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  1. . . . . .but it's not all beer - I sometimes have Tea ! In fact in a series of articles about the building of our group layout, each article included 'Mike arrived and made Tea' as I wasn't much good at anything else . . . . . . . . .
  2. Some very interesting photos of the locos, both in the cab and the exterior - so many people just take the usual distant three quarter 'here's a loco' photo but you always manage to include some of the fine detail. Also enjoyed the variety of transport in the museum. I've now got the page marked in my Caravan Club Handbook . . . . . !!
  3. I thought we had committed every transport plane we have to the evacuation from Kabul - perhaps this was to confuse everyone by strapping the transponder to the back of a seagull so nobody knew that another transport was on the way to help out - although I guess if that had really happened, the bird would have fallen from the sky faster than a Hippo
  4. The Gauge O Guild had planned to use the Bingley Hall for Guildex (early Sept) as it was cheaper than the previous Telford Exhibition Centre which cost £32,000 in 2019 (and that show made a loss). However due to uncertainty about the future at the time they needed to confirm the booking and pay for hotels etc meant that Guildex has been cancelled for this year. I look forward to visiting the new venue - previous visits to the Bingley Hall have been for the Mini show and Classic Bike shows !! .
  5. Thanks Richard. Even though it's local, I haven't been to Crich for sometime but it looks like I will be there with my grandson on Bank Holiday Monday for the "Teddy Bear's Picnic" !!
  6. I know exactly what you mean. One such character came to the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association stand with a Hornby Flying Scotsman and asked us to fix it. Sorry we said, this is an information stand about our Association but if you go to the demonstration area you'll find someone there who can help. 'But the sign says "Loco Clinic" and I was sent here to get it fixed'. 'No sir, that sign belongs to the Gauge O Guild and is behind their stand, not ours'. 'So can they fix it?' 'I don't know but there is someone in the demonstration area over there who can have a look at it for you'. Of he went - again in the wrong direction.
  7. Our club bought some from Panel Systems of Sheffield. One of our guys phoned and chatted to them about our requirements and was sent small samples of each type. We then bought a pack of 6 large sheets - some for the club layout and others for sale to members. However I believe from what I was told of the conversation that although their online shop appears to only have large pack sizes, they can accommodate smaller orders - no harm in asking. Also note that they do not call it Styrofoam anymore - it's now Ravatherm following a change of manufacturer, and so you might find other suppliers using that name. It looks like their 'Craft Foam' version might be best for modellers ? Click Here for Link to Panel Systems .
  8. Well said Les - a very thoughtful and informative response that shows how life really is from an organiser's point of view. I hope to be able to support your show and take my 5 year old grandson to his first model railway exhibition . . . . . . At Mickleover (Derby) we are planning for our show (2-3 Oct) and will soon be able to publish more details - you lead and we'll follow .
  9. One of the biggest events at the NEC is the Caravan show which attracts the older age group and is held over 6 days in February and repeated in October. Cheap to get in (about £8) and FREE parking, the event takes up almost the whole of the NEC complex. The October show has been cancelled even though this where every manufacturer showcases their new models. There were two reasons given - reluctance of visitors to attend (even though most would be vaccinated) and the fact that the manufacturers were so busy with 'staycation' orders and staff shortages, they didn't want to create too many extra orders that they couldn't fulfil . . . . !! .
  10. The Gauge O Guild had decided back in June to cancel their two day Guildex show at Stafford (previously Telford) - as you will see from the statement below it was a combination of traders not willing to commit to attending and a large payment due for accommodation - obviously we can't be sure that these are the same factors that have affected the Warley decision. The Govt want all those to attend similar events to be fully vaccinated - having seen the crowds at the NEC every year, that would have been an impossible task - I understand attendance is normally in excess of 15,000 over the weekend with several hundred in the advance ticket scrum at opening time when there is a mad rush forward - how do you control that number of people. Timed tickets have been suggested but who would want to get in at 3.00pm when it takes all day to see things properly.
  11. Both books ?? I just looked at the website and counted 34 books !! Click Here for Link to Peter's Books
  12. You start with the @ and then add the user name. The system is set up to suggest the correct name by searching for the person you want Typing @dhj only gives me one option - and that's you @dhjgreen
  13. Interesting to see who 'Agreed' with those two comments . . . . . . . . . .
  14. Andy can't see every reply in every topic and so the best way to contact is by PM, sending a report, or adding a tag to their user name like this @AY Mod
  15. I seem to recall the local press reporting that some of the equipment from Willington went to China for use in a power station there. Plans have been published for the closure and redevelopment of Ratcliffe next to EM Parkway which is scheduled to be the last coal fired station to close. I often drive past on the A453 and it's surprising (to me at least) how quickly the coal pile is used up in cold winter weather. One time a few years ago it was almost empty.
  16. After the three children left home, we wanted to 'downsize' to a bungalow after seeing how my parents had refused to move and then struggled with getting about and had a stairlift fitted. We thought that coming up to retirement would be the best time to make that move little realising the inflated prices for bungalows. We did find one and friends thought we would come out of the deal with a sizeable lump sum but that wasn't the case. Sold a 4 bed detached with separate dining room and double garage and bought a 3 bed bungalow, no dining room and a single garage - for the same money . . . .
  17. Andy - as I first reported this, I'm pleased to say that it is working ok this morning - and I didn't even have to 'switch it off and then back on again' !! If it helps - desktop PC with Win 10 & MS Edge.
  18. Hi Andy - another little problem has just shown up for the first time. I always go directly to 'View new content' and scroll through looking for items of interest, but today I have found that when I get to the bottom of a number of topics, the button to click for 'Load More Activity' isn't there (except for the first time) but it does show up when I refresh the page, then the fault is replicated at the bottom of the next section. Not a major issue as I can refresh each time to get it back. Thanks
  19. I bought my copy from Roy at Expong Swanley. By coincidence, I found the second book (The Companion) in an Oxfam Charity book shop on holiday two weeks ago - at £9.99 it had to be a bargain . . . . !!
  20. The Northampton products have gone to a number of other traders. Copied below from a posting on the Gauge O Guild Forum The new owners are:- GJH - Graham Harrison Loco, coach & wagon buffers Coach & wagon bogies JPL Manchester - Dave Brooks Loco Backheads Iron Mink Wagon kits ACE Products - William Ascough Loco Kits LBSC Open D Wagon kit PRMRP - Pete Besant Bogie Seacow Kit Invertrain - Chris Smith Hand Crane Truck & Match Wagon CR & G&SWR 4-Wheel Brake Van kits Plunger Pick-Ups Sprung Hornblocks Chassis Alignment Rods Phoenix Precision Paints - Chris Stapleton All other etched wagon kits Etched Coach Kits Geoff Stratford Deal Wagons Other resin wagon kits Iain Young - Sanspareil Memorable Models, Road Vehicle Kits
  21. I answered part of Simon's question about drawings on the Gauge O Guild Forum last night but at that time, I hadn't seen this on RMweb. There is a drawing of the Baldwin Class 10 2-6-2T loco in the book Narrow Gauge to No Man's Land by Richard Dunn drawn at a scale of 3/8inch:1ft The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association may also have what you need. They have published numerous books in the Narrowlines Extras series, containing 7mm 1:43 scale drawings as shown in the link below. Click Here for Link to 7mmNGA I found the following in the publications list (but as I do not have the books, I cannot say if some are duplicated drawings in more than one publication. NLE2 Ashover Ex WD Baldwin 4-6-0T NLE4 US Army Baldwin 2-6-2T NLE5 Baldwin 590 4-6-0T NLE7 US Army Baldwin 2-6-2T There is also information in the RCL Publications book WDLR Album - many photos and drawings by the late Roy Link of the WDLR Baldwin 4-6-0T loco. Click Here for Link to RCL Publications There are similar drawings of the Ashover locos also by Roy Link in the Wild Swan book of the Ashover Railway by Gratton and Band. I have no idea how accurate the Bachmann model is, but in looking at a conversion, you will have to bear in mind that the On30 loco is 1:48 scale and so in theory should be smaller than the true 7mm 1:43 equivalent. I hope the above is helpful and I look forward to seeing the end result !! Mike
  22. Many years ago (35?) a friend worked in an iron foundry and we used black foundry sand to ballast the yard area of the club OO layout. I still have an ice-cream tub full of sand somewhere waiting for track to be laid on my first layout at home ! .
  23. I have replaced the manufacturers name in Gareth's post as what he has written there could well apply to all of the major model railway suppliers. Almost everything comes from China and so all of the other manufacturers will have been faced with the same increases in shipping costs and raw material prices. How long will it be before the others have to increase their prices - remember they are running the business to make a profit, not to keep their customers happy. You are very lucky to be able to afford £500 of pre-orders. In over 40 years of railway modelling, that probably represents about 5 years spending for me and almost all of that has been second hand items. Really ? Then who are the other companies producing OO model railways - for a start I'm sure Bachmann consider that they are in competition with Hornby - and what about others such as Accurascale, Rapido, KR Models etc etc (and apologies if I missed out your favourite manufacturer) - don't they all take a part of the market share and can be classed as competitors? .
  24. There is a bridge south of Burton at Walton-on-Trent that is being replaced - perhaps you could get some parts from there ? ? Click Here for Link to Wikipedia Article about Walton Bridge Click Here for Link to Local News item about a Replacement Bridge Click Here for Link to another Local News Report The two news reports give lots of names of companies involved in the new developments in the area and so they can put you in touch with the right people - hopefully they will only want scrap value . . . ! ! .
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