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  1. Dear Jeremy, Looks like my kind of project so I’ll be keeping a close eye on developments. My only comment and I’m not sure but the sidings look very closely spaced. Happy modelleing regards Robert
  2. Never used Dullcote as always been happy with all Tamiya sprays. My first choice if they have the appropriate colour. happy spraying, Robert
  3. Sorry to interrupt, but think you mean Q4 in the bottom pic, Q1 was the rebuild into a tank engine. regards Robert ps enjoying the thread.
  4. Thanks to both Jonathan and Trusrtykev for their informative replies. I think I’ve seen some nice pictures of chained containers on conflats, Clems I think. Something to aspire to. regards Robert
  5. Thanks for the info. I was wondering if this type of trailer was used for something else other that sheet material. I’ll get on with the load if I can find some chain fine enough. I’ve seen hooks down the side of lorries and trailers but wonder how the loads would be chained lengthways. Remeber an incident as you described happening near where I lived when I was a child. Mum wouldn’t let me out of house until the incident had been ‘cleaned up’. regards Robert
  6. Dear All, i find the most vexing, stressful and tedious aspects of the hobby are usually associated with exhibition time. Whether as an exhibitor trying to meet a deadline or as a member of the organising comittee rejigging the Hall layout at the last minute. Regards Robert (ex treasurer and deputy exhibition manager)
  7. Afternoon Andrew, you are so right in what you say. I often get bogged down as I work mostly on my own. I like a challenge but I still aim to have fun and I don’t really mind the tedious jobs if I can be distracted by the radio or some music. The Hunslet is my most prized model as it was the most challenging (but not difficult) to build. That’s why I was so happy when Tony breathed on it. It was over Christmas that I first started reading this thread and it has given me inspiration to crack on. so thanks to you all. regards robert
  8. Thanks to you and Andrew for the information. I read somewhere that steel plate was packed with wood where it was not possible to lift it out using an electo-magnet. When packing was used it obviously reduced the height of the load. Does anybody know loading regs regarding lorries. What could be loaded on the lorry below. Regards Robert
  9. Good morning Clive, Mrs H tells me I’m allowed to do ANY modelling in my room so long as it does involve paint or glue! Now where’s those decals..... keep on modelling (or decalling) Robert
  10. Good evening to you, i feel we are gate-crashing Tony’s thread, but hope he doesn’t mind. Perhaps bearing in mind out previous chat he’d rather us discuss rtr! Anyway to the point, thanks for the encouragement and advice. I’m going to finish the other two off first as for hopefully a smaller amount of effort I’ll have two working models. If I’m correct the photo below shows my effort on the kits you’ve been building this afternoon. It’s being shunted by my Hunslet 16inch. It’s been a very poor runner but took it to Doncaster exhibition last weekend and Tony had a look at it. He didn’t appear to do much to it (and I think he would agree) but it runs much better now. Perhaps the threat of his soldering iron was enough to sort it out, but in any case I came home a very happy man. I might even get around to building the industrial layout I had planned for it. Doesnt look like I’m going to get any modelling done tonight but I’ve enjoyed the day and my football team won. Regards Robert
  11. Dear Andrew, (Headstock) Hope you’ve managed to get some modelling done. I’ve got some work done and even been out shopping (for brownie points) so a bit of time in the modelling room. Before the J6 project is started I’ve got these locos pictured below to work on. The J9/10 has never run well so I’m going to remotor it and generaly tidy it up. I’ve just managed to get the chassis for the J72 to run ok so the body needs attention. Both these models were started over 25 years ago! The other chassis (frames!) are for a Kerr Stuart Victory. It runs very well but I’m stuck as I’m not confident of making the boiler. It’s pre rolled but the seam needs sealing and disks inserting along its length. Dont hold your breath regarding the J6, it’s only the Nucast kit and I know a few have featured in this thread. regard Robert
  12. Andrew, Really really must get on with some work, can’t spend all day as a keyboard warrior. I’m hoping to get into the modelling room this evening and I’ll post a couple of pictures of what I’ve got in the ‘shop’ before I can contemplate the J6. happy modelling Robert
  13. As I said there are other constraints, I’m hoping to to build a J6 this year but wouldn’t have time if I were to build even a small rake of coaches. Each time I build something I hope the result is better than the last effort, I have faith that I can do that. I know I can built at least a reasonable J6 and weather the teaks in a reasonable timeframe but don’t want take the risk with a set of say brass coaches. My friend’s attempt with the class 40 haunts me, I don’t want to bite of more than I can chew. I’ve seen too many models where I think the modeller has been a bit too ambitious. (but not on this thread!) Got quite a few projects on the go so don’t need to consider anything new for a while! When these are completed I may have gained enough faith to move on a bit, but in the meantime I’m just keeping the black dogs at bay. Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend, regards Robert
  14. Dear Andrew, Most of the models i own whether rtr or kit built have faults and I live with that. Regarding the Gresleys, the Hornby ones will be better than any I can produce. I have a number of Kirk kit to complete and I know that even built to my best standards they won’t be better than the Hornbys, they might have the correct tumblehome but they will be deficient somewhere else. (Glazing for staters). I admire people who are determined to produce the perfect model. I know I can’t build to that standard and if I started down that path it would lead to disappointment after many hours of work. Apathy would set in and the model room door would be left shut for weeks. i suppose its about what is achievable within one’s constraints (time, cost abilities etc) so I’m happy to weather the Hornby teaks and move on. As a slight aside , I know a chap who wasn’t happy with either the Lima or Bachmann class 40 so sawed them up to use the best parts of each. He got the best cab and bodyside vents on ‘his’ model but their were god awful lines down the side where the body profiles didn’t match. It looked much worse than either of the donors but he was happy! Each to their own. Keep on modelling, regards Robert regards Robert
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