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  1. Hi Grahame, In this old Pathe news clip from the 1970's starting about 6 mins in there are shots of Tooley Street, not knowing the exact area I think it is taken from the London Bridge road junction looking towards Tower Bridge. I couldn't spot your missing building but you may and it may also help on other buildings. Hope this is of some help. Martin
  2. Hi Grahame, You probably have already found this document in your earlier searches but if not it does give names for the buildings on the North side of Tooley Street, most of them are listed and your 1960's one would certainly not be but you may be able to cross reference & locate it to those named. Pages 7 & 8 seem to be the area of your interest. www.southwark.gov.uk/download/downloads/id/4122/tooley_street_character_area Hope this is of some use. Martin
  3. I had reason to do some research a few years ago into into the main Dundee West station & I obtained the plans for that from the National Records of Scotland. At the time I do remember there were lots of plans of buildings and track layouts held. I have checked the site just now and I see that in the catalogue under the block of references RHP81500 - 09 there are several references to Caledonian Railway plans. Specifically RHP81501-08 is titled "Architectural details of goods shed for Dundee West with details of equipment therein (Caledonian Railway) [1884] ". I appreciate that th
  4. Attached are a couple of photos of it whilst it was at the Lavender Line in July 2014/5. I have a couple of others of the exterior but similar to already posted ones. The Interior ones are I believe are after it was styled used for a filming set on location Martin
  5. Can I also recommend this article from London Reconnections. http://www.londonreconnections.com/2012/london-terminals-fighting-over-farringdon-part-2/ They have done several covering the area from Kings Cross down through Farringdon and how it is changing for Thameslink. This article is probably the best for showing the details of the sidings below Smithfield. Martin
  6. Apologies for raising this old topic. Rippingale station buildings were mentioned earlier in the post. It is now for sale with engine and track. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/uk/buy-a-house-for-600000-and-get-a-train-with-its-own-track-thrown/ Martin
  7. Is not the first HST from Kings Cross the 10:00 to Aberdeen, all earlier departures being electric. If this is as I believe then the stock for this comes in as the 0600 from Newcastle arriving 0900 ish. This stock is serviced overnight at Heaton.
  8. I was browsing the La Depeche newspaper site and I came across this news item. From the photos it looks like the lorry was completing its sharp turn immediately after having crossed the tracks, when the barriers started descending and caught the rear of the trailer. It really looks a tight squeeze to make that turn. I assume that as most of the damage was to just the driving car of the TGV it must have almost come to a stop after braking. I presume any signals protecting the crossing were showing red. http://www.ladepeche.fr/diaporama/un-tgv-percute-un-poids-lourd-a-tarbes/1602649-
  9. Just back from a weeks break to the Loire Valley area. Stayed in a small town, Clisson, just to the South of Nantes. The line from there into Nantes is being upgraded to allow for the use of Tram Trains, it is currently operated by standard TER units. The upgrade is due to finish by the end of this year so currently an interim timetable and mixture of units. Clisson is on the main line down to La Rochelle and whilst I was there noticed that the local units remained on the through lines between trips but I believe that the an old platform is being brought back into use off the through lines. Th
  10. Hi I think its Morley Controllers you are refering to. I have their Vesta controller for N Gauge. Contact details are MorleyControllers POBox501 Southport PR9 9ZL 01704 533 116 (UK)
  11. The National Archives of Scotland provided me with a photocopy of the old Dundee West Station track plans for my research. I live in London and they were more than happy to get it copied and posted to me within a couple of weeks. I did have to go through a lot of the entries in the register to identify the correct one to order though. Hope this of help
  12. I have the book "Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay - reinvestigating the Tay Bridge disaster of 1879". It is written by Dr Peter Lewis a senior lecturer in Engineering at the Open University. So I assume that this is probably the same chap as gave the lecture that Jamie92208 attended. The books is just under 200 pages and as one would expect well written and includes contemporary photographs, detailed original drawings of the failing joints and all cross referenced to the witness statements etc from the Public Enquiry. It is both a good read and also an ideal reference book, not
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