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    British steam (BR(W), GWR and SR in particular)/early diesel period.

    Industrial steam, especially collieries/steel works and especially in South Wales.

    Overseas: South African Cape Gauge steam, as well as US modern image shortline/switching.

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  1. Wait, that guy in white on the right - is that Al from ‘Quantum Leap’? ;-)
  2. That’s a good idea and would look suitably ‘crude’ (no criticism), more in keeping with narrow gauge (rather than standard gauge) operations.
  3. 1. That’s what I was thinking and, as you say, keep it simple - I can imagine such a crossing would be expensive and difficult to repair if it got abused. 2. Thanks for the information.
  4. Hi again all, its me again and I have a couple more questions, this time related to track layout/design features (009/NG). First though, a disclaimer. Please do not assume that because I am asking further questions, that this means that I have actually made any progress on this fantasy (LOL). So, Q1: Concerns 'Diamond Crossings' (and their use in UK narrow gauge). There is an 009 layout (an iteration of 'Dinas Junction'), for which I have a plan (the same location was also rendered in 16.5 I think as well) and I might be tempted to use it (modified/flipped) for the design I have in mind. In it, for space-saving reasons, the builder utilises a Diamond Crossing. Now, from the OS mapping, I cannot be sure whether the real location used such a thing, but it does save valuable space (but is a complicated and costly thing to produce). So; a) Did UK narrow gauge lines generally, make use of such crossings (I have not found any photos, but then my NG resources are not extensive) AND; b) Does anyone make a RTR or kit for such a crossing in 009? Q2: Concerns 'Sector Plates' on the (real) NG and in model form - by which I mean, a single-tracked 'device' that a locomotive ran onto, to be redirected to another, adjacent track. This is obviously similar to what a set of points does (or even a turntable), just in a much shorter space (especially if there is more than one alternative 'route'). The Corris (I think) intend to use such a system at Corris station, due to space restrictions that did not exist historically. So; a) Did any UK narrow gauge lines use such a Sector Plate? AND b) Does anyone offer such a thing in 009? I have seen something by Noch for HO (called a 'Segment Turntable'), but it appears to cost around £175(!!) and Faller appear to do one at around 95EUR, though I suppose you could scratchbuild one at a push. TIA Steve
  5. Er, I’m no expert, but I think that white building in the middle is slightly over-scale!
  6. Playing (or maybe, drinking?) Devil's Advocaat here; if a particular track (in the real world/China) is actually restricted to (say) banker engines only, would/should the signalling reflect that (even if only a sign on the pole)? Steve
  7. On example 2, I've always found a slightly faster (longer) freight/passenger working, gradually passing a slower ('wheezing') freight (on a 'slow' line) much more 'evocative', than the 'two fast trains rushing passed each other' norm on a lot of layouts. Just my 2 cents worth. :-) Steve
  8. In doing a bit of a catch-up on this thread, I think I can see a pattern emerging which might suggest a reason why the layout operation is sometimes not 'optimal'. The word 'Pub' seems to crop up a lot in exchanges between yourself and other operators - maybe the state of intoxication is having something to do with it (LOL)? Steve
  9. That is, as with all design decisions, the difficulty with 3D printing; which parts are best suited to what production process and/or materials. Probably better to make the ladder (or use a commercially available item if possible) in etched brass as a separate item, especially for an exhibition layout (can’t imagine a ‘plastic’ one lasting very long). Steve
  10. Have just got back from a very pleasant 'stroll' up the hill above Llangurig. Thrushes are singing and the boughs of (I assume) either plums or Damsons, are heavy with blossom. Last year of course, all were burnt off by an earlier frost, so we might see some fruits this year. Get in touch if you are coming for a visit, it would be good to meet up.
  11. One of the design ‘Tenets’ I remember from my early career went something like, ‘If someone can do it the wrong way, someone will’. Hind sight is a wonderful thing of course, but even the development of the steam locomotive was predicated on mistakes (sometimes even fatal ones). Now I realise this may not be physically possible, but one way around this would be to NOT have these sockets near each other AND then have each lead plug only capable of reaching its designated socket. Obvious I know this is easy for me to say, sat at my kitchen table, but maybe next time. Not withstanding all this, the layout is looking great and I look forward to seeing it in action again :-)
  12. China does experience earthquake damage of course, so any repairs you make are entirely prototypical.
  13. Operating Team member, at first exhibition after rules are relaxed: "Really looking forward to a trouble-free weekend, of simple movements, now all those bugs have been fixed". [Gets handed the 100-page, 'New Operating Rules', resulting from all the bug fixes] Operating Team member: "AAARRRRRRRHHHHHHH!!!!!" ;-)
  14. Just an addition to what Simond has said; what about the free-running of the motion generally? Sometimes on RTR stuff, part(s) of the motion (esp. crosshead, slide bars, etc.) may be mis-aligned, mis assembled, not glued or clipped into position properly, or very slightly bent (or not 'fettled') and causing a momentary mechanical contact that shouldn't normally happen. This might be constant (in any location), or intermittent (e.g. only when negotiating a curve or perhaps only on LH ones). This also might not show up (so much) whilst at speed (or being run-in at speed), but only at low speed when the effect is more pronounced or noticeable. Just a thought anyway. HTH
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