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  1. Yes, SWMBO likes going to Cortonwood, there’s even a Marks and Spencer’s there. On a serious note that was the place my cousin had his last job with the NCB, in the offices there. It’s where the 1984 miners strike started and I remember it well. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cortonwood
  2. Visited former DDR a couple of times on holiday and the places I visited were quite chintzy, Wernigerode, Quedlinburg, Warnemunde, and Kuhlungborn. Halberstat, not so good. Took SWMBO who wasn’t too impressed, neither was I, most of the railway infrastructure been had been swept away.
  3. This time next week it will all be over. Just need to count the money and put your stuff away. Anyway,,goodluck.
  4. The one called ‘Yorkshire Quality Books? If so they do have a Facebook page. I don’t have a Facebook account so can’t check any details. Hope you can sort it out.
  5. No you’re right, that’s why I said ‘likely’, but if the first batch sold well before getting rave reviews I would imagine it could be expected that a second run would be produced.
  6. These models are likely to be repeated next year in a different livery so at least people will be fore warned as to the quality of the original release and feel they can pre-order one knowing that the first release was good and possibly not miss out next time.
  7. Perhaps something with inside cylinders may be more robust, I’m thinking of the Hornby B12 if you’re wanting a ‘big’ loco otherwise the Hornby Jinty and GWR pannier and LNER J83 are cheap and cheerful. All the above have very few loose parts like chimneys, handrails etc.
  8. Something from ‘under the table’ at a swap meet or exhibition would be idea. Even cheaper if it wasn’t a ‘runner’.
  9. I’m not looking for the perfect model, what I am happy with is something that is built to the best of my abilities. I don’t want any wonky parts, poor running or blemishes in the finish. Perhaps I’ve reached my peak and am on my way downhill, I hope not. I do follow Tony’s thread and have even posted on there occasionally. The issue of building kits that are later announced as rtr is that I feel my time would have been spent building something else. If only I had a crystal ball! I think I may be moving off topic so I’ll leave it there. Take care folks, Robert
  10. Yes it’s etched. I think what you have suggested is going to be the way to do it but I’m hoping for a smooth bottom(!) to the boiler, not with a kink or egg shaped.
  11. That’s how it went with the Hudswell. I like to process in the time I’ve spent but sometimes it take 20mins to getmy tools out and by then the initiative has be lost. I don’t want to proceed until I can work out how the boiler is supposed to be completed. It looks like it’s just butt joined but can’t see it holding. Until I can work that out I don’t see have the energy to proceed, it not the next step in the kit but I’ve got it in the back of my mind. I don’t like too many projects on the go at once as invariably they get left at a tricky stage and then I end up just shuffling boxes trying to find something ‘do-able’. Anyway back to the gardening. Please all keep your peckers up. Robert
  12. I’m part way through a Kerr Stewart Victory class, the same as is being introduced as RTR soon. Mojo deserts me when I open the box as I know I won’t be able it to get it to the same standard.
  13. This is the only thing I’ve done this year and it didn’t take me that long and it’s seems Mojo may be returning. For those that don’t know, it’s a 3D reprinted Hudswell that fits on an un-modified Bachmann 03 chassis and so if I’d balls up the body I could stick the chassis back in the 03. Its not the best but perhaps it may inspire someone to go searching for Mojo. Good luck, Robert
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