesn't exhibit the same brittleness of 3D printed resins and as a result I've been blowing the dust of many parked projects - platform lamps being one of them! N Gauge in particular looks exceptional. I'll post pictures when I'm back in the workshop next week and I'll have some stock at Warminster this weekend. This resin was first used at Pendon during Tim Shackleton's figure painting course, where I scan participants in the morning, before spending the rest of the day learning figure painting techniques. Thanks to the lightening speed of the B9 printer, I was able to scan, edit and print the participants so they had their figurines ready to paint after lunch. GWR Spark Arrestor Commissioned by Warren Shephard for his 16xx kit, this test print will be added to the range once I've had feedback from Warren in 4mm and 7mm scales. When the ModelRail 16xx is released, I'll look at modifying the artwork to make it compatible. LSWR Barley Twist Platform Lamps It's been almost 4 years since I printed the L&Y lamps in 4mm and until now they haven't been viable to produce in any quantities. A new resin launched by B9 has put them back on the table and I'm now experimenting with some artwork kindly provided by Martin Finney. The image below is of a 4mm multi part print, with base, column and neck printed separately. These components have a 0.5mm hole which in this example has a length of brass wire threaded through for stability. Making these lamps modular will allow for a wide range of variations. I'll be taking these print samples to Warminster this weekend for Martin to review. I'm yet to decide on how to deal with the frames, most likely they will be a fold up etch for strength and lasercut glazing along the lines of Shawplans laserglaze. New Loco and Rolling Stock Lamps Thanks to Justin Newitt and John Marsh, I have the artwork for a number of new loco head lamps and rolling stock lamps. Test prints have been successful and I now just need to modify the artwork to take the lenses. The new lamps include: LNER Carriage & Goods Tail Lamps LNER Brake Van Side Lamps Taff Vale Railway Head Lamps (two types) Cambrian Railway Head Lamps New Products Available Now 2748 Shunters Pole Another example of a product that has been right under my nose for years! The shunters poles featured in a number of figures are now available in packs of 3. New Modern Image Engineers and Diesel Depot details Thanks to Sean Williams and Mike Turner who brought their kit along to DEMU last weekend, there are now 7 new figures in the modern image range. Nick Willcox from the SVR also makes an appearance! Also added are Diesel depot details, including hanging and folded jackets/bibs, hard hats, drivers bags and rucksacks. https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/product-category/finescale-figures/railway-and-lineside/1982-onwards/line-possession-working/ https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/product-category/detailing-components/diesel-depot-details/ New Early Industrial Loco Crews Originally commissioned by Minerva Model Railways for the Manning Wardle K Class, these 9 crews are now available in all scales. Thanks to Nick Willcox from the SVR for his help in the scanning and arranging volunteers. https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/product-category/finescale-figures/industry/early-20th-century/loco-crew-early-20th-century/ Next Developments 2 day scanning session booked in with the Friends of Pendon for a new range of seated passengers and other civilian themed figurines 70+ WWII British and American infantry, tank and artillery figurines in relaxed poses Initial range of new platform and street lamps (including the Revo!) Exhibitions Modelu's scanning equipment will be available at the following exhibitions this year: Warminster 8th June Railwells 10/11th August Guildex 31st August / 1st September Great Electric Trainshow 12th / 13th October Warley 23/24th November BRM Peterborough 7th / 8th December
  9. Potentially Stephen, though with the finials it would add another step in the clean up process to remove the uncured resin from the hole. I've been experimenting printing the finials with a peg on the base which could be the answer
  10. I could try printing them with a hole in the foot already, instead of having the usual 3 supports on the base of a foot I could try 2 and the hole. Having just printed some LSWR platform lamps with a 0.4mm hole right through the column and base I'm thinking it could actually work..!
  11. Yes, exciting times, I want to reprint everything and get it under the magnifier!
  12. Some material news, I'll slowly be replacing the red resin used for details such as lamps with a high resolution green resin. This resin is compatible with the new machine and is of a much higher quality than the red, as these crude 4mm scale GWR Loco Lamp comparison shots show! These are printed at 30 micron slices at a rate of x400 4mm scale lamps in 30 minutes, about 5 times faster than the older machines. Next step is to print components in the new material and see if anything needs adjusting, in the case of lamps the handles need thickening up at touch at the apex. More to come soon!
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