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  1. Latest video update of Chirk Lane, I'll be posting some photos on here shortly Tim
  2. Nice work Marcus Motivation is hard to find over here too. Comes in waves ! Tim
  3. Thanks Will How's the cement plant coming along ? Tim
  4. Never knew you had a thread on here Andy. Jesus I must really read my mails more often Any progress lately ? Tim
  5. Not my first visit at all ! I just never remember to post a reply Tim
  6. Plenty of bl**dy rules in France Jaz don't worry Nice 66 by the way, turning into a work of art. Tim
  7. I think it was, I felt like James Bond for the couple of minutes I drove it
  8. Cheers Tom Good news for the people of Chirk Lane i'm being sent home on the 16th of march due to a lack of clients, but with the full amount of pay I've raided the hattons site of ballast and scenic materials for when I get back ! Only a couple of weeks !!!!!!! See you soon ! Tim
  9. Afternoon all ! Weathered a couple more wagons, gave them a bit of rust affect. Give me your thoughts ! However the can of matt varnish is all ready empty and at the price they cost I think I might be investing in an airbrush. Will be needing it for weathering the track so might as well save a few quid. Oh yes I got to drive this beauty from the parking up to the front of the hotel for a client, (perks of working night shifts) very enjoyable yet very scary when you know how much it cost....
  10. Bienvenu sur RMWeb Je suis de Perpignan ! Super petit réseau. Plus de photo please ! Tim
  11. Thanks David and Sam The weathering powders are quite easy to use, and if you do get if wrong you can just wash it all of and start again Tim
  12. Well I've finally gotten bored of watching snow fall ! Only kiding, that got boring after the second day here. So decided to do some work for the layout. Unfortunately my arms aren't 650 Km long so I got my dad to send me some wagons to weather. So far i've done a EWS OBA. Not too bad ( I hope ) for my first go at weathering a piece of rolling stock with the humbrol powders. Here it is ! And next to it's clean brother Give me your thoughts ! Thanks Tim
  13. Can someone explain why I never found this layout topic !? Amazing scenery work and great weathering on the rolling stock and locos ! Great layout, top stuff ! Tim
  14. Nice class 60's ! Always wanted one for me self ! But never found one at a reasonable price ... Tim
  15. Well hello everyone ! And happy NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!! ..... Oh no wait still a couple of hours to go As you've all probably seen by now, no work on the layout due to the fact that i'm working in the french alps for the winter so work will resume in april ! Before I left I made a few videos of my sound chips installed in the DRS Class 66 and the EWS Class 37, so here they are for those who don't follow my Youtube channel. I'll probably be posting a few ideas I have for the layout plus maybe a few new bits I buy during the winter so keep checking in every so often to give me your thoughts ! Enjoy and see you soon !! Tim
  16. Thanks Tal ! Will hopefuly be better Tim
  17. Thanks Jaz ! No work until april sadly ... But april should be interesting Tim
  18. Please be my guests that's what the hobby is all about ! Tim
  19. Hi Jaz, thank you for your kind words. The figures is question are Noch, HO but they look ok size wize ! No work on this little project as it is in the tip ! Neither on Chirk Lane as i'm in Courchevel in the french alps working during the winter season. But i'm earning plenty of money for the layout so when i get back in april all hell will break loose ! (in a good way) Tim
  20. Hi Jaz, the back board in already painted pale blue. I'm not able to do any work on the layout as i'm working in Courchevel in the french alps until april. But thanks for the tips. It's going to be a long 4 months without a layout to work on ! Tim
  21. Very nice work ! I would hate to crash the party but Hornby is going to release the mk3's and the DVT in arriva trains wales later next year. Tim
  22. Hi Neil, well not that much actually. I put the layout to one side for the moment as my looking forward to go off travelling before I have to start work again in December. Plus the fact that my funds are running low ! I don't think there will be any major works until I get back in April. That's the way life is, you can't have everything ! Tim
  23. Haha thanks David, it happens to us all ! Tim
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