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  1. Bet you, on Tuesday, 12 members and 1 potential new member. A bit warm in Barnsley too.
  2. To confuse matters HO slot cars, like those produced by Aurora in the 70s,80 and 90s where advertised as being 1:64 even though they were still called ‘HO scale’ slot cars. Oxford Diecast Ford Anglia 1:76 and HO scale slotcar Ford Anglia!
  3. Thanks, still haven’t worked out who’s got my book.
  4. I wonder if anyone can help. I can’t find my book on Mk1 coaches and think I must have lent it to someone but can’t for the life of me remember who. So could anyone let me who which numbers were allocated to the Eastern Region. The model is the maroon version. Thanks in anticipation, Robert
  5. Thanks and commiserations. What is odd is the fact that when I phoned in February there appears be no issue and they took my money. Surely they wouldn’t have taken my money if they knew they wouldn’t be able to fulfil their obligation. I think I’d better email them and see if I can’t at least get my money back. Robert
  6. Morning, I have a magazine subscription (N Bahn Magazin) but haven’t received a copy since I renewed my subscription in February. There was a bit of confusion in renewing my subscription so not sure if that is the issue however money has left my bank account. Does anyone know how all this Brexit/ tax business effects this type of transaction and has anyone else with a subscription had any issues?(Pardon the pun) Robert
  7. According to Modern Railways Pictorial, Profile :10 The Blue Pullmans, the engines are NBL/MAN L12V18/21BS which are the same as those fitted to the pilot scheme D61XX. This may be a typo but I don’t have any further books on the Blue Pullmans. Hugh Dady describes MAN ‘as the ‘Daddy’ of Diesel engine companies’ He doesn’t describe the NBL prime mover department. The illegitimate son? Looking at my Platform 5 book of German railways MAN supplied very few Diesel engines for main line locomotives, the V160 family were mainly powered by MTU. Robert Robert
  8. All the diesel mainline locos supplied by North British had according to most publications a poor reputation. These included class 21,22,29,43(Warship) and the A1A A1A original warships. In MLI no197, The North British Type 2s, the writer, Hugh Dady writes ‘......but the diesel hydraulic, perhaps ironically, proved itself to be a pretty good well-built machine.’ Incidentally the Blue Pullman sets had NB/MAN engines but the issue you hear most about with them was there ride characteristics. Robert
  9. I thought the Hornby one was the diesel-electric version. I remember making the hydraulic one by cutting something like an inch out of the Hornby model. It is a beautifully finished model regardless. Robert
  10. To lighten things up a bit, the Millhome Q4, my second kit, remember it well. Took me ages to realise that the holes in the coupling rods didn’t have the same spacing as the frames and then the white metal motion bracket, diabolical! The next kit I tried was the DJH J10 that I mentioned on here last year when I was in the process refurbing it. The Q4 is due in the shops next for a general. It was built straight from the box, except for the issues mentioned above. It didn’t look too bad as at that time all the Hornby steam locos had skirts under their boilers and moulded on hand rails. Robert
  11. HA friend of my has a 7 and 1/4 inch (?)ride one line in his garden and uses it to move garden rubbish and soil etc about. It was also used in construction of his 45mm gauge line.
  12. I’ve used cheap airbrushes on expensive models or models that I’ve spent many hours working on and regretted it. I’d rather spend a bit more money on a better quality airbrush that will last me out rather than spoil another model.
  13. I’ve got many projects from years ago, all started and stalled for various reasons and for this reason I don’t want to start another. I get one out, stare at it, pack it away and then go and watch tv or more likely go to bed. Something of a catch 22 situation. I decided to purchase a 3D printed kit recently and have found it quite therapeutic, it’s gone together quickly and now I have a new addition to my collection with very little effort. No ‘heavy’ duty tools needed and no long periods of head scratching. It’s helped to keep black dog away and I think I can see mojo on the horizon, making his way slowly in my direction. Hopefully I can now get on with one of more involved, stalled projects. Just do something that is very achievable no matter how mundane, its a start. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Regards Robert
  14. Also been to Koln, Dortmund and Utrecht have a large second hand section. Koln has sales areas but not to the same extent. Robert
  15. Inter Modelbau in Dortmund is great. Only issue is is that it’s too big! The model railway section has two halls and then there are about 6 other halls with other modelling disciplines in. As I’m passively interested in all modelling I have to go into the centre by the doorway that leads directly to the railway section or I’d never make it. Eurospoor in Utrecht is also good. Usually branded the ‘the largest model railway show in Europe.’ regards Robert
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