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  1. It will be a few weeks yet before I can leave the house for more than short periods, but that may give you time to prepare for a Steam take over
  2. Well to try and keep my sanity while trying to line the 2 crimson Jubilees clogging up the workbench, I thought I would turn my attention to a couple of more mundane locomotives clogging up the bench. A few months back I managed to get my hands on a Union Mills G2, but the poor was in a terrible BR livery, so the first thing I did was to remove all traces of this livery, as I thought it would be a easy task to re number and rebrand her as a decent LMS loco. Then my health kicked me in the plums and all progress on her stopped, well as part of my rehab I thought I would see if I could put my useless right arm to task and finish the project. I have managed to renumber her as a locally based loco, and applied a little "dirty black" to the relevant areas, what I still have to do is shorten the wire between the loco and tender and put a crew in the cab, fit some lamps and then I may add some real coal to the tender. As this is a bit of a pet loco, I may not weather her but a little grime below the footplate may be in order. Since this photo has been taken the dirty back areas have been tidied up and the coupling rods painted a more suitable dirty steel colour (I have problems uploading the newer pics :() Now I don't know why, but I like one of the other LMS 7F's the ones that looked like a stretched 4F and I managed to construct 2 already for the fleet, but I had a modified 8 coupled chassis knocking about, and again a few months ago I sort of started building a 3rd example. My research showed that the LMS had a water heating variant, and they looked very, very ugly. What more could I want so I set about trying to create a model of one, like most of my modelling it looks a lot better if you close your eyes. I still have a little more work to do, like adding steps, and coal and sorting out the buffer beams, and maybe a lot more weathering but she is getting there. I must admit I have not seen another example of this variant in N gauge, and looking at my version I can see why. Still its good to add another freight loco to the fleet, though I may have to slow future additions down a little and there is yet another 4F and a 3F to bolster the collection (I have no idea how the Domestic Overlord has not killed me yet). So that is about it, all I need to do no is give them a decent run, that is if I am ever allowed to get my layout out of storage, or if I can manage getting along to the Railway club. If I ever get them completed before the DO kills me I may post completed pictures on here, now if that threat does not scare you nothing will As ever Happy Modelling
  3. Trying to line with my left hand - Oh dear the results are not good to say the least, this ambidextrous thing is not as easy as I first thought
  4. That and the fact I'm a bit of an idiot
  5. It should have been Bah Humbug, but Im a bit of an idiot, Scrooge use to be a hero of mine until he went soft halfway through the story and started being "nice", I mean being nice what's the point.
  6. You wont say that when you see them lined, today I may try using my bow pen with my left hand for the first time, just think of everything that can go wrong.
  7. Well not long before my 2.5 months in Hospital over the Christmas period (a good excuse for me not to buy any presents BAR HUMBUG) I managed to secure another bargain Jubilee. As usual this poor loco was in a terrible BR Green livery, I have no idea why the manufactures keep doing this, I mean they cannot be popular can they? My plan was to repaint the poor Jube into a decent LMS livery, and jut before I could do this I ended up staying with the fantastic NHS, since I have been home my rehabilitation has been going ok but I still have limited control over my right arm, so instead of filling my time catching up on things that I could actually do, I spent some time on EvilBay and guess what I rescued another Jubilee. So what to do with them, should I have packed them away until my full abilities return, or should I try something different? While I was contemplating this I noticed that I actually had a left arm that was not really doing anything so I thought it was time it earned a living. With a little effort I managed to remove all the terrible BR lining and emblems and got the Jubilee bodies ready for some undercoat, so impressed with my progress I even managed to get them both in a crimson coat, and a few of their black bits painted. As you can see there is a lot of areas that need a touch up, and then I can start to consider the lining, now can I use my bow pen with my left hand? Still it will give me plenty of time to work out which identities to assign to the pair, any ideas? One thing is for certain is that these are my last two Jubilee's as if I get any more the DO might do me an injury? Perhaps I should start to concentrate on simple black engines? So until the next time as ever Happy Modelling
  8. Looks brilliant, I think I could do with an N gauge version
  9. Well before my 2+ month stay in Hospital I managed to obtain another cheap Jubilee, which was in that terrible BR green livery (why do the manufactures keep doing this?). As I am such a nice person I thought I would repaint her into a decent LMS crimson livery, then my health got in the way and all progress stopped. Since I have been home recuperating I have been a very good boy and managed to find another poor Jubilee that needed rescuing on EvilBay that just happened to happen to fall into my hands. The only problem is that one of the side effects is that I have problems with my right arm, and so have had to try using my left arm, I have managed to get a coat of crimson on both of them and a little black in the right places, but there is a lot of touching up to do. Only God knows when I will be able to line them, perhaps I should stick to black freight locomotives in future
  10. Well after months of trying I have finally managed to get this site to reset my password so that I can gain access. The bad news is that it means I can start to add posts, be afraid be very afraid
  11. Where can I find a track plan for Runcorn station from the 40's - much head scratching

  12. Where can I find a track plan for Runcorn station from the 40's - much head scratching

  13. How many coaches do I need? Dam the Evil Bay bargains

    1. Compound2632


      Not as many as you need mineral wagons...

    2. Hroth


      one more per rake than your platforms and fiddleyard can cope with.

  14. What am I going to do with yet another 4F

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. waggy


      Convert it to a LNER / BR J11/3. Vivien Thompson did an article converting a Airfix 4F in i think Model Trains late 70's early 80's for her son Richard

    3. Compound2632


      You can never have too many 0-6-0 goods engines.

    4. Londontram


      I've now got 5 Caley Jumbos does that count

  15. What am I going to do with yet another 4F

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