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  1. A couple more Mustangs. The front one is a B or C but with the later Malcolm hood while in the background is a Uruguayan D with teardrop canopy. The Malcolm hood doesn’t look too convincing to me and I may change it to an aftermarket replacement.
  2. If anyone’s still interested here’s a few pictures of some North American Mustangs.The front one is one of the Alison powered A model while the one in the background is either a B or C in Swiss colours with original type of canopy.
  3. Just in anyone is interested,the lower picture is , I’m pretty sure an Merlin powered Mustang. The Alison powered ones have a distinctive long narrow carburettor intake on top on the engine cowling. There were many more Merlin powered ones then Alison ones. Regards Robert
  4. Evening All, I'm not regular on this topic but I’ve seen mention of ‘people’ bending if not breaking rules regarding the Covid outbreak. I own and work in a retail pharmacy and what grates with me is the number of people who don’t wear a face mask and play the I’m exempt card. We have ‘substance users’ who don’t give a sh!t but know they can get away with not wearing ( or purchasing) a mask but just saying ‘I’m exempt’. They come in everyday and there’s nothing I can do. They’re putting me, my staff and other customers at risk. Rant over, I’ll go and find a modelling thread. Ro
  5. Just received a kit of another good looking deHavilland product, the DH-103 Hornet. I'd love to make a start on it but I’d better get some others finished first. regards Robert
  6. Afternoon everybody, Minitrix joiners are still available. Code number 66525 packs of 20. Gaugemaster in the Uk stock them. regards Robert
  7. I don’t model in HO but my cousin did and he had some POP liveried coaches by ADE that were scale length. live seen them on eBay.de. Regards Robert.
  8. Dear All, I have a friend who has a limited edition model which comes with a certificate that states ‘Number 107 of a limited run of 100’ (can’t actually remember the numbers but I think you’ll get my drift) Robert
  9. As can be seen the layout is substantially complete but I would appreciate any suggestions for improvements etc. I would like some workmen for around the shed area but the ones I’ve got and have seen look a bit cliche in appearance. By the tractor I’m going to add the remains of a bonfire, a blackened area with a few bits of burnt match sticks. I have some working gas lamps (obviously electrically powered!) from DCC supplies but don’t really know whether the WHR (Yorkshire) would have gone to the expense. I hope the wait has been worth it. Robert
  10. This picture shows a Paul Windle Ruston about to pick up some rusting tipper trucks from the time they are was an active quarry. They are a mixture of new Peco products and Jouef Decauvilles. The permanent way gang have a shed in the goods yard but looks like they’re out on a job.
  11. Trains passing at the station.The loco on the WD opens is a Pecket made by Paul Windle and the wagons are Bachmann, both of which are recent purchases. In the goods siding are a couple of genuine WHR wagons built from Dundas kits 20 years ago.
  12. View of a train approaching the station. The loco is a white metal body kit on an Ibertren chassis and the coaches are Dundas (before they merged and subsequently demerged from Parkside). Coaches are 40years old and the loco 25-30.
  13. Evening chaps. I’ve promised pictures of W.H.R.(Yorkshire) here are some. The station on the line is called Quarry halt as in the past a quarry was to be found here. First a general view of the layout showing it’s size.
  14. Basically there are three versions of the vaccine and the ‘choice’ is mainly based on the patients age. Regards Robert
  15. There is no difference, the same ones are available from the both pharmacies and GP practices. Robert (Pharmacist)
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