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    Fan of most things steam, but mostly LMS steam, though I can be tempted by the GWR (boo hiss). Currently modelling in N gauge, though I do have a few 00 Diesels and a big passion for Hornby Dublo (3 rail)

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  1. paulprice

    Sad news

    This is Tim, the Domestic Overlord. Paul died last Wednesday. I wasn't in the right frame of mind to come on and post this before. We were together for a long time, and I know just how much he loved modelling and loved being able to get things just as he wanted them. I'd like this blog to stay up here if that's okay by the administrators.
  2. Before the Domestic Overlord and I went off to spend a few days deep in SR/GWR teritory, I had a little look on Evilbay. Lately I have noticed in model shops that Farish Stanier coaches have been selling for over £30 each, which as excellent as the coaches are is getting a bit dear (especially if you are as tight as me). By luck though I managed to find two auctions on the old Evilbay for packs of two coaches each with a starting price of £30 dabs, I thought they would go for a lot more but I made a bid on each and to my surprise I won both auctions and so had four more coaches in
  3. Thats a very interesting point concening visibility for the guards, surely other railways must have had similar rules? I will use it when I am forming goods tains with guards vans that do not have duckets from now on.
  4. The steel minerals look good, I wonder if I could get away with a few being an LMS modeller, well I should say I wonder if I can hide a few in the collection
  5. The shelf next to my chair in the living room is begining to look like Crewe, I think when the Domestic Overlord notices my interior design improvements it will be curtains for me
  6. I remember Blue diesils in service, does this make me old? Great layout and stock by the way
  7. Oh dear I think I am getting pains in the wallet already
  8. Baz What happend, obviously your "DO" did not kill you, ho did you manage to survive? Thanks for the comment on how the Jubes look, I know once I have fininshed these I will give up on hand lining for a very long time
  9. Well a few days away last week witht he Domestic Overlord and our two dogs meant that progress on the Workbench of Doom came to a hault, but getting up to North Yorkshire is always a good thing in my view. Even better though because naturally I am always a good boy the Domestic Overlord decicded to treat me and I now have a an additional coaches to the my passenger stock. Anyway I digress, before we went away on our little trip I managed to do a little more lining to the splashers on my last two Jubilee's and add this to the other one that has been clogging up the Workbench of Doom
  10. Identities have been found for the 3 Jubilee's with the help of the Domestic Overlord
  11. Truly stunning work, Mikkle you are a master at what you do
  12. Well I have learnt something today, never put anything away in a safe place as you will never find them again, I know as I cant find the name plates I had for my Jubilee's. I suppose the good thing to come out of it was that I reviewed the current members of the fleet and currently have the following examples. 5570 New Zealand 5572 Eire 5643 Rodney 5682 Trafalgar 5690 Leander 5688 Polyphemus 5693 Agamemnon 5699 Galatea 5710 Irresistible (Inspired by the Domestic Overlord) Thanks to a little help from the DO the remaining three Jubes on the workbench have had ide
  13. Mike Thanks, I need to find something to do as this convalescing is boring me to tears, even doing some research to find which examples to number them as is a bit of a bind, I think I am just in one of those moods.
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