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  1. Evening, WHR layout will not be going on exhibition duties this year, our exhibition has been cancelled. If I’m not careful I’ll put all the stuff away until I get another invite but I really want to get it properly finished. As I’m waiting for more transfers I’ve decided to do a bit of work on a model I built many years ago. There’s not much to do but I want to get some models finished and but away. I’ll post some pictures when it’s done. Goodnight, Robert
  2. Here’s were the layout will live. It’s a cabinet my late father made about 20years ago. Originally he made it me for a Z gauge layout but after much thought I changed my mind. The problem with Z gauge is that the layout would be very low, it would hardly reach up the glass front. Even a three storey building is only a few cm tall. The other big issue to me is that anything in a glass cabinet invites close examination and to me Z gauge is something to look at from a greater distance. What I mean is a small train in a large landscape type of layout. The cabinet is less than 4ft by 2ft and not suitable for oo as I needed it to be a continuous run layout. I considered N gauge but again I think the height issue may be a problem. I do model mainly in N gauge, European, and fancied a change. 009 then came to mind. Small trains, tight radius, details can be incorporated easily and height wouldn’t be an issue, the ideal compromise? Well sort of. My dad helped me with my modelling as a child and always kept an interest in model railways. He was never particularly impressed with 009, his memories were of badly running rabbit warren layouts with garish, badly painted stock. I do remember this type of layout so for my 009 layout to work it must not show any of the above characteristics.
  3. Dear All, I was hoping to post a picture of my WHR but can’t find any and the layout is stuck in the shed. I’m wanting to get it out to photo but I’ve had a busy day and it’s been raining most of the day. But keep thing rolling I’ve got these for you.The first is a close up of some of yesterday’s stock plus one of my locos . It’s a Chivers kit built on an Ibertran chassis probably built in the early eighties. The coaches are Dundas probably built at the same time and are based on Ffestiniog prototypes. I think some of you may like the loco’s colour. The roofs on the coaches are removable hence the gaps.
  4. Well you asked for it. Ive been been interested in narrow gauge since being a teeenager and first took up 009 modelling in the late 70s whilst still at school. I became a member of the South York’s group of the 009 society and built a bit of stock to operate on their layout. I drifted away from 009 when I went to university but always had a soft spot for the Welsh Highland Railway and would buy any kits that I came across. I never thought I’d build an accurate model of the WHR but that didn’t matter. I few years ago I decided I’d better make use of a baseboard that had been made for me and decided to resurrect the 009 stock. I bought some more kits and some rtr bits as well As I have some genuine Welsh Highland Railway (WHR) I thought the initials of my fictitious layout would have to be WHR. Hence Wentborough and Holmfield Railway! That ends part one of my layout blog. Unfortunatley the layout is complete (as much as a layout is ever complete) so there won’t any pictures of progress but if ‘you’ want I’m happy to post pictures and information about the layout. Even if it’s only to start the ball rolling. (Surely there’s a better analogy than that !) Robert
  5. No there are three! Wentborough Holmfield Railway! More details to follow.
  6. Sorry Stubby47, nearly forgot to wish you a belated happy birthday. All the best, Robert
  7. All this talk of snakes, needles, eye balls etc is going to give me nightmares sooner or later so I’m going to change the subject of my posts. On ERs I’d be excumunicated for doing this but on here H.H. says that model trains are welcome. So here is what I’ve been upto this evening, no I’ve not built them all tonight, I’ve just added (most) of the transfers. I’ve run out of ‘w’ and ‘H’s . Not the best, but some of the coaches are nearly 40years old and still not quite finished. The coaches are Dundas and the wagons are Bachmann’s.
  8. I can’t even watch SWMBO putting her contact lenses in. I think this started at school when we had bulls eyes to dissect. I have a friend who goes for an injection in his eye every couple of months or so. To me a very brave man but I suppose to him it’s a necessity. Robert
  9. I thought he used a muddy hollow for bathing?
  10. Like Steeveydee68, I hate the sight of needles and hate it when after a Drs consultation he says I just want you to have a couple of tests. Arrrgh. i also hate the thought of scalpels cutting into me, which brings us to my story. It’s a bit convoluted so it’s missed some out so there may appear to be plot holes in the story. Anyway here goes. I decided that the three ‘blemishes’ on my skin needed attending to. (Actually it was SWMBO and mother who decided).I had a small, almost invisible mole on my face that occasionally bled and had an appointment at the local hospital with a dermatologist. I sat down and he asked me ‘what can I do for you’ , while looking at a cyst the size of a small egg on the back of my neck. I pointed out the mole on my face and he seemed a little disappointed. After a brief examination he said,’ but what about the lump? I explained that my local GP was going to remove it for me at the surgery. The consultant took a deep breathe (the type a car mechanic does when he’s about to sting you) and said ‘you’d better tell him to go in deep because the roots go deep’ .Thanks that’s just the kind of information I need. To the surgery, local anaesthetic injection and the gastly deep is done and I’m not looking A1. When he’d done the GP said do I want a look at what I’ve taken out? Guess what, I declined his offer. I was going to say did he want to take it home for his dog but decided as he hadn’t finished I’d keep my wise remarks to myself. Ah! he then said we have the bobbly mole on your eyelid to do now. As you’re not looking too good, a bit pale in fact I think we’ll leave that for another day. No I said, you’ll not get me in here again let’s do it now. Ok he said, but I can’t give you a local anaesthetic there and with that he got out some scissors and just cut it off. Needless to say I haven’t been for any more local treatment although I’ve had an under general anaesthetic, but that another story. Keep safe and out of the pubs, Robert
  11. Ah, so that’s where the idea for the film came from. On a similar but dramatic theme, when I first started work, in the time before mobile phones , I got a frantic phone call from my pharmacy chains head office asking if I’d had a visit from my area manager. I hadn’t and he didn't turn up that day as planned . Later that week I and the rest of the company found out what had happened. News spread fast even in those days. He lived above one of the branches in Sheffield and one of his ‘pet’ snakes had escaped and found its way into the pharmacy below and the staff refused to return to work until the snake had been returned to his flat. Hence the frantic phone calls to try to find him. i bid you all a good night. Robert
  12. I’d don’t like snakes or slugs, especially slugs. Think it’s because many years ago I saw a Dr Who episode and the ‘aliens’ looked a bit like giant slugs .urgh. Did manage to watch ‘Snakes on Plane ‘ , it even made me laugh!
  13. Slightly at a tangent , I think I read somewhere that the Dapol body is based on the Airfix kit. The fact that Dapol never re-introduced the Austerity as a kit may corroborate this. Does anyone know if this is in fact the case? Robert
  14. Most of the ‘big names’ in TT are companies with origins in the former East Germany. These makes include Piko and Tillig and they have quite a good range of models, particularly models of Eastern European prototypes.There are quite a few companies with a small amount of TT in their ranges. I’ve visited quite a few European exhibitions and TT is a lot more popular over there than it is here in to the UK. I know this isn’t an answer to your question but you may find it useful. Regards Robert.
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