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    British steam (BR(W), GWR and SR in particular)/early diesel period.

    Industrial steam, especially collieries/steel works and especially in South Wales.

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  1. Wow, now I feel jealous! Actually, when I saw the fabricated top feed you had made, my first thought was - ideal subject for 3D printing. On the other hand (apart from the necessary skill(s)), you would obviously have to be careful that all hot soldering was finished, if it was printed in plastic, rather than metal! Brilliant work though - always look forward to your latest posts. Steve
  2. These pictures take me right back to 'the good old days' - when there used to be sunshine!! (LOL)
  3. I agree with JimFin regarding the tonal variation. One other thing to consider, and that is the lighting under which the layout is likely to be seen (at an exhibition), as opposed to the lighting we/you are viewing it in your workshop. Probably 'nitpicking' and difficult to assess (or for you to recreate), but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Great job though. Would like to get to 'Ally Pally' this time (not been for about 4 years), but now I have 'decamped' to Mid-Wales (from Dorset) it feels a little less likely unfortunately. Steve
  4. Maybe do something with 'QR Codes' as well? Needless to say, I have no idea how it is done or the, no doubt, large amount of work involved. Just a suggestion.
  5. Thanks guys ('valleymodeller' and 'Ed-farms') for the info and advice. Not sure exactly what I will be doing (or expected to do) that weekend yet, but we will see. Turns out (unbeknownst to me), that we are going to see Wales vs The Baa-Baas the weekend after that, so my weekend 'freetime' might well be curtailed (LOL). Thanks again though.
  6. Came across a flyer for this event, at the recent Cardiff Model Railway Show. Does anyone have any information about what is actually going to be at this show, because the Museum's website just says, 'Come to our annual exhibition celebrating all things trains! There are model displays and trade stands on two floors of the Museum'. Have been unable to track down anything more. Having retired now to Mid-Wales (Rhayader), I am venturing out to as many model railway venues as I can (Swansea, Cardiff so far, with Welshpool on tomorrow). Pontypridd would be an easy drive (closer even, than Cardiff), but I am loath to go that far 'on spec'. Anyone been to a previous event or can point me to some detailed info? The event is at the Museum (Bridge St, Pontypridd CF37 4PE) on Sat 23rd Nov (10:00 - 16:30) and Sun 24th 10:00 - 16:00) . Adults £2 Children/Seniors £1. Regards
  7. Really enjoying your progress on this one. Are you sure about using masking tape for the roof? Experience of adhesive tapes of all sorts here in the UK these days (and especially masking tape), is that I would not trust it to stick to itself, let alone stay stuck to a model for very long. Who's tape are you using?
  8. Wow! Great photo. But never mind the loco, just look at the brickwork involved in the gable end of that (North Light?) roof behind!
  9. Great progress Jan. Assuming it is not already too late (and you may be doing this anyway of course), but Lance Mindheim (the doyen of US layout design and building) has a useful tip in the January newsletter I have just received. He says that when you run your main power bus (he usually does that first), you solder your droppers to the rails (as you have done) as you install the points, but DON'T yet solder those droppers to the bus wires. Then, connect-up the bus to your DCC booster/power supply, connecting each feeder set to the bus and immediately checking that a loco runs OK each time. Continue connecting each pair of feeders and testing each time, repeating until they are all done. That way, you will know which one is causing a problem (such as a short), whereas if you solder them all to the bus and then start testing, you will have no idea which one(s) is causing the problem. Probably well known, but I know I would probably get on and do all the soldering first (LOL). HTH
  10. Mountain Ash had two B2's? Was only aware of 'The Earl' (W/No.1203 of 1910) and the only photo I have come across, is in the book 'Industrial Railways In Colour - South Wales' by Adrian Booth (P.31). This shows the old girl awaiting her scrapping fate outside the remains of the main shed on 19 May 1972 and possibly in a very, very faded light blue (but colour in such photos is very tricky). Anyone seen any photos of this (or the other B2) actually working at Mountain Ash, as I will definitely be getting one of these!
  11. Great photograph, especially being in colour. There are some useful black and white shots of Baddesley Colliery's 'William Francis' from 1966, in the December 2018 edition of 'Railway Bylines'. Includes detail views of the 'Sterling' steam reversing gear and surrounding machinery, as well as of the valve gear on one of the units, the handbrake operating shaft and the ash pan area, plus a view into the cab from each side, showing glimpses of the backhead area. Steve
  12. That's not OCD - wait until you start on the container to put the box that keeps the flags flat in, in.
  13. You can see the relief on the face of that Preiser figure, that you decided to file down the sofa, rather than, well, you know (the 'other' solution)
  14. Hi Larry, My query was obviously with my tongue firmly in my cheek. Mind you, as someone who has singularly failed (over a long period of time) to complete an actual model railway layout, to see one built to such a level, then modified beyond that and now returned to its former self, is both humbling and embarrassing in equal measure (LOL). Keep up the good work and (as always), do what gives you the most pleasure. Steve N
  15. Err, dare one ask what became of that 'other' goods shed? You know, the big corrugated iron one that someone lavished a great deal of care and attention on during its design and construction (pauses to wipe a tear from his eye) Steve N
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