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  1. I’ve got many projects from years ago, all started and stalled for various reasons and for this reason I don’t want to start another. I get one out, stare at it, pack it away and then go and watch tv or more likely go to bed. Something of a catch 22 situation. I decided to purchase a 3D printed kit recently and have found it quite therapeutic, it’s gone together quickly and now I have a new addition to my collection with very little effort. No ‘heavy’ duty tools needed and no long periods of head scratching. It’s helped to keep black dog away and I think I can see mojo on the horizon,
  2. Also been to Koln, Dortmund and Utrecht have a large second hand section. Koln has sales areas but not to the same extent. Robert
  3. Inter Modelbau in Dortmund is great. Only issue is is that it’s too big! The model railway section has two halls and then there are about 6 other halls with other modelling disciplines in. As I’m passively interested in all modelling I have to go into the centre by the doorway that leads directly to the railway section or I’d never make it. Eurospoor in Utrecht is also good. Usually branded the ‘the largest model railway show in Europe.’ regards Robert
  4. I could imagine a couple of retailers may be interested in Simon Kohler voodoo dolls.
  5. Er........ Nothing thank you.
  6. Really nice work. I hadn’t realized what an odd shape the building was until I saw the overhead picture above. An awkward beast to model but when it’s done it will be a show stopper. Robert
  7. What concerns me is as much the profitability of any show. I would imagine any show is going to be down on numbers through the door as your average punter is of the older generation and more likely to be cautious. On the other hand there will be pent up demand so it’s going to be a tricky call. My club is almost certainly not going to have an exhibition this year but that is because we have our hands full with a relocation. Robert
  8. Keep hearing about the train spotting trips and was wondering when we’d get to see the pictures. Robert
  9. Nothing like a deadline to focus the mInd. Good idea for the shop display. Items used still belong to the shop and therefore not counted as your drawings on the business!
  10. I thought about using a double slip but thought would it would be a piece of track work that wouldn’t be found in a small terminus station. Looks like you’re got the plan sorted now. Time to get it pinned down! Robert
  11. Evening, isn’t there actually four points in succession? Could you use a three way point for the goods sidings? To tell the truth I’ve never used one as I usually model in N and as they are a relatively new item to the Peco range I’ve not got round to using one. I bought one a couple of years ago but don’t like the look of it so it may get used in the fiddle yard when I get my next project going. Having rambled on I still think that what you’re designed is going to be the ‘nicest’ looking and I can’t really see an alternative.Pity you’ve not got a bit mode length but I suppose we alw
  12. Hope it’s not a false start and hope it keeps you pleasantly occupied. Regards Robert
  13. Evening, Well at least you’re getting somewhere . Are the earth works near Stampers Hill still visible. I think I’ve read somewhere that Stanhope Main was owned by the same company that owned Dodworth Colliery, Old Silkstone Collieries Ltd. I think they also owned Silkstone Fall colliery whose remains can be seen in the woods by the railway line between Dodworth and Silkstone Common stations. If this is correct then the wagons on the line in question may be branded as ‘Old Silkstone’. Still no closer to finding out if the line was steam hauled of horse drawn though.
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