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  1. Dart Castings are usually have very good customer service. They have always been helpful to me and the castings are very high quality.
  2. Wowsers, think I will stick to wagon building and forget the layout.
  3. Great work Simon and with the flare from the lighting a very realistic scene is set.
  4. I did find some lovely places on my walks though so all was not lost
  5. Does anyone know if Endless Models are still trading please? I tried to find them the other day without knowing the name or location and spent an hour wondering around Salisbury Streets but i have now found the name of the shop I was looking for so can ask a direct question. Thank you in advance.
  6. Correct not taking direct from your account. I do not know from experience regarding returns but I presume that remains a Paypal refund, given that the majority are Paypal payments. I do not know how they propose refund of fees taken for the sale though. I also have no direct experience of how they take for the initial listing fee (should there be one).
  7. Yes sorry, that is correct. I totally forgot. I have sold an item recently and they take the money for fees before then releasing the remaining to the chosen bank account. I was initially referring to paying for items bought rather than sold, apologies for the confusion.
  8. Not sure I still have Paypal as the automatic payment method so just presuming it will be taken along that route. Pain to the rear so selling will become less frequent and possibly single items now as well due to an experience yesterday. I purchased two items from the same seller and they were unable to combine the P&P costs. They did not even have an invoice option, or at least that what it appears from the screen shot. So they refunded the different via Paypal. That is fine, especially for the buyer but the seller then still will be hit by eBay for the total prices plus 2x postage n
  9. It is a shame as they are nicely detailed and very fine etches not sure if they can be extended. Ambis do make larger ones though.
  10. Ebay pay the money to your bank direct. PayPal is completely avoided by the seller now.
  11. Those are the etched shackles and hooks from Ambis Engineering that I used for the chains on these wagons and the warflats. But you are right they do look rather like couplings.
  12. I have a First Direct account for this exact purpose. Now having to disclose account details to ebay I was advised by the helpful First Direct staff member to use the details for the automatically linked savings account. This account can only be paid into and not directly pay out of. Those funds have to be internally (by yourself anytime instantly) transferred to the general account in order to access the funds making them safer.
  13. Many thanks. I can not take much credit though as the sleepers are laser but wood and only received ink washes from me with a hint of gunmetal drybrushing.
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