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    British steam (BR(W), GWR and SR in particular)/early diesel period.

    Industrial steam, especially collieries/steel works and especially in South Wales.

    Overseas: South African Cape Gauge steam, as well as US modern image shortline/switching.

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  1. Ha! That's a combination of loads you don't want to mix up! Steve N
  2. My concern, is what is the load that the loco is hauling? Hope its not fireworks!!
  3. Nice! Absolutely not an expert, but a quick online check of the Audi car timeline, suggests that this is a later 1980's or very early 1990's Audi. Also interesting , is that it seems as though on present day Chinese Police Audi's, they still only have those Chinese characters on the side doors, but also have the same characters repeated on the bonnet with the word 'POLICE' directly underneath (in capital letters). Perhaps an acknowledgement that there are more foreign visitors in China now, than there were 30 years ago. Steve N
  4. Quick, non-scientific, internet search suggests you are in the right ball park, plus both colours (green and yellow) appear to be lucky/fortuitous. Whether they are prototypical for Chinese lorries at that time I cannot say, but at least it matches the colour scheme of that passing diesel. Steve N
  5. 'Needs Must...' and all that (using the QJ part) Suspect it is the tender water off-take valve arrangement, connecting the tender to the boiler injectors. Steve N
  6. Great video, which has reminded me of another feature of Chinese steam, although I do not know how common/widespread this was. Referring back to that old VHS video I mentioned back in May 2020 (‘Steam And The Dragon’ (The Locomotives of North East China) from 1987), one aspect of such locos that sounded weird, was the use of (I assume) diesel horns on steam locos, rather than their steam whistles. As I say, I don't know how long that had been going on for, why it was done, nor how long it persisted, but I can imagine that even if you could get that sound onto the DCC chips you are using on your locos, that it would also greatly confuse today's viewers at an exhibition! No doubt you would face a constant stream of people, informing you of your 'mistake'. Steve N
  7. Damm, that’s a shame, I mean well done (had hoped you’d give up on them and sell them off at a discount LOL)! ;-) Steve N
  8. One that springs to mind, is a Post office. There was a 'classic' one at Caeharris, where a railway track emerged through the terrace, right next to the Post Office there. Search online for Caeharris Post Office and you'll even find a great colour image with a train emerging into the street. For general inspiration, have you seen Robin Weaver's excellent and atmospheric black & white images, on Wales Online? Here is a link; https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/gallery/robin-weavers-wonderful-welsh-pictures-8850405 Really love the 'Corner Shop, Dowlais', about halfway down the page! Oh, and just to mention, I am now a member of the WRRC (enjoying reading the back issues I've recently been sent). Steve N
  9. Hi, thanks Phil, Your last point, was along the lines of my thinking. My early career was in engineering, where I worked at a company which was part of the PD (Powell Duffryn) group. They used to operate 08's at the Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen Disposal Point near Ammanford (Swansea) and I quite fancy the notion of one (even just as a static model) in their 'Powell Duffryn Coal Preparation' scheme of white and blue, with 'wasp stripes' on the buffer beam. Yet another potential distraction, from what I should be concentrating on (LOL). Steve
  10. Hi All, So, I've done a quick search of RMWeb and cannot find a dedicated Gauge 1 forum, or any info on this item, but I've just seen in a Kernow Model's emailing, that Bachmann are producing a Gauge 1 'Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends' version of the BR Class 08 shunter (due November 2021). Not strictly of any particular interest to me, but at 'only' £195 each, I wondered if anybody knows how 'to scale' this product is going to be (for instance, is it a new tooling, or based on a previous 'toy' scale item)? TIA Steve N
  11. Also looks like someone's been a bit over-enthusiastic with the overhead crane! Guess the maintenance guys will have to come and re-rail the hoist carriage. Steve N
  12. Thanks for the reply and the tender-to-tender haulage would be unusual (at least to the general public). Also, I think I've seen a shot (or maybe video) of even the banking QJ being tender-first, but don't quote me. Presumably, having two QJ's banking, might just be a way of moving an engine to another task/location, rather than necessarily needing its tractive effort on that load (and so avoiding a 'Light Engine' move)? Look forward to seeing this layout again, once its possible. Steve N
  13. Looks much better. Have asked/mentioned this as a possibility before, but are you going to demonstrate banking in future shows (i.e. a QJ banking a QJ, or QJ double-headed train)? Steve N
  14. Err, smaller chimneys? Steve N
  15. Looking good - the 'glow' from the backscene really stands out now under that lighting. BTW, given the density of housing on both sides of the line, do the railways there ever provide a means for pedestrians at least, to cross the tracks (directly or via an bridge)? Steve N
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