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  1. Thank you. Yes you are right, I should really have explained apologies. The paint is a mixture of Colour and Air from Vallejo. The 50/50 is a mix of the two paints directly on the sheet, hence the heavy thickness. The Air products are very thin so I have tried to show from one coat to what a couple of coats could look like. It's the light and angle that is making the paint look more shiny than usual. The sheet is half primed plasticard. It's actually the base of one of my station buildings.
  2. £3.50 per pint. In the pubs around here that is a good price.
  3. been a little lazy really but have the final results of the paint match; Got a little painting done of those funny whippet tanks;
  4. IPA just under £7 per 1ltre. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/IPA-Isopropyl-99-JERRY-CONTAINER-1-LITRE-Isopropanol-1L/232521119280?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Never been brave enough to buy/use any as I dont really know what I should be doing with chemicals, always happy to be educated. Foil wrap of fizzy wine can be flattened out to form weigh bridge plates or something similar. I often use double sided when spraying great 'helping hand'.
  5. Just check my paints and arghhhh I have the model colour 70826 German Cam Med.........Sooooooooooo close!
  6. Thank you Sir, I'll have to check but I think I may have a cam brown dont know why I have not tried that. I am not that keen on mixing paint, never really get enough or make it as consistent.
  7. Thanks Mikkel. I am very happy with the stock box it works very nicely although it would be nice to even more wagons in. The beige colour I am very happy with although usable the brown could possibly be changed for another if you have any suggestions? The two project parts have arrived with the exception of the plates from Narrow Planet but they have a huge work load so wont be available for a little while. Even so they are one of the last things to go on so will not delay anything. I do need to complete those cattle wagons first though! Hopefully this weekend.
  8. So here's a little space for me to show off my recycling/repurposing. Now holding all types of wagon so certainly works as previously hoped; The lid does shut and with the foam in the lid everything is gently help with slipping or rolling.
  9. OK this is the last on e this one, promise but the paint has now had time to fully dry and I also mixed the two new paints (Hull Red and Mahogany) 1:1 this is bottom right and small piece in the middle. I am happy with the results and especially as I seem now to always have either or both brown and black washes over the base GWR brown. I will of course try on a spare wagon or something in the future. Finished the final private open wagon I have and I am more than really pleased with the end result, it does look 100% better in real life and not through a lens. Wheels an
  10. Update along with a parking fine I have another colour. Whilst searching for Testers Dullcote I found a shop a little closer, certainly quicker/easier to get to and they stocked both. Still not a match but I think with a black wash this should 'brush up' close. It is Vallejo Air Mahogany 71.036. The bottom of the three colours, again to the naked eye it is closer and deeper although reddish.
  11. Colour samples; Railmatch on the left of each and Vallejo on the right. Figured I would use the already primed tank bottoms as they will not be seen anyway; The colour match for the cream is very perfect, to the naked eye much closer. The brown is not so close but after ink wash would probably be closer, there is another colour that I was debating which is Vallejo Mahogany (I think) but way to far and time etc to pop out to try a bottle! Also have to have in mind that the Railmatch paints is much thicker than Vallejo Air so a couple of coats would also make a d
  12. @MrWolf Here's the tool and the pack it came from.
  13. Thanks @MrWolf I have a highly and very technically rubbing tool, . It was given to me by a colleague, not sure if it was a joke, from a brush set for nail art but works a treat. Just a blunt ended metal end on paint brush. For the wagon livery it required cutting as close to the lettering as possible as it all goes in one piece. Light touches when positioning, as too heavy/tight pressure and the transfer will locate itself to where ever you are pressing and fix with masking tape before starting the rubbing process. Then slowly and methodically from one side of the transfer to the other
  14. Dry rub transfers applied and very happy with the results. Will seal them tomorrow as I have had to touch up a little with white paint. They are tricky to get exact and then taped for rubbing but the result is worth the extra care required. Whippets are ready and primed! Very strange looking machines. Here's a side angle without the outer tracks as I need to paint the inner slope as this was the dirt/mud drop for the tracks as they moved over and around. The shoots are on the out tracks which would really hamper painting/detailing if already fixed. Extra weight ad
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