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  1. Those don't look like sloths to me, sloths can be the right way up but given a tree and the choice would prefer to hang beneath it. They look more like howler monkeys (I googled "costa rica primates" then did an ID parade)
  2. A friend has an f150 pickup that they had to replace the front bumper, they drove around without one for a few days so it's 100% prototypical
  3. It's bright blue and its route took it from Cornwall to Central Scotland on an almost daily basis, so covering three regions and being easily recognisable as it passed so many locations probably downgrades it from bizarre to unusual.
  4. Cigs, cars and booze definitely represent the most common billboards, but looking at those reminded me of a few others I remember, foxes glacier mints - the pack logo of the bear standing on the mint from the late 70s/early 80s (I've looked for it but not found the right version), Tunes & Lockets - packshot, Walls ice cream - can't remember which product. Alliance & Leicester Building Society, I remember Halifax having billboards before Howard and also Lloyds Bank. Rowenta irons, Zanussi - something like this, oh and famous Grouse whisky.
  5. I'm guessing that severely limits your choices these days with more and more routes flown by "regional jets"
  6. Have you tried cutting slower? I use a slower setting with less pressure on corners, curves and fiddly bits and then repeat that cut to complete the job.
  7. I have an original Silhouette Portrait and that handles reasonably complex shapes fine. The situation with blades is not quite as simple, certain blades require newer machines, I believe the original blades work in all machines but I'm using a CB09 which is widely available and gets my recommendation.
  8. IIRC at the outset that livery was on tanks carrying products such as diesel and ones carrying petrol were in grey with the green/yellow/green stripe. (They are referred to as class A and class B products but most of the time I can't remember which way round) Rule 1 applies but it helps to know if Thame handled both types of product? Also, weren't some of Bachmann's green tanks lettered up for aviation fuel? I'm guessing that would be a little bit exotic for Thame, but there has to be someone on here who has removed those details if you needed to go that route.
  9. If not for those reasons maybe allowing a higher priority train its path ahead of the ECS
  10. Additional info Some of the Motorail GUVS had B5 bogies, and until 1991 any southbound service with a DVT on were conventionally hauled with the loco attached to the DVT. After this the northbound service had the vans attached to the DVT
  11. Double slips still existed in 1990, they were probably less common because of the cost of maintaining them so if you're a fullsize railway and you can find a cheaper way of doing what they do then you use it, however there are places where it is still the best solution. The examples that spring to mind are Kings Cross and Carlisle, the station throat at KX was scattered with them, there was a small ladder of them at the end of platform 7 & 8, Carlisle had a ladder of them leading from the station sidings across the mainlines to the line leading to Newcastle and the Settle & Carlisle.
  12. It might help to specify era, based on how you mention a water tank I would guess you are thinking steam era (because I've not seen a water tank as part of a breakdown train in any of my research) but I don't want to assume
  13. Please prove me wrong, but I've not heard of a line that has been formally rail-banked that has been allowed to return to rail. IIRC any place where it has been tried the municipalities have objected , fought it in whatever court is available and generally made it so costly as to be pointless.
  14. Yep, you have something you can make a fair assumption with due to a lack of any other evidence. My concern was in my local area Bucks/Herts/Gt London, I can't think of any petrol station that hasn't changed companies in 30 years (other than the ones that went out of business). But really it comes down to the facts that you can only base what you do on what you can find, most people aren't going to know any more that what you've found, and if they do and it really bothers you it's just a totem, canopy edging and the branding above the shop.
  15. I agree on Jet at the time of that photo, but that's what, 20 years later than your chosen timeframe?
  16. Cept for 1990, and appears it was planned for 1991 - "Spring 1991" but they didn't follow through with a "Summer 1991"
  17. I remember quite distinctly that 96100 was in plain blue in the early 90s so as you say that's suspect, similarly I remember 96176 being in B/G and I just found a photo in the 1988 Ian Allan ABC of 96175 in B/G (photo was from 1987)
  18. Before the sideloading wagons were used there were dedicated permanent ramps at the loading points. During the era of swallow livery these were at Euston, Carlisle, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Fort William. There was also a service from Bristol to Edinburgh but I don't remember where they were loaded at Bristol. I believe there was a facility in Plymouth or Penzance but I can't find a timetable for 1988 or 1989 to confirm.
  19. It started running like that around 1992. Northbound I believe it was the 8:35 off Euston conveying cars to Carlisle and Edinburgh. I have memories of there being separate southbound workings but I don't know if that was the schedule or a result of delays and something left Carlisle at around 5:30pm.
  20. How many ballast cleaners does your layout have? According to the 1990 departmental coaching stock books two out of the three coaches was allocated to a different ballast cleaner on the Eastern Region, the third is not listed.
  21. I'm not sure your original identification was incorrect. According to bullsheet.com CSX got rid of its last GP35 in 1993 and I know it put the GP40-2 locos it inherited from Conrail in 1999 into the 44xx series reusing the numbers. There are only a few pictures on rrpicturearchives of 44xx series GP35 after 1993 but imho those pictures all look as much like, if not more like GP40-2, rrpa also suggests that 4420(GP35) became a road slug in 1991
  22. Best of luck putting up a kitchen cabinet with a ph000 bit (top left in photo of bit set), DCC Supplies sell a screwdriver with that bit as "Dapol size" https://www.dccsupplies.com/item-p-105326/ph000-x-40-phillips-screwdriver-Dapol-size
  23. If you look on the Barrowmore MRG website http://www.barrowmoremrg.co.uk/Prototype.html there's a PDF of On-Track Plant containing info about the LWRT starting on page 68 including diagrams with measurements. I've used the info in that PDF along with plenty of photos to make 1/76 scale plans of other pieces of On-Track plant
  24. When built 80310 did not have the space in the bodyside for nets, when 80300-305 had their nets removed they still retained the space in the bodyside. To make the Bachmann model look something like 80310 you would need to find a way to fill that space in the bodyside.
  25. Hi Mike If cutting the notches by hand I would use a chisel style knife blade which was flat on one edge, or a razor saw. I also know when I cut with a regular knife I won't get a result that is reproducible 50 times in a row, maybe a 66% hit rate if I'm lucky. When it comes to fold lines, I was trying to find out if anyone had tried folds from Cameo scored or cut styrene and what their experience had been and if certain settings were more successful than others.
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