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  1. Thanks again. Is there general agreement that the trolley looks to be standard gauge?
  2. Thanks very much for the further comments. I'll advise the Trolley Group folk accordingly.
  3. Thanks very much. I'd missed this! I'll follow up the contact. The photograph was amongst some narrow gauge material including the Corris Railway although at 2ft 3in gauge I don't think the trolley was part of that railway as it looks wider.
  4. Thanks very much chaps. Any idea of a rough date on this model? I assume many survived into the BR era.
  5. Hello all. I'd welcome any thoughts/ID on the attached image of a GWR mystery item. Apologies for the repro - no matter what way round I load it this is how it insists on being displayed! Photo possibly taken in the late 1940's. Many thanks.
  6. Looking very good Mick. Just need some bird guano/poo on the roof!
  7. Ever creative the Germans - even in destruction..............
  8. Thanks for all that info gentlemen. Much obliged. I guess if they went to the Eastern Front they would have needed a gauge change or did the Wehrmacht railway troops convert the Russian gauge?
  9. Thanks very much gentlemen. I guess that almost settles it - enough for my purposes anyway.
  10. Thanks very much gents and especially to you Kevin. Nice find! I found my copy on an obscure Swiss photographic site covering all manner of subjects - not just railways!
  11. Attached is an undated view of the above looking fresh from a paint job and ready for foreign service. I would greatly appreciate any background info as to its history and eventual fate if known Many thanks.
  12. Very good questions...... Passenger services were ceased over the branch as from 19 May 1952 so there was no regular passenger service along the line when the coach was installed - unless of course the record is wrong. The coach is parked on a siding next to the one remaining platform which is fenced off and the only other way of getting into the coach is a set of wooden steps seen at ground level in the yard. The picture is undated but the coach looks newly converted. Strangely, the print shows another carriage at the station platform beyond the camper but there's not enough detail in the print to provide any further clue.
  13. I have a picture of the camping coach parked at Lochmaben between 1956 - 1961. (DM SC30) Question - if the station was closed to passengers (as Lochmaben was in 1952) how were customers supposed to reach it ? The usual qualification for booking one in that period was the purchase of a minimum of 4 adult return tickets and a hire charge of around £10 per week, but as the nearest stations to Lochmaben were either Dumfries or Lockerbie in this period how did the punters get to their holiday destination - or am I missing the obvious?
  14. That's one of my old stamping grounds at platform 5 at 'The General' from around '58 until '65 when I gave up after 81D closed. I hadn't realised there were so many spotters still inhabiting that hallowed ground into the '70's! Nice pic and thanks for posting. Here's one from the 1950's taken at the London end. Times and fashions change!
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