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  1. 2B or not 2B there is no question it must be 2B
  2. Not at all it's expected as the structure requires it. Check out Chippenham and The Farthing Chronicles, all buildings will have to be completely scratch built. Buildings such as goods sheds and station canopies and stables require intricate structural detail. Good luck but you'll do great
  3. With Cyclops project drawing to a conclusion I am turning my sights to other things. I have a number of projects/kits in mind, as much of us will. The streamlined King will be taking a back seat for the time being as I have had enough of build bashing at the moment. Having bought a brand new complete brass kit some years ago as a personal present (one of only a few brand new kits I have ever been able to purchase!) I am considering that . It will need to be a single focused build, rather than the usual build a couple at the same time. Or another group of wagon kits to batch build. I am fe
  4. Great work Rich, especially persevering through the difficulties Big thumbs up.
  5. Well the last week or so has been a struggle with motivation. The fact that the simple job of painting the brass strip proved such a pain in the backside really knocked momentum. However after stripping completely back and starting again I got a result that I can live with. So now the question is what are they for?! The answer is some old friends. Here's a little mock up from my research; I have to thank Mark from the Facebook group GWR Modellers for making the transfers for both the livery and the destination boards. The transfers
  6. Well, may be not bought but certainly making!!!! Can not take credit for the picture it is something I found a long time ago on the website, origins now unknown.
  7. I had hoped to bring you the result of the little teases but I was not happy with the paint finish on the strips so have to do it again. I am waiting the pain to harden but think I will have to the do the reverse side as well so, as always, it will be delayed further but for me it will be worth the end result. Don't want to build it up too much as it will not be as exciting for you guys. Sorry.
  8. OK for those who like to pop the prosecco don't forget to unwrap the cork nicely to preserve and keep the foil, especially the textured stuff and of course the cork for figure painting etc. Christmas chocolate wrappers need careful selection and safe keeping for all those tarps. It may be party time (albeit differently this year) but the the modelling must come first! Seek, secure, store and guard. Happy modelling to all for 2021.
  9. You rare both very much on the right track (single branch). Here's an update with another clue; Cyclops is coming on nicely nearly ready for the sales room.
  10. Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year . Thank you to everyone who has contributed with opinions, advice and support it is very much appreciated. I have a couple of teasers for you; This is ready on the bench to be primed and painted but is it a giant picket fence or part of the stairway to heaven. It could be something of the later for me. Another clue.. I have been avoiding starting these for a little while now, today I have walked the dogs in the rain, cleaned three aquariums 'been' to work so what can the matter be?! Will post results
  11. Always a pleasure reading your blogs both informative, inspiring and amusing. I look forward with anticipation for more in 2021, thank you for sharing your modelling and sense of fun.
  12. Mikkel your RTR total rebuilds conversion projects are completely inspiring and always a treat. From my very basic knowledge and fumbling through books you are correct regarding the rivet detail although it appears that all rivets to the panniers will need removing to flush for the earliest of these locos. Images from Russell's Pictorial Record of Great Western locomotives Vol1 pp 95 and 100. I agree with Simon although brass is a tougher option. It appears some of the class continued service into the 30s and 40s! Also the livery options differ immensely through th
  13. Love all of these locomotives. A heart felt favorite would be Ivor but had to vote for the prototype that I have had a long running build affair with, would be rude not to after all. Happy Christmas to All.
  14. what about painting a 1 in front of the 4? or making the 0 into an 8 with a little extra fine painting?
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