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  1. That's alright then! My bad...
  2. On that note, while I don't know much about 73's, on every photo I have seen of one the small 'window shape grilles' on bodyside are in line with the bodyside windows, and are the same size. On the CAD image they look smaller and are positioned noticeably lower down. Don't know if they were like that on some examples, but like I say, it doesn't match any of the photos I've seen. If it's wrong it would be a shame to miss it. ED experts care to weigh in?
  3. Thank you for the continued interest. Progress has been very slow, but certain key steps like sorting the garage out and confirming the required baseboard dimensions have been completed, and I anticipate this year will see things develop a bit faster. I am hoping to get the baseboards cut and installed over the next couple of months. One thing I will say is that inevitably, time has given me chance to reflect on my plans for this layout, which is a good thing. It's always worth experimenting with track plans and concepts, as even when you think you've found what you want, there may
  4. That's something I have never noticed before, I have always just pictured them in my head with either a plated over grille, or with the grille still present. Something else to consider when picking a prototype to model! Cameron Cameron
  5. Cheers. Eyeing up a couple of 25324's to represent late 1970's locomotives. Cameron
  6. Apologies if it has already been covered before, but were there any external differences between a later body 25/2, and a 25/3? Was it just internal equipment? Cameron
  7. More than just the solebar, the current Bachmann offering has some pretty fundamental issues with the cab shape. But like others I am sure Bachmann's new tooling (whenever it appears) won't look out of place next to the SLW one. It just may lack some of the finesse, but who knows! Cameron
  8. The only loco's in that lot that would have domino's appear to already have them. My question was going to be, would it be easy to backdate one with domino's (i.e. 25324) to a more 1970's appearance with roller blinds? P.S. Very excited about this SLW - take my money... Cameron
  9. Is there anything more on this, besides a cryptic facebook posting about BR pest control???
  10. It was also a poor choice of prototype, 45038 never had the 'trapezoid' grille on the lower body side.
  11. That is not a diagram 1/107 though, it's one of the early 1970's welded bodies that were fitted to older, non life expired chassis. In this case, an LNER style 21t hopper. These wagons have also never been available as a kit or rtr, and are subtly different from the dia 1/107 in that the welded stanchions are quite basic. I made four of these using a Parkside dia 1/110 as the basis, with plasticard strips to represent the welded features. There are probably several ways you could do this, this was mine: Regards, Cameron
  12. Certainly didn't see this one coming! As I understand, the very similar Coil B used the same underframe as the MDV, so I assume these did too. In which case it makes a lot of sense for Accurascale to do them if they're already producing the underframe. Coil B on the way later perhaps...?! Top marks to tackle an unusual prototype! I will definitely be getting a pack or two to run in mixed freights / steel trains whenever I get my 1970's layout underway! Cameron
  13. Yep, my 45040 arrived this morning and I'm very pleased with it. Despite also ordering 45022 and the fact the majority of peaks still had headcode boxes in my modelling period, I am tempted to get another! Ok the Bachmann tooling doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but my god it looks and feels like a peak! Cameron
  14. Had two nice parcels arrive in the post this morning, one being one of the new Bachmann sales area exclusive 45's, the other being a Hornby RBR. The RBR is a nice model and I'm glad I did decide to get one. However, the photo below really does show that the attempts at BR blue between Bachmann & Hornby are chalk and cheese! The RBR will definitely be getting it's blue re-sprayed at somepoint! Also, I'm not sure anyone ever picked up on it already (apologies if they did) but there is a very obvious blue 'highlight' around the grey. You can clearly see two different
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