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  1. Evening, I try to keep up with this thread but find it difficult but may add the following based on discussions from a few days ago. I regularly get a German language N gauge magazine and they often have the train formation depictions but where a model is not correct the model is described as being ‘comprised’. To be honest it’s one of the main reasons I get the magazine especially as I can’t read German! Ive been to see ‘Miniatur Wonderland’ and have mixed feeling. What is remarkable is its popularity, I was absolutely flabbergasted to find it was open from something like 8.00i
  2. I don’t think these planes crossed the channel, they were used for identification purposes for the others in the raid to form up with before departing for European. B17s were also used. I agree though that natural metal was used due to air superiority. Robert
  3. I think the camouflage marking of Axis model is generally more interesting. Towards the end of the war, as paint to official specifications ran out other types were used. Just look at allied tank camouflage compared to German. Towards the end of the war many US aircraft weren’t even painted, just natural metal. Robert
  4. I think that is a very good point. I love rolling stock and in effect I’d like ‘nice’ layout to show off my stock. I know some regard the layout as the main event, and the stock is just there to make the the scene. Neither view is better than the other after all it’s all modelling. Regards Robert
  5. Certainly is, he’s just started a Craftsman Midland 1P as he’s getting a bit bored with his 3D printer. He’s more tech savvy than me and nearly forty years older!
  6. Afternoon, Nice to see a bit of live action. Funnily enough Neil, I’ve just been on the phone to Peter, an old (91year old) friend of mine and Nicky (Midgley) and we were pondering when our next running session on on the Midgley Garden Railway would be. Not to long I hope. Robert
  7. I’m also out of cake, the gluten free variety. SWMBO did me proud just before Christmas, tarts(!), coffee buns and coconut tarts and a bought chocolate log. I’m not keen on supermarket ‘sweet’ stuff so will have to on my best behavior and get some brownie points to exchange. It’s feast or faming here but I do have about 10 yoghurts to get through.
  8. Happy New Year to all, and all being well next year will be better than this years bag of sh!te. Robert. (Who may have had a bit too much to drink)
  9. II hope you don't mind me posting these pictures I took whilst on holiday cruising with my wife and mother. I think they are different enough so as not to overlap your original pictures. The trip was the highlight of my holiday and I also managed a trip on the Alaska Railroad and managed a few more pictures. Happy New Year to all, Robert
  10. If I earn any brownie points they’ve to be used within an hour or they are automatically forfeited!
  11. Evening Chaps, Joining a couple of your recent topics together, Alexander Lippisch, the German designer of the Messerschmitt 163 Komet, proposed a ramjet powered plane fuelled by pulverised coal, the Li13a. Anyway, Happy Christmas to you all, Robert
  12. I’m surprised these boots aren’t advertised in the popular old person magazine, Railway Modeller! Robert
  13. It wasn’t Nicky, he has a full time job in engineering. The late Brain Caton used to make and sell live steam 009 and did build in other gauges and scales for himself. In fact he build a live steam IOM layout which we had at Barnsley MRC exhibition a few years ago. Robert
  14. I know Nicky very well, in fact some pages ago I posted pictures of my G scale stock on his 45mm railway. He has also made live steam locos in OO and a live steam traction engine inOO with a steering system similar to the Faller system. Indeed a very clever lad. I’ll see if a can get some pictures next time I see him. Funnily enough I was going to phone him today. Regards Robert
  15. Barry, Thanks for the advice, I’ll give it a try. Seem to remember trying everything and gave it to a fellow IPMS member for him to have a go but to no avail. I did read somewhere that Tamiya had tried to get too much out of the control system but I’ve seen videos on you YouTube of it working perfectly. I’ll give it another go and will just complete it whether the electronics work or not. Unfortunately it’s stuck behind a load of ‘stuff’ and can’t be got to easily and I’ve got a few 1/72 aircraft to complete first, starting with an AZ model Mig17. Robert
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